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Monday, April 23, 2018

Snipers ordered to shoot children, Israeli general confirms

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 22 April 2018

Israeli Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel (Wikipedia)

An Israeli general has confirmed that when snipers stationed along Israel’s boundary with Gaza shoot at children, they are doing so deliberately, under clear and specific orders.

In a radio interview, Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel describes how a sniper identifies the “small body” of a child and is given authorization to shoot.
Fogel’s statements could be used as evidence of intent if Israeli leaders are ever tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.

On Friday, an Israeli sniper shot dead 14-year-old Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub.

The boy, shot in the head east of Jabaliya, was the fourth child among the more than 30 Palestinians killed during the Great March of Return rallies that began in Gaza on 30 March.

More than 1,600 other Palestinians have been shot with live ammunition that has caused what doctors are calling “horrific injuries” likely to leave many of them with permanent disabilities.
As eyewitnesses and video confirmed, the child Muhammad Ayyoub posed no conceivable danger to heavily armed Israeli occupation forces stationed dozens of meters away behind fences and earthen fortifications on the other side of the Gaza boundary when he was killed.
Even the usually timid United Nations peace process envoy Nickolay Mladenov publicly declared that the slaying was “outrageous.”
Targeting children
On Saturday, Brigadier-General Fogel was interviewed by Ron Nesiel on the Israeli public radio network Kan.

Fogel is the former chief of staff of the Israeli army’s “southern command,” which includes the occupied Gaza Strip.

Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, drew attention to the interview in a tweet.
A recording of the interview is online (it begins at 6:52). The interview was translated for The Electronic Intifada by Dena Shunra and a full transcript follows this article.

The host Ron Nesiel asks Fogel if the Israeli army should “rethink its use of snipers,” and suggests that someone giving orders “lowered the bar for using live fire.”

Fogel adamantly defends the policy, stating: “At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation.”

He adds: “If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order to hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us …”
“Then his punishment is death?” Nesiel interjects.

“His punishment is death,” the general responds. “As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs.”

Fogel then describes the careful process by which targets – including children – are identified and shot:

“I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he’ll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher.”

For “it goes even higher,” Fogel uses a Hebrew idiom also meaning “it costs even more.”

In this chilling statement, in which a general talks about snipers targeting the “small body of a child,” Fogel makes crystal clear that this policy is premeditated and deliberate.

While presenting unarmed Palestinian children as dangerous terrorists worthy of death, Fogel describes the snipers killing them in cold blood as the innocent, vulnerable parties who deserve protection.

“We have soldiers there, our children, who were sent out and receive very accurate instructions about whom to shoot to protect us. Let’s back them up,” he says.


  1. and Trump and this country supports these criminals and their leader of terror and madness.

    1. So you call the people who are just like you and me 'criminals'??? And Netanyahu is no leader of terror and madness. He is working with the leadership to protect the nation and the people just like you had better hope President Trump is doing for YOUR benefit. The leaders of EVERY nation have that job to do - so why is Israel any different? You have no idea of which you speak. Open mouth and insert both feet - hope you don't get athlete's foot. And when the Arabs jump out to knife you or shoot you, don't call for help. The rest of us will be doing our job of protecting those of us who know what the TRUTH is. Good luck.

  2. re the general from Israel, he's got friends, let's keep it at that:
    (apologies, just couldn't let this precious opportunity pass)

    9 Funniest Bulldog Videos [NEW] =

    1. TRUTH IS the Israelis have lots of friends, too - and you can keep it at that! I'm not making apologies - but I will accept yours.

  3. We all need to be extremely careful what we expose our children and for that matter all children of this world to. The innocent ones (=not yet programmed to do evil through education, religious schooling, TV, etc. ) are what sustains this world in many more ways than what one can ever hope to understand. Be especially respectful and considerate of and to children. I would love to explain but the fact is we have in our hearts already all we need to ""educate"" and provide for them. What matters is that we are all containers of a magnificent higher consciousness that we all share and have in common. The worldly systems based in fear and greed and self-aggrandizing egotism (hubris) must end. Final Warning Black Nobility and practitioners of Cabalah !!! Stop your schizophrenic sh!t for bloodline profit. Nobody in their right mind wants to be a part of it.

    Pink Floyd, Roger Waters - Song for Palestine. One may add Libya or Palestine or whatever other country...

    (I am aware that PF may be an outspoken critic of our present and dearly beloved POTUS, but please allow him to share some of his feelings for our children suffering in most every country or part of the world on account of various traditions / treaties / declarations such as Balfour, Oslo, Paris, etc. and now affecting all of us on this earthly plane.)

    1. While considering the plight of the world's children, why not include those of this nation who are victims of a criminal government, not the Republic but the criminal cabal corporation 'government' that intends to enslave and genocide every one of us. Their playground is to kidnap our children, rape and torture them, murder them and eat their flesh and drink their blood. Guess who is behind this in high numbers? Those in the government and military leadership and those in high public 'elitists' positions of course! So while you play a song dedicated to the fictitious 'Palestine', remember your own nation and the plight of its children. Why would you consider the plight of 'Palestine' and not include Israel itself? Leaders of most if not all nations commit the same sins - and the victims of those sins are primarily the children. If they are not being raped and murdered in the flesh, they are by the erroneous purposely written and taught 'education' as created by the black nobility behind all the problems on this planet, including Rome and the papacy, England and the 'queen', the 'royalty' of the nations, and Wash DC and the traitors in the criminal cabal 'government.' Will this ever change for the better? NO PROOF PRODUCED SO FAR THAT IT IS EVEN IN PROCESS OF SOME SORT.

    2. Write your own comments to that effect if you find mine inadequate or not to your liking. Of course America's children were included. Palestine highlights important aspects of it. The Wall did not change anything. It exacerbated evil attitudes to begin with. Meaning it wasn't / couldn't be the solution. Have you given yourself space to digest the universal words in PF's song? Be mindful of mental indigestion. Search for truth. Peace.