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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chemtrails Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Chemtrails Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:47
Chemtrails Just the Tip of the Iceberg
So I’m lying in bed this morning while checking the hundreds of emails I get every day when I decided to shoot over to YouTube to do something I’ve meant to do for a long time, watch a few chemtrail videos from the common man. This article isn’t really about chemtrails as you will see. Since every opinion is based a chain of events or facts that have woken the mind to a greater revelation, thus my reflections.
I first noticed chemtrails in Northern California back in 2003, Bush was President! One video I watched showed a man from Oklahoma who simply went to his local library and obtained a microfiche of a United States Air Force handbook titled Chemtrails. It was filled with chemical names and how to dispense them into the air by the use of jets. This handbook was used as a training manual for our military pilots. The manual was dated 1990, Bush and eventually Clinton were Presidents during this period.
The most compelling video I watched was a Canadian woman who put together a two hour video of two and half years of her observations of her sky in central Canada and how she noticed, with videos clips, how her sky had changed. She documented thousands of aircraft that left chemtrails and the subsequent weather they caused. But imbedded in this documentary were a few pictures she had obtained of the building of special jets that would be used to deploy these weather altering chemicals. The pictures were of the inside of the planes and the rows of containers that would be used to hold the chemicals. One picture showed the inside of a giant factory where a large production line of these jets were being assembled.
The weather out here in Northern California has definitely been altered “temporarily” I hope. We have rain and more importantly humidity when we shouldn’t and no rain when we should. Some of my personal trees and plants have been acting strangely for the past few years.
Let me remind you, this article really isn’t about chemtrails. As you have noticed I mentioned that Bush, Clinton, Bush and obviously Obama have been our leaders during this period of chemtrails and their pre-disbursement period. Vice President Gore mentioned on the Ellen DeGeneres Show just three months ago that the existence and believe that the use of chemicals that are used in chemtrails can alter the weather, which can be easily found on YouTube. He mentions that it won’t work and will make matters worse.
Let’s say for arguments sake that this whole idea, whatever it is, started right around the time the old Soviet Union collapsed and the United Nations started to become more powerful in the world. It was President George Bush “the senior” who resurrected the Woodrow Wilson term “New World Order” ironically on September 11, 1990 to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. This call to all nations for a global realignment had not been heard for decades due to the Cold War that pitted the two major ideologies of Capitalism and Communism.   
By using that moment in Congress spoken from the leader of the last standing Super Power is when the world started to change and in many ways not so well for patriotic Americans.
After the stunning loss of George Bush’s second term run, the winner, Bill Clinton opened the flood gates to the United Nations and its global ambitions, Agenda 21.
Many of us know by now what those ambitions are, a one world government led by the U.N., a one world court, a one world army (NATO), a one world currency, no borders, no armies, no guns, no nukes, no sexual bias, no hate speech, no governments based in religion and most importantly a one world Constitution with a whole host of human rights and principals of conduct for the subjects, that’s you and me, to follow.
But, I left one thing out, because it has to do with those crazy chemtrails that keep driving everyone nuts. Climate change caused by man and man’s ability to change the weather is what’s also close to the top of their list. Thus, chemtrails!
So, the big question is what’s really going on? It all came together for me when I witnessed heads of the IRS and more importantly the FBI take the 5th, refuse to answer pretty simple questions and arrogantly lied to Congress; well let’s say the uniformed portion of Congress. I say that because it seems that the Tea Party, of which I’m a proud member and founder, never got the “One World Order” memo! That memo stated, you must meld into a world order, ignore your constitution, ignore all financial constraints while doing so and relinquish your sovereignty to the new sovereignty, the World Order.
Of course nobody asked you about this, right? Have you heard one Presidential candidate debate these new mandates? Did they tell America this is the way we’re going? Of course not, because you would’ve rejected it. So, now our government lies to you, they spew chemtrails over your head, they spend us into financial oblivion, they do what they please and keep the American people mesmerized with entertaining distractions while filling their basic need for food, shelter and health care as you’re lead to a global world order.  
See I told you this wasn’t about chemtrails!
There’s only one political party in Washington now and it consist of Republicans and Democrats. Any additions to the Republican Party due to the Tea Party should from this day forward be considered the “New Second Party.” The majority in congress have gotten the memo and their marching orders. They are now walking over the American people, the Constitution and 250 years of the most powerful and successful country in history. Why are they doing this?
They’re doing it because our leaders are afraid. Yes, even with our thousands of nukes and the most sophisticated army in history they are afraid of one thing, and that’s the International Court of Justice at the Huge in the Netherlands. This is the court that sends leaders of second and third world countries to jail for war crimes and injustices to their own people. This is where the New World Order begins and ends. It has become the enforcement tool of the United Nations and is the lethal weapon that could eventually put a sitting U.S. President in jail for stepping out of line.
This new threat sounds good on paper if you’re a globalist, but what happens when a U.S. President has to defend the Constitution and the American people but by doing so breaks the New World Order’s law. What then? Will that President sacrifice the safety of the American people to save his or her own neck? Time will tell and the character of the person you put into the White House from this day forward will be even more important to your survival.
You see, what’s going on is so massive and untouchable that neither a Tea Party nor a global Tea Party could change it at this time. We are the push-back, but for how long?
There soon will be a day, when all of you who realize what’s going on, will have to make that great decision to either succumb or fight. The tyranny is already here; just look up at the morning skies.
People we needm to stop this evil.

 – N.P.Contompasis 

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