Monday, October 8, 2018

Definition of Treason by the "United States" for profit foreign corporation's definition - If treason against the Republic has the same definition, the following is a list of everyone who has knowingly or unknowingly aided and abetted the Crime Syndicate

link to federal statute defining TREASON:

PLEASE note that the above definition of Treason is the foreign for profit corporation d.b.a., "United States Inc"

By the above standards, the following people have committed TREASON against the Republic known as the united states of America.

Lawyers - Card Carrying Members of the British Accredited Registry (BAR):
The sleaziest conspirators of the bunch, they have known that the "United States" was a foreign owned for profit corporation and they have done nothing to stop it, on the contrary that have aided and abetted the foreign domiciled Crime Syndicate in every way, shape, and form, thus committing Treason against We The People having participated directly in the theft of our true rule of law, "Common Law."

Law Enforcement - Every level
These dummies have both knowingly and unknowingly committed Treason against the Republic for their failure to remember that "Common Law" is the law of the land, where if there is "NO HARM," then there is, "NO CRIME!"  Instead, they have forgotten what America is and they have aided and abetted a foreign enemy in its relentless attacks on our beloved American Republic.  Their carrying out of arrest warrants for victimless crimes (crimes where there is no victim) is Treason against the populace and the Republic for its destruction of Common Law which was promised We The People by our American forefathers who fought and died in the Revolutionary War so that we could leave the jurisdiction of the sea and return to the jurisdiction of the land.

Accountants and CFO's - Every level
They have known all along that the federal tax code was corrupt and they have silently played along with it knowing all along that the very corruption insures they have a job!  If the IRS and the Tax Laws were not corrupt, then a poor person would have the same privilege to understand the law as a rich person who can afford many accountants and Chief Financial Officers.  Their silence and financial gain is Treason against We The People.

Politicians - Every Level
Possibly the only thing worse than a lawyer or a dumb cop that shoots black people.  Spineless does not even begin to describe what it means to be a politician.  These turkeys should be hung from the yard arm, ever last one of them for their Treason against the Republic as they profited and lined their pockets while the poor and middle class were raped, murdered, pillaged, and genocided, and as the foreign corporation's military, "United States Military," was unknowingly sent around the world for the last century murdering everyone everywhere they went.

The Military - Possibly the only group in the bunch that actually swore an oath in their hearts and minds to protect Americans.  Too bad they were off committing genocide everywhere else in the world preventing them from realizing the foreign owned crime syndicate had not only stolen the homeland but had snuffed out lady liberty in the middle of the night when our Common Law courts were stolen from us and federated under jurisdiction of the sea so that every American could be arrested and ransomed back to their family members for crimes in which there was actually no victim.  Apparently the Military may be our saviors this go round, but it must be said that the military will have to cull many of its own in order to ever gain back any sort of respect since they have been the might abroad that has kept the crime syndicate in power, them and the CIA. 

That brings us to MacArthur, General MacArthur, the man who tried to save us from this happening, along with JFK, but whom was painted RED as a Communist by the Crime Syndicate along with all the attorney's MacArthur had scooped up to try to bring back the Common Law which was being assassinated at the same time.

A whole lot of Treason, everyone is still being lulled to sleep by this bullshit soap opera you see on TV every single day.

Sun Tzu

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