Tuesday, November 6, 2018

In The Face of Pure Evil - JFK Jr Returns From Exile as He Takes Revenge for Father's Assassination and Surprise Stomps Dagger into Heart of Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate - HOW YOU KNOW YOU HIT A SORE SPOT - BLOGGER(AKA GOOGLE) SENSORS STATISTICS AND USER COMMENTS - Get Freewill to SAFE and HIGHER ground!!!

If you have not yet read the article about JFK Jr. returning from exile to exact his revenge, it went completely viral!

Got picked up by 
for a couple days,
Got picked up by 
and many other sites.  

What we noticed was that Nesara's statistics provided by Blogger(Google) do not add up and it appears that Blogger (aka Google) is telling us that not many people are paying attention and that we DID NOT hit a sore spot for the Deep State Crime Syndicate, BUT we KNOW otherwise, as we have access to other sites that auto pick up Nesara's articles, and those sites are hosted on different platforms.  If you have not read it, the link is below:

Pictures of the statistics are below the title of the article, which is: 

In The Face Of Pure Evil - JFK Jr Returns From Exile As He Takes Revenge for Father's Assassination and Surprise Stomps Dagger Into Heart of Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate - JFK Jr Then Decapitates Pure Evil With A Magic Sword, Fulfilling 55 Year Path To Avenge Father, President JFK - Deep State Shills Scream In Horror - Blogger (AKA Google) Censors Public Comments and Blogger Statistics - Severed Head of de facto corporation "United States" Reels In Horror and Gasps For Final Breath

(24,132 views for article)

But on Nesara News Blogspot
(3,074 views for article)

But on Nesara News Blogger Statistics Page
(only 1,903 views, look at the bottom!)

All three of these pictures were snapped at the same time, seconds apart.  Believe me I know, you are like get to point already buddy, we know that Google is dirty as the day is long, therefore Blogger must be too, because Google owns Blogger!!!  I know, you know... so here is my point!

I am thrilled beyond belief that JFK Jr has returned from the dead.  Everyone loves an underdog and everyone loves it when justice is served ice cold to bastards that deserve every bit of it in the worst way.  But my point is this, right now we really need your help.  Not for me, but for my partner in crime, whom i've never actually met, "Freewill."

Freewill right now is again short on the bills necessary for keeping Nesara News afloat.  On top of that, his current state of residence is no longer safe for him and his family, so he has solicited work many states distance away and is moving the entire family.  I am asking you right now to pitch in all and ever bit that you can afford to help a brother again out of the mud and get him to safe and higher ground.  

We do not make any money hear at Nesara News.  We do not sell advertising space.  We are faceless, gloryless, and nameless anons fighting only for freedom while we scream, "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!"

Today I am asking for you all to pitch in all the consideration you can muster to help Freewill get to safe ground.  His current residence has been a magnet for attacks, kidnappings by corrupt police, persecution by corrupt judges, and far from safe haven for his family.  Please help Freewill get to Higher Ground!

Donate by hitting the "Donate" button, or by paypal to Freewill's email at:


I thank you so very much for your most generous consideration and for helping pick OUR brother at arms, out of the mud!


Sun Tzu

PS - I need to give a much overdue shout out for our newest contributing and very appreciated member here at Nesara News Blogspot. 

Hey Soaring Spirit!
(New Much Appreciated Member)

You are my hero!  Well done!!!


Sun Tzu

Soaring Spirit
She arrived here in the heat of the fight, 
dead middle of the night, 
She picked up a pen, busted a bottle,
Do your worst she screamed!
Oh Dear God, She just stuck that guy with the pen!!!
OMG... I did not see that coming...
Oh my... did you see what she did to that Deep State dirt bag with the busted bottle?!?!
Do not mess with that girl, I tell ya!!

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