Friday, August 10, 2012

Agenda 21 - Please Read & Tell Others


Agenda 21 - 
Please Read & Tell Others

Do we have this active in our local  & state gov.? I could not understand why the govt was conducting the American Community Survey on top of the 2010  Census
Sent from a friend in Clarksville, GA.

Subject: Agenda 21

Agenda 21 isn’t coming,  it is here!  I beg you, to learn of this Agenda. Think of the world your children will inherit if you don’t stop it and similar assaults on your freedoms.  Do not make the mistake of writing this off.
I can attest this Agenda is well on it's way because of the "American Housing Survey" (HUD) that I just recently experienced.  This survey was given in addition to a 2nd Census I also recently received called the "American Community Survey" which had equally invasive questions.  Without a doubt every question on the HUD survey was a set-up for this Agenda 21.  You can bet I've written a U.S. Congressman about this invasion of my privacy.  I promise if you ask your Cty. Commissioners you will find that they have committed your city/county in some way to this agenda, most likely by ignorance, perhaps thinking they were doing a good thing. 
Be informed! And PLEASE, tell others.

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Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.
- George H. Bush
What is Agenda 21? It is a United Nation’s program presented and approved in Rio in 1992. At that time American conservatives laughed it off. “This is too crazy,” they said. “Impossible. It will never happen. Not here!” Well, it is happening. It is happening here and it is happening now. Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program that, when fully implemented, will direct where you live, how much water you can use, and how and where you can travel.
Agenda 21 is being marketed as a worldwide effort to ensure that all human beings will have access to adequate housing, health care, water and food. Of course this will require a massive redistribution of wealth from prosperous countries to poorer countries. Predictably, capitalistic countries, like the United States, will suffer lower standards of living.
It’s noteworthy that Presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, through Executive Orders, have signed onto Agenda 21. Hundreds more governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed on.
Agenda 21 and related programs will eliminate many things we hold dear. These have been declared “unsustainable” and will be abolished. Here are some of them:
1.    All private property rights (property ownership)
2.    All forms of irrigation, pesticides & commercial fertilizer
3.    Livestock production and most meat consumption
4.    Privately owned vehicles and personal travel
5.    Use of fossil fuels for power generation or mechanized travel
6.    Single family homes
7.    Most forms of mineral extraction and timber harvesting
8.    Human population must be reduced to fewer than 1 billion people
It’s not coming from Washington D.C. or state legislatures for the most part. It is seeping in through local city and county governments. Agenda 21 brings with it stealthy code words, comforting words such as “smart growth,” “social justice,” “bio-diversity,” and “sustained development.” You will hear them often. Translated these terms effectively mean total environmental dictatorship and the elevation of the pagan practice of the worship of Mother Earth. Not a joke.
179 countries, including the United States, initially signed on to the Agenda in 1992. Many more have joined since then. It is already in progress in 600 U.S. cities. You can check the list of committed countries and cities at: You can also read the specific programs being implemented.
Agenda 21 is designed to control every aspect of human life on every square inch of planet earth. As a biblical worldview dims in the world man falls to the bottom of the food chain.
If Agenda 21 succeeds animals will become more important than man as will plants and trees. We can already see ample evidence of this process in motion today. Agenda 21’s real message is: “Man is the problem. Nature must be preserved and take precedence. Mother Earth must not be scratched.“
Agenda 21 is just another attempt by man to recreate heaven on earth. David Chilton, in his insightful book Paradise Restored, presents an important historical dynamic. Chilton submits that man, ever since he was expelled from Eden, has tried to get back in. Each time he tries, he creates another hell on earth. Agenda 21 will be no different.
Many socialistic, communistic, and liberal organizations and international leaders are behind Agenda 21 and its related programs. It will take dedication of time and effort on our part to truly understand all the implications of this pervasive program. The investment of time will be worth it.
 For more information on details concerning implementation of Agenda 21 please check out:
(Actual document-40 chapters, 294 pages)
(Glenn Beck)
(Hannity-Agenda 21 in action).

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Seriously, please check this out   In my opinion, they have the best plan for correcting what we & our parents let go to pot.
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  1. So you still don't want to pass the Omni Law presented by Erasmus of America? The Omni Law could STOP this. It is FOR us Americans and AGAINST this corruption.
    These Agenda 21 people want to kill off most of the people on the earth, and they want to do it and preserve some special weed, or some exotic snail, or roach. (They "think" that they are God)
    Also we have to watch out for iclei which is a division of this agenda 21 which is going for infiltration of YOUR local government, city councils,and city governments. They are getting in there to change the laws in YOUR city and town, so you can't use the rainwater that falls from the sky to water with, etc. (craziest stuff you've ever heard of)and anything else they make up. There is a website listing where one website has successfully kicked iclei out of their local government.

    The KEY is to NOT let them in, in the first place. They try to get in by offering your council and local government officials their filthy lucre. (money to buy them off) The reason that WE HAVE TO stop them is because the younger generation such as our kids do not know anything about this. It is up to us to play hard ball!

  2. For more information about this insidious plan here are some reference links:

    Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

    Researcher, Tom DeWeese
    1. (Overview: ~7 minutes)
    3. (Article archive)
    4. (Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson)

    Video of Rosa Koire, Author of "Behind the Green Mask" (~ 1 hour)

    Overview written in 2002 by Betty Freauf

  3. I'm an accountant with a master's in administration that's auditing the books in imperial beach and i can see agenda 21...imperial beach has the entire city under eminent domain and a hidden payroll account. You can read about the audit here:

    Please help us stop Imperial Beach city officials from bankrupting our town. We need immediate financial assistance to continue the audit.

    If we can stop Agenda 21 in Imperial Beach we can use it as a model to stop the destruction of our cities!!