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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


It is very obvious by watching Faux news this evening that the Alliance is expecting some potential incoming false flags.  Of the Faux news episodes I just watched, appeared the following episodes:

1) Bomb analysis at the FBI, homegrown terrorism still a problem, covered from the shoe-bomber, to the bank heist where the bomb was clamped around the guys neck, to the Boston marathon bombing.

2) 911 The Towers, the fight to secure the plane to retake control, which is strange, because from what I've heard, that plane was shot down.

3) Terrorism still a problem, listing the terror group numbers of each Al Qaeda and ISIS across Europe and Africa

4) Waters from Water's World, every slyly said in his group talk, "If you see something, say something!

5) Oh and Trump's Tweet about the American people should be ready for the STORM.

Everyone should have their head on a swivel every where they go.  Keep a look out for anything out of the ordinary or people doing something strange or people doing something they shouldn't be doing.  If you see something, say something.  Call the local authorities.


  1. As to number 2. I listen to the tower announce that plane number (Pa. Flight # ) was landing in Cincinnati or Cleveland Ohio. Passengers disembarked onto the tarmac then went into a hanger then exited in white vans never to be seen again. Plane numbers for both N.Y. planes and the Pa. flight are still in-service. What did they do with the passengers?

  2. when you call the CIA, NSA, FBI you are just warning the real terrorists about terrorists, They Have Your name they will use you to blame.