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Friday, January 18, 2019

JFK Jr is Alive - Q is Real - Searching For "Q" - Shills/Trolls Full Force Attack Against "Q" - Full Force Attack on JFK Jr Too

We can be certain of two things.
1) Q is the real deal.
2) JFK Jr is alive


What we cannot ascertain is how far the "good guys" are going to go.  We can probably assume that every one of the "Good Guys" has been involved in some sort of illegal activity, or been witness to crimes against humanity, or been apart of some sort of corruption, whether it be bribery, blackmail, money laundering, weapons smuggling, drug smuggling, with possible knowledge of murders, and genocide.

What we can definitely know for sure, is that there is a war raging between two factions within the secret societies and ruling class.

I keep coming back to the question, why have the "Good Guys" not yet revealed the nature of the de facto, "United States," a totally foreign owned, and foreign domiciled "For Profit Government Service Provider Corporation," having usurped our lawful governance after the Civil War.  For before the Civil War, we were a nation of laws, and now we are a nations of codes and statutes, the latter both being soley for corporations, whereas Laws are for living breathing men and women whom the blood flows and the flesh lives, and not for fictional entities, Trusts/Corporations, spelled in CAPITAL LETTERS.  I am Jeff Dougherty, an American National, totally different that the fraudulently created, JEFF DOUGHERTY, a Trust that resides inside the district of Columbia, created by infringing on my copyright, in Probate Court, which is Court for Dead, Missing, and Missing Presumed Dead Peoples, as though my parents needed to copyright my name at the local county recorders office, but neglected to, so the government fraudulently declared that I was missing, on the date found on my birth certificate, several days after I was born.

So, since our founding fathers, and the framers, gave us Common Law, which means, "No Victim, No Crime," because of that, 80-90% of all those incarcerated are wrongfully imprisoned due to violating a statute, where there was no actual living breathing victim.  The City, State, and Fed, are all corporations, all came into this current treasonous form between now and the Civil War, they are all corporations, not real living breathing natives, whom the blood flows and whom the flesh lives, they are dead, fictional, never lived, never breathed, do not have hands and feet, and cannot sign a contract, so cannot be the injured party, cannot be the victim, a big hoax, #GreatAwakening.  

So my question has to be, why keep all that info so close to the chest?  Huh....?  Good Guys?  Anyone?

Is it because the lesser of evils version of the Crime Syndicate still wanted to infringe on our rights, but just in a lesser more innocent form, Trumps words come to mind, from a year ago, in a Faux News Interview, "We can all do well, or We can do it the easy way," sounds to me like someone is offering to negotiate with criminals?

Or is it because they want to liberate us fully, really give power back to the people, they have most certainly said as much, but how much disclosure do we have?  

Why not just rip the bandaid off all the way, let the chips land where they will?

Is it because the ones doing the arresting would have to arrest themselves?

So we know that Q is real, because Crime Syndicates like to operate in the shadows, they do not like a flood light on their operations.  But, because the "Good Guys," are not fully forthcoming, I cannot be sure of them, not until they deliver, and all the witnesses and criminals are still alive in one piece to be fully processed by a Tribunal of the We The People.

If the criminals have been executed, we will know for sure what we are dealing with.

As for JFK Jr, pictures are worth a thousand words, new witnesses are coming forth now, verifying that he is indeed alive.  I would like to think that JFK Jr, aka Vincent Fusca, is the one man who could not become jaded, that he is clean of heart, and gifted with divine purpose to bring the hammer of God upon our Criminals of Earth.  His father, his uncle, both stolen from him, when he was just a little older than 3 years old.

We shall all know for sure though, by how the chips fall, and once it is all said and done.  For now, disclosure in a more public fashion would be appreciated.  A slow disclosure over years appears very much like an attempt to regulate in order to mitigate your own liabilities for your own involvement.  

There are a whole lot of people sleeping under bridges because these bastards ruled Earth for so long, a whole lot more have their bones scattered along the road we took to get here, and criminals are still killing, governments still raping their own peoples, more and more victims being made every day that you hold your tongue(s).

The most recent attacks against both Q and JFK Jr have been too numerous to count and are utilizing and expending more and more personnel resources, claiming to be the masterminds behind the hoax, one after the other, they line up and say, "I am Q," and "JFK Jr was murdered by the Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate," and "He is really dead," and "He did not survive."

The facts on topics of interest, Q and JFK Jr, lean heavily in the opposite direction.  

Q is real and JFK Jr is alive!

Sun Tzu

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