Monday, August 6, 2018

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Sun Tzu say:
"Are we there yet?"

Sun Tzu master <slaps Sun Tzu>
"Row Faster!  Destination move closer!"


  1. Obama passed that House law allowing takeover of Internet. ( Demos now pushing to control Internet.)
    From wikileaks: "Obama, who expanded drone kills 10x, oversaw the destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen, the creation of ISIS and the African refugee crisis, and who prosecuted more whistleblowers using the espionage act than alll previous presidents combined, receives human rights award."

  2. This is how Hitler started. This is digital book-bunring. Some one or some small group is behind this - to have planned to wipe Alex and his good works off all 5 platforms at the same time. Probably the same ones who have their fists up the sock-puppets at cia/fbi and doj. America is being destroyed from within.
    Thank God we have Trump - and not pedophile/pedovore Hillary.