Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Three Witches - The Evil Among Us - Pray Now For Protection Against Evil - Pray With Me Now So That We May Both Be Protected and So Our Evil Enemy Shall Be Bound and Vanquished

I awoke this morning from the strangest of dreams...

I was chased seemingly all night long by three witches.  The dream was frightfully serious, I ran for my life, ever barely evading their attacks.

For nearly half the dream I was falling through the atmosphere speeding towards Earth, they sped towards me morphing into fiery locomotive engines(train engines), their faces making up the front of the train engine like that of a Roger Rabbit cartoon animation movie.  They hurled balls of spiders web which i dodged as they flew past me, only having to dodge them again as the webs unraveled and spread out in front of me, trying to capture me helpless like a moth in a web.   I flew like a flying squirrel, evading constantly, and feeling like a flying insect narrowly missing web after web, each time the witches web getting closer and closer, their webs nearly entangling me to my doom.

When we finally made it to the ground, I found myself treading across heaps of trash in what appeared to be a giant garbage dumb, nearly impossible to cover distance at speed, the witches fired arrows at me that were nearly impossible to see as they quickly closed their arching gaps towards my vulnerable position.  I found myself however able to return fire and I did so, relentlessly.

I awoke quickly, to find myself shooting out of bed, sweaty with anxiety, adrenaline spiked, ready to fight for my life.  I have experienced a few very all to real dreams, but this one takes the cake.  I awoke knowing that my higher self had just forewarned me that I am currently under spiritual attack from three witches.  I believe it to my bone.  So throughout the day I repeated the words and steps which I have learned to work.

I ask you now to say these words with me and to please mean them when you say them, this will help not only me, but yourself as well.

"Great Infinite Creator,...  You sent your son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our Sins, have mercy on us. 

Great Infinite Creator, please send the blood of your son, Jesus Christ, along with your angels and arch angels and bind all those who would use the power of their words and the power of their actions to do us harm, and through the laws of entropy make their powers become zero.  

Infinite Creator, return on their heads seven fold of their own evil deeds and devices.  Hear my prayer.  Thanks be to you Infinite Creator, thanks be to your son, Jesus Christ, and thanks be to your angels and arch angels.  Have mercy on us, protect us, and lead us away from temptation. 
So be it, Amen!"


Sun Tzu

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