Monday, November 30, 2015

The NWO kid behind Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefeller’s Grandson. I Thought Everyone Knew. Did You? Facebook Started With $500 Million From The C.I.A.

Sunday, November 29, 2015 18:09



With all the talk about Facebook of late and the most recent bans/blocking/censorship, I thought I would add my 2 cents and perhaps let people know a bit about this lad. 

You know when this guy popped on the scene I was curious how he could do such a big start up, so I checked him out. The change of name is, I am sure, deliberate to hide who he is as well as his arrest for pot. It doesn’t mean anything to me. I was just curious and now with all the new nonsense I wanted to see if anyone else knew this?

The Face on Facebook belongs to Mark Zukerberg the alleged homosexual from upstate New York.  But what is the most important is that his Grandfather is the 100 year old David Rockefeller. You know - the one from the Tri Lateral Commision, The Bilderberg Group, Owner of the Chase Manhatten Bank, Council on Foreign Relations. 

You read this guys bio and its like a who’s who of the N W O planners - the likes of Henry Kissenger, who refers to us as 'useless eaters', and Allen Dulles implicated in the Kennedy assasination. Board of Directors of Exxon, J P Morgan Chase. 

This guy is friends with every piece of trash that wants us all dead. And then we have his son David who’s son is Mark Zukerberg who's net worth is estimated at 35.7 BILLION.  Sick yet? 

Why he has a different name I have no idea. A search does not reveal the names of his parents. It does list his wife Pricella Chan. So he’s 31 years old with bags full of money and the son of David Rockefeller. I have known this for a long time and I just assumed everyone else knew. So, if you did, forgive me.  If you didn’t, it should make a few balls fall into place.


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