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Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order That Actually Reduces Numbers of Victims Made by Law Enforcement and Judicial Criminality - Real Reform - Executive Order Abolishing Arrests/Fines/Citations for Victimless Crimes - For We Are Not A Nation Of Laws, But Instead, A Nation Of Corporate Codes, Statutes Which Violate "Common Law," Meaning: "Do No Harm," = "No Harm, No Crime," = "No Victim, No Crime"

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Sorry, he really didn't, but if he is sincere, he will!

If Trump, the Military, and Q, wanted to do something good, they would sign an Executive Order immediately instructing Law Enforcement to Cease and Desist arrests, fines, and citations for offenses which do not actually have a real living breathing victim, in which the blood flows and the flesh lives and to immediately cease and desist shooting Americans, unless fired upon.

Police have body armor, they get paid to get shot at, which means, they should not be allowed to fire unless fired upon.

What?!!  So you think its okay to instruct our military on foreign soils to not shoot unless fired upon, as though foreigners in a foreign land have more rights than us Americans at home in America?   But at the same time it is okay for law enforcement to shoot men and women without having been fired upon, and then it is okay for them to be acquitted or not charged at all for their murder and genocide of Americans?

In the words of our founding fathers and the framers of the "Real Constitution," The "Constitution for the united States of America," not the one we have now, "The Constitution of the United States," the real law of the land of the Republic, is "Common Law," and in Common Law, if there is no real living breathing victim, there cannot be a crime, no crime, no fine, no crime, no arrest, no victim, no incarceration.

The State/City/County/Fed are all Corporations, not a real living breathing person, therefore cannot be a victim!  Also, since the "United States Inc," is a totally foreign owned corporation with private owners, and since "We The People" are not the owners, the de facto corporation has no right to claim to be the victim.

I for one am tired of seeing innocent Americans shot by criminal mercenaries in uniform or having an "I know Where I am Going Badge," like the criminal colluding FBI, DEA, DOJ.  All criminals, operating in color of law, aiding and abetting a wholly foreign owned, wholly foreign domiciled corporation, United States INC, in attacks against the American People, all for paper, profit, and blood.

(below) Examples of, "I Know Where I Am Going Badges," given to all Special Education children when they grow up and become agents of law enforcement to aid and abet Crime Syndicates, known as the Interlocking Crime Syndicates of Planet Earth, all domiciled underneath the parent corporation, "United Nations."   
"One Ring To Rule Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them!"  -  Gandalf The Grey, from, "Lord Of The Rings."

Please call in to the National Assembly call every thursday, visit to find out how to join, or erect, your local county level jural assembly, exercising your right to "Peaceful Assembly," as guaranteed by the First Amendment of your Bill of Rights!  When the de jure jury rises, the de facto jury must sit!

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Sun Tzu

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  1. When making a post like this please post the executive order itself