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ALTERNATIVES: You have heard of PTSD, right? Well I'm correcting the narrative! Nikki G.

Soaring Spirit

In Simplicity Is All Truth * Experience Is My Teacher * Wisdom Is My Proof©
Note: anytime the medical industry gives a title and calls it a dis-ease, it is not to heal the one suffering, no, it is always to make a profit off those who are suffering. They can't just create more toxic drugs and push them on us, no they have to create a dis-ease then claim to have the solution. Like David Icke always says: they create the problem, cause a reaction and then claim to have the solution.
Traumatic Stress Response/Reaction

The fight or flight inherent mechanism programmed into our beings is not fear; it is a survival alarm system that assists us, warns us of impending danger.

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and/or phobias it is because you have suffered traumas in your life. Anxiety’s, panic and phobias are a natural response/reaction to past events. Our avatars are designed with defense mechanisms for survival purposes.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not mentally ill, you don’t have a dis-ease, syndrome or dis-order. You are simply experiencing a natural reaction to a trigger that causes your mind-body to respond to past events in your life experience. You're ok and you can make your life better by doing some simple things to heal.

1, start a journal. Keep records of your past memories no mater how small an event was, if it caused you to be fearful write it down, the whole event. Add your thoughts about that event and start working through it so you can see it for what it was.
2, when you are in the midst of a panic, anxiety or phobic event stop and breath slow full breaths and, on the exhale, stretch your muscles or just simply breath and take a short walk.
3, use cbd oil. It works. I’ve proved it in my own life. In fact, I’ve proved all the above in my own life.

We are designed to survive in a vary predatory and dangerous world. And to do that we are programmed with the flight or fight response. When you are experiencing an episode of anxiety, panic or phobic event it is a natural reaction to a past event making you aware of your surroundings so you will be in a protection/reaction mode. But because we are usually not in danger we think we are going crazy or we are having a heart attack but neither are true.

Most of us that suffer this way usually have high IQ’s, are very creative, very sensitive and loving people. We are more susceptible and sensitive to trauma and each traumatic event is locked into our memories. So when something triggers our mind we have an immediate response. Its not that we are in some kind of immediate danger, no, it means our memories have been triggered and our mind/body is reacting in order to protect ourselves.

So I hope you have taken this new information into your soul/mind/heart/spirit and fully grasp that there is nothing wrong with you. You are an amazing person, bright, intelligent, creative and loving and you deserve to be loved and happy in your life.

Whatever the traumas that were done to you or happened to you can be worked out with a little bit of effort on your part. Do what you need to do to heal. Be at peace with yourself and live in joy.

Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken.

pen-name: Nikki G.©


I was given a journal in my late 20's. I had never used a journal or a diary so this was a new experience for me. The first things I wrote were one liners like, "In Simplicity Is All Truth" and "Experience Is My Teacher" and "Wisdom Is My Proof". If you reviewed my site you will notice I use this now as my mantra. 

Eventually I wrote poems then lyrics, plays and so on. Then I realized I could use it to face that which haunts me and was causing me pain, panic, anxiety and phobias.  

One way to use a journal to deal with your past events is to write down everything you remember of a trauma that you experienced and I do mean EVERYTHING, no matter how small! Where were you, who was there, who harmed you, what happen to you, smells, sounds, sights, what you were feeling, what you recall around you, what was the location and so on.

My first memory of harm  was when I was 4 and to this day 66 years later I still remember every detail. My next memory is when I was 10, although I do know other events took place because I have the physical scars to prove it. I should have died that day due to what had been done to me, but I had divine protection, that was clear.

So once I began writing down my memories, I would write out in detail all that I felt and thought about what had happen and wrote out what I thought I could do about healing and/or changing the effects of those memories. It has helped me greatly to bring it all out in the open i.e. get it out side of my mind and look at it as if looking at a broken model. Then I could see it in the abstract and begin to repair it.

I hope whoever reads this will be blessed and look forward to healing and recovering from all that has caused you harm.
Many Blessings, May they flow eternally unbroken.
pen-name: Nikki G.©

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