Wednesday, January 14, 2015

High Ranking Marine Colonel Tells Shocking Secrets

High Ranking Marine Colonel Tells Shocking Secrets During Drunken Stupors! (Video)
Tuesday, December 30, 2014 9:44

Katherine Pollard Griggs was the wife of Colonel George Griggs who was the head of special operations under Admiral Kelso.  Colonel George Griggs is a very high ranking spy and knew many secrets.  Colonel Griggs was also an alcoholic and during some of his drunken stupors he told his wife many shocking secrets about the military and the spy operations of the United States!  He told her many things such as the Russians were never our enemy and that the cold war was a total farce!   Look at what’s going on today as the fake news and President tell you about the bad Russians almost daily.  He told her things such as the bombing in Beirut was known about before it happened.  He told her the military was run by sexual deviants at the top levels.  These deviants are actually sought out so they can be controlled!  Listen to her shocking testimony and learn the truth!


Be sure you also see the new article now starting to go VIRAL. Huge news released in this one!

Larry Nichols: I Can Stop Hillary Clinton With Your Help On the Internet! Huge Secrets Revealed!
The information on Peter Kawaja covered in the video above was also very important in the Grand Jury that you can read about in the second Scribd document in this very important article on Veterans Today.  This Grand Jury was stopped by crooked judges!
Note: Katherine’s information about Peter Kawaja and how the US exposed our own troops with chemical weapons made in the US was verified by Stew Webb’s interviews with Peter!  

Listen to Peter and Stew talk with FBI agent Mark Hostlaw on the mp3 found on this page!  Mark Hostlaw failed to prosecute and covered up these crimes!


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