Tribunal Executions Destroy Evidence - Nazi's Escaped Justice, Destroyed America + Earth

Third Reich Formed Through Foreign Investment & Foreign Planning
U.S. & Allied Insiders Carefully Covered Up Foreign Investment & Foreign Planning
These Nazi's Were Just Puppets
Worst Nazi's Lived To Genocide Another Day
Hitler Disappeared & Died Of Natural Causes
Albeit Many Years Later

Earth - Fight - Fight - Fight

Thursday, August 9, 2018

COMEON TRUMP! COMEON Q! - Don't leave us hanging here! - Request by Sun Tzu: Please pass some justice with a side of ass whoopin for Deep State!

Comeon Donald J. Trump!
Comeon "Qanon"!

Can you please slide some justice our way with a side of ass whoopin for the Deep State!

We'd like to enjoy that with some popcorn and candy.

Time to get this show started!  Faux News is boring as sh!t.

Sun Tzu say:
"Are we there yet! <Sun Tzu ducks for cover>

Sun Tzu master <smiles> and say:
"Not there yet! <smacks Sun Tzu>

Sun Tzu say:
"Well when the hell r we gonna get there!"

Sun Tzu master say:
"Destination arrival not happen any faster by you asking questions! <smack... slap>

Sun Tzu say:

Albert Einstein say:
"Every force has an equal and opposite reaction!"

Sun Tzu and master say:
"Oh shut up!"


  1. MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents

  2. They are possibly trying to get the 'f' out of dodge, and taking incriminating info with them, to Dubai, or New Zealand- Those assholes have stolen, laundered money all over the world, and will try to get away from the U.S before they are finally snagged....She'll end up walking from justice, watch and see...52 people killed, and counting-

  3. MY question is off the subject but will ask... If people who hate our American way of life to the point of wearing mask, and want violence, why aren't they banished out of America and to a country of their choice, to be happy? Thanks for the space and a reply sometimes.