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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Deep State Monster Murderers Say, "Please Pass The Walnut Sauce!"

Horrible revelations from Qanon found at: www.qanon.pub

Revealing emails exchanged between huge major Democratic party donors/fundraising organizers, recently released on Qanon showed (then deleted with a request for all other patriots to do the same) a conversation exchanged over the topic of "Walnut sauce pasta."  With the man leading the fundraising for the Democratic party and himself self donating $110 million for the Democratic Party, the email was from him to the Podesta's and inquired to how good the "Walnut sauce" was.

A quick search on google of "qanon walnut sauce" revealed horrific search results:

link for search results:

The result, "walnut sauce" is code for adrenachome, why is that so, because the gland is shaped like a walnut.

Adrenachrome is harvested from human beings by removing the adrenaline producing gland.  Remember "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," the movie, "Adrenachrome" is classified by the Medical/Pharmaceutical Journals as a powerful extremely extremely addictive drug, with horrible withdrawals similar and in many ways very worse than heroine, which itself has terrible withdrawls, shaking, vomiting, diarea, not being able to sleep for months.  If the withdrawals are worse for adrenochrome, then we basically have a bunch of people in the Deep State, Hollywood, Mainstream Media, who are addicted to this stuff, and without continued increasing supply will experience the worst pain, depression, imagineable, losing control of their minds and bodies, so there is a huge demand for the stuff and because the human body naturally builds tolerance to all substances, the need only grows and grows, the market for children to harvest is ever expanding into a situation where natural disasters (false flags) and horrible events like war must be manufactured in order to produce enough orphans so the children will not be missed.  But, guarantee, many missing children, orphans or not, meet this unimaginably unrelenting pain-fear fate. 

And apparently the only way that adrenochrome is harvested is by torturing children over and over and over and over so their bodies produce (over time) huge huge adrenaline glands.  You can imagine this horrible torture process like raising a chicken via torture, pain and suffering.  

It takes time to raise a chicken.  Just like it would take a long time to torture a child to the point that the adrenaline gland would slowly grow over time to become a ripe fruit ready for harvest.  And so an industry was born, under the radar, fed by monsters in Deep State, Hollywood, and MSM that did not care that children are being kidnapped (many orphans) tortured over and over for months (years even) until their adrenaline glands are ready for harvest.

This is why Hillary Clinton got caught aiding and abetting child smugglers stealing children from Haiti.  Earthquakes make orphans, then the Clinton Foundation moved in to steal the children, got caught with 33 of them they did, Clintons lawyers represented the woman who got caught smuggling them.

You see, the Deep State needs children for their adrenochrome harvesting farms, lots of the Deep State are addicted to this stuff, Hollywood, Mainstream media, etc... so even though these people are looking at Treason and a noose or the firing squad, they are also looking at their supply running dry and the associated fall out where they will totally cease to be able to function from the horrible withdrawals.  These farms can also double as snuff film manufacturing plants (snuff means to murder on film), can also double as pedophilia houses where children are sold.

My instructor/boss/business parter, CIA contractor, told me that he and many others were given "adrenaline" every time while they watched educational films and performed training operations so that associated memories formed would be burned into the brain(this was a multiple times per month experience over ten years).  Think about it, the human brain remembers most of all the times when it thought that it was going to die, "fight or flight" responses, burned into the brain by "adrenaline."  So, there you have it, there are many markets for this substance, from spies, hitmen, to pedophiles, Hollywood elite producers, directors, actors, to Mainstream Fake Media producers, CEO's, talking (lying) faces.  

All monsters supplying the foundation for the most monstrous intentional farming and systemic torture/abuse/murder of children that ever existed anywhere in the great Universe Divide, right here, in our home, in America!