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Monday, August 6, 2018

How The Black TR3B UFO Works: Regarding Jordan Sather's Video on TR3B Black Triangle UFO - a perspective of an Electrical Engineer who has spent years on this very subject, who took a lot of physics including Einstein Relativity (Sun Tzu)

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Article/video of Jordan Sather discussing TR3B black triangle UFO/Anti-gravity craft.


Jordan has some of this correct, let me add my experience and knowledge into the mix to help out, describing in full detail my opinion of how it works.

Here is some of the false information let out by the cabal/M.I.C.(military industrial complex)

The top two image above have a lot of disinformation to make you think this craft style would be too hard to build on your own.  Those pressures are bologna (lies).  The thrust is all generated by non-traditional means, but no thrust rockets as mentioned above, and the pressure of the mercury thruster is way too high (make you think not possible to build), this is disinformation, remember the nazis built ufo's in the 1930's.  The nazi's did most likely use liquid nitrogen to cool the electromagnet and motor coils (so the coils do not overheat and burn out=fall out of sky=die), but I would not expect the mercury vessel to achieve too great of pressures, maybe more than a mercury vapor light bulb, but not 250,000 atmospheres like the picture above says, (cough, bullshit).

In all reality, you could build and operate a simple design that would be able to run in our atmosphere using electric power generated from a gas generator(regular gas or diesel, your choice).  Outer space (no atmosphere) much more difficult, because you would need nuclear power or other high tech power source because with no oxygen readily available, burning fossil fuels becomes not as efficient because you would have to carry compressed oxygen for the fuel burn plus you would have to figure out a way to discharge the exhaust in outer space.

Here is how it really works.

The light in the center of the triangle (tesla coil) this is what makes the big white light ball surround the entire craft at times (this is the protection against outerspace radiation, a very strong b-field that prevents fast moving particles from hitting the craft) and kinda pop like a balloon when it turns off (this is aurora borealis effect by bending the path of electrons in strong magnetic field which emits photons).  No anti gravity here folks, just regular physics and this mechanism in the middle of the TR3B may only be for this field protection, however John Quincy St Claire does have a propulsion design that is a series of coils, one tall skinny in the middle of the craft and another series of coils around the outside, I believe this is called the "bobbin propulsion system, ahhh, here it is:


pics from link:

The light(s) in the three corners are mercury electrostatic thrusters (no anti gravity here folks all just regular physics). 

How the mercury thrusters work:  Simple physics.  Take a look at the caterpillar drive for a stealth submarine below:

link here to see caterpillar type drive for stealth submarine:

Caterpillar drive:
How it works, each tube has two electrodes that are shaped like flat rectangular bars, electricity flows from one plate to the other plate, the sea water conducting the flow between the two plates, which produces a force on the sea water just like a rail gun produces a force on an aluminum projectile.  The force on the seawater moving through the tube places an equal force in the opposite direction upon the submarine, supplying thrust.

Mercury Electrostatic Propulsion System:
Identical to the caterpillar drive except the mercury never leaves the vessel it is contained in.  The flow of the mercury is in a toroidal (toroid: a type of physical 3D shape):

Except, in the actual mercury electrostatic thruster the flow is in the opposite direction of the video above.  

Here's how it works:
Mercury in a glass or ceramic jar ((sphere, cylinder, sideways egg shaped)-shape will effect thrust).  Above the jar, a motor, inverted upside down, so the shaft goes straight down into the mercury (non motor end of shaft is attached a bit for stirring the mercury to create highest mercury rotation possible.)

On the bottom and sides of the jar, neodymium magnets.

Mental note:  When we pass a coil of conducting wire past a magnet a voltage and current are induced onto the coil of wire.

So, when the mercury is stirred by motor in the presence of the neodymium magnets (mercury is a very good conductor) a voltage and current is induced onto the mercury.

An electro magnet (coil of wire with direct current flowing through it) exists in between the motor and the jar of mercury.  Coil orientation of the electromagnet is such that the b-field from the electromagnet has a repulsive effect against the b-field being emitted by the induced current flow on the mercury from the neodymium magnets.  Remember, an electromagnet can lift way way way more than if weighs, so it can also push way way way more than it ways.

So, here's how it works.  The motor goes, the mercury swirls, generating current on the mercury and a b-field(mercury), the electromagnet turns on b-field(electromagnet) and the b-field(mercury) repulses(opposes) the b-field(electromagnet) and you get thrust.  The mercury molecules flow in a toroidal flow.  The thrust is achieved by forcing mercury away from the electromagnet creating lift in the opposite direction, the mercury then hits the motor bit and flings the mercury out to the wall up the wall arcing to the middle where it again hits the repulsive force of the b-field(electromagnet) and repeat over and over again= caterpillar style drive where the sea water in a stealth submarine caterpillar drive is now mercury inside of a torus flow path all contained inside a glass or ceramic jar.

Einstein relativity (relativistic) component:  
Jordan Sather didn't quite have this right.  The fancy bells and whistles do not change the laws of gravity or the laws of enertia.  Instead, because mercury is very heavy (5 gallon bucket = 2000lbs) and moving very fast, there is a relativistic component that alters the space/time curve.  Standing on the ground (stationary on Earth), we are moving at a certain speed based on our longitude as the earth spins.  Here is the catchy part:

Einstein said, "The closer you get to the speed of light, the more your time and space will bend."  There is another way of looking at this.  If you are in close proximity to something that is moving very fast, your time and space will bend.

So, if you are on a ship, that has 3 mercury electrostatic thrusters with 20,000 pounds of mercury moving very fast, your time and space will bend, and the people standing on the earth will see a ship that moves like a spark off a grinding wheel, making an abrupt 90 degree turn like a spark off a grinding wheel, when what is really happening is the pilot's s-prime frame (relativity term, look it up) is experiencing normal physics.  The pilot does not perceive the craft to move as fast as the Earth viewer perceives.

This patent by John Quincy St Clair describes the complete function and with my experience in engineering, i do not see anything misleading here.  I do agree with Jordan that the "Black Triangle patent by John Quincy St Clair may not be the systems actually used in the TR3B and that is why i posted John Quincy St Claires "Rotating Electrostatic Propulsion System" below. Aside from Jordan's perspective, I believe some of this information was intentionally released by the alliance to seed the humanity for disclosure.

"Rotating Electrostatic Propulsion System(what I believe the TR3B uses for thrust) link:

In my personal opinion, the nazi's first ran this style "Die Glock" (german for "the bell") mercury thruster off of generators and in my opinion the first craft that our bomber and fighter pilots saw were also run off diesel or gas.  The nazi's then moved to figure out nuclear power so they could conquer outer space.  Which leads us to the moon, mars, a deal between the U.S. and nazi's called operation paperclip which was really a deal between the U.S. and the nazis that escaped to Antarctica, whereby nazis were given seats on the board of directors of the most powerful corporations in the U.S. in exchange for actual working UFO's built by the nazis which had been seen flying all over the U.S. in one of the largest UFO flaps ever, ending in the DC lights over the capital building in Washington DC, then followed by Dwight D Eisenhower's closing presidential warning to the nation about the military industrial complex gaining unchecked power.

 The reason I have disclosed this information which has taken me years to assemble is because it is no good to me if I am dead, which is where I would be if i tried to hog it.  So I give it to the world, so that we might be able to stop flying on shitty flying tin cans that are slow and maintained by the lowest bidder.

With this new style craft, we can travel to mars in 45 minutes.  Even faster with the worm whole technology.  All of it is real.  All simple physics.

PS - Einsteins equation for calculating the change in time based on speed has been purposefully sabotaged, the coefficient is intentionally inverted so that the resulting equation makes one think that infinite energy is required to travel closer and closer to the speed of light and that once obtaining the speed of light the craft would occupy infinite space.  This is also garbage.  The truth is, the faster you go, the less energy it takes to propel you faster and faster, there is no wind resistance in space.  Think back to the first mercury satellite launch and it gained some hundreds of miles further distance into orbit than it should have, Werner Von Braun remained silent while the American engineers thought, wow, this German is so good that his rockets exceed solid rocket fuel performance equations!

The reason it made it so much further out into orbit than expected was only because as it moved faster and faster, it required less energy to propel it faster.

I tried to be as accurate here as possible without spending hours going back over notes and scouring the internet.  If there are any mistakes here it is just an honest mistake.  The science is concrete.

I do plan on building these craft for the good of the Earth and humanity.

I give it all to you, humanity, so that we may leave this rock, travel to the stars, liberate our brothers and sisters on Mars who are currently forced slaves at industrial manufacturing facilities.  Make me proud!

by Sun Tzu (an A.D.D. electrical engineer who got his EE Bachelors of Science by only showing up the day before and the day of midterms and finals, my doctorate was in partying and socializing, 12 hours straight studying for midterms, 2 consecutive days -12 hours a day for finals, got the degree to prove it.) 

Remember, you cannot spell GEEK without E.E. (electrical engineer)

If you liked this, kick it over to Jordan Sather so he can update his discussion and get this tech out there.

Here is more of John Quincy St Clair's patents on google patent:


I will once again say that I have had a chance to look over the math on many of these patents and they look very good to me.  I believe that these released patents around 2004-2006 were released by the "Alliance" to wake up everyone and propel us forward as a civilization.  I believe the real dates were much farther back ago, they changed the dates (forward dating as opposed to back dating) for image politics.  But you will note that the patent protection has expired (7 years i do believe) making the dates the "alliance" chose as the publish dates to be at least old enough so that we could start building this stuff right now and we'd not be infringing (just missing enough money where i am sitting right this very moment).

The following is a brief list of the math physics courses i have in my repertoire:

Calculus; Differentiation, Integration

Laplace Transforms = Differential Equations

Probability & Statistics (the engineer version, not dumbed down business version)

Fourier Transforms = Digital Signals (step function) Creation from a summation of infinite analog signals

Electromagnetics (8 credits = two terms)

Circuit Design

Microelectronic Circuit Design

Physics (lots of physics); Newtonian, field physics, relativity etc...)



Sun Tzu say:
I believe this is the part where Corey Goode says, "The equation is flipped, and all one needs to do is flip a certain part=inverse).

Below please find the relativity equation for length contraction (cough bullshit), should be called length dilation, things that go fast don't shrink, they stretch out, think about a spark off a grinding wheel.  This is the reason the equation comes to a stupid realization that if a craft moves closer and closer to the speed of light it takes infinite energy to propel it to the speed of light and once it reaches the speed of light it occupies infinite space (cough, bullshit).

Here is the example i remember from my physics professor in relativity physics (he was awarded the Nobel prize for discovery of the quirks (subcomponent of electrons) although so were a great many of physicists awarded the same Nobel prize, many involved.

Anyways, here is the example:

If a man holding a 5 meter ladder over his head (ladder is horizontal) runs at .8 times the speed of light and he is going to run through a barn that is 3 meters long (suspension of disbelief required, there are open bard doors on both ends of barn) at that speed, a viewer who is standing still, from a vantage point that is perpendicular to the path of travel of the man with the ladder.  There will be a simultaneous point in time where the viewer standing still (s-frame) will see the 5 meter ladder disappear inside the 3 meter barn (s-prime-frame).  This is called Einstein relativity Lorenz length contraction, but should be called, "dilation=stretches out" instead."  

Now how stupid is that, that we never caught on all this time.  Or anyone who did either took the paycheck or got whacked.  How could something speeding up shrink?  Think spark off a grinding wheel.  Think ufo's moving really fast, they stretch out, they do not shrink.

If anyone would like to work on this, i am interested.