Monday, October 8, 2018

Q-Post - What Q is saying and What Q IS NOT saying!

I do not know about you, but since the "United States," is most certainly a foreign for profit corporation and not what our American forefathers and ancestors fought and died for in the Revolutionary War, I certainly do not consider myself a US taxpayer like Q says above.  I was born in America and I am an American, but I will declare myself to be an American victim before I agree to be a US taxpayer ever again!  

Go read Anna Von Reitz how to articles on how take back control of your straw man trust and stick it to the crime syndicate!

If you live on Earth, your local crime syndicate did the same thing to you too.  Created a trust/corporation in your name when they fraudulently declared you missing just days after your birth when your parents failed to copyright your name.  Does not matter since copyright law says ownership belongs to whoever first conceived the name, which was your parents. Ownership then passing to you by natural succession.

Stand up, cast off your shackles, refuse to pay taxes, correct your political status as being born upon the land, living, with hands and feet, and not just some fiction trust in probate court (for dead, missing, missing presumed dead peoples) spelled in all capital letters, JOHN H DOE as seen on all your mail from your government(for profit crime syndicate) and all correspondence from your banks and credit card companies too, which are all in on the biggest scam the Universe has ever known.  Best not be surprised when our galactic star cousins tell us this scam is actually as old as Satan himself, if not older and not perpetrated upon Earth alone.

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