Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Totally Genius!!!

Now our cars will break down faster and we can turn more food into fuel instead of harvesting the oil/gas here in the U.S. before it is totally replaced altogether, making our home oil/gas resources untapped and worthless.  Genius!

Turning Corn into Ethanol was the worst idea ever.  Huge government subsidies go to farmers now to turn food into fuel, while people starve in Yemen from the Crime Syndicate's blowing up all the fisherman's boats under the guise that they were transporting weapons.

Starvation, rape, theft, murder, genocide, that is the RULE OF LAW for the "United States;" a foreign, for profit, slaver corporation, known only as the "de facto corporation," which means, illegitimate, but in effect!


  1. Ok Real Genius , If You Think That They Are Just now Putting E-85 in the Fuel then You Are Sadly Mistaken, Gas Has Had As Much As 25% Ethanol Or More and We Never Knew It, Now For The Flip Side President Trump is Working Off a Master Plan and The Process is Taking Time, For Once Sun Tzu TRUST THE PLAN, Sit Back and Relax, They Are Going After Big Oil and The Traders That Jack The Prices So High ! Trust Me on This I KNOW ! And For those That Are Going To Piss And Moan About this Post Blow It Your Ass ! YOU HAVE NO CLUE

  2. Starving? Do you really want to eat that GMO corn? You should be avoiding it and all products made with corn.