Friday, May 29, 2015

Satanism & Message To Police & Army Worldwide

Satanism & Message To Police & Army Worldwide

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 16:03
(Before It's News)
Published on Apr 29, 2015
How Police and Army forces are mocked by their Freemason Occult bosses all over the world.
Learn the true meaning of your uniforms and
Hollands Glorie

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D'artagnan said...

The main, lame, excuseof law enforcement is that they have to do anything that is necessary to control and stop crime. If this were true then crime would be diminishing and just the opposite is true. One reason for this, is that for every criminal that is incarcerated 2 are being released who are more criminal than before entering the penal system. It is a ever increasing self replenishing machine designed to create, increase and perpetuate crime and the need of society to pay for it in ever increasing amounts. More and more control of the populace can then be justified by creating more and more laws which,in the end, everyone will be guilty of violating. This has been done repeatedly in history to some extent. The most notable was during the period of the "French Revolution" Nazi Germany, Communist USSR and the 9/11 USA era, i.e. current period as of writing.