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Sunday, February 10, 2019

FEMA Threatens Harm to Victims of Paradise, California - Leave or Else! - FEEMA Then Aids PG&E by Criminally Destroying Evidence While Pointing "a Gun" at the Poor Genocided Townsfolk of Paradise, California

SAN FRANCISCO — Hundreds of Northern California wildfire victims desperate for housing and living in recreational vehicles on their burned-out lots were ordered off their properties Monday after federal authorities threatened to cut off funding for the state’s biggest natural disaster cleanup.
The Paradise Town Council unanimously rescinded a two-month-old law allowing residents to live in temporary shelters on their burned out properties before the lots are cleared and certified safe for habitation. The unanimous vote Monday occurred after an emotional and tense meeting that was the first in Paradise city hall since the Nov. 8 fire destroyed most of the city of 27,000 people.
“Our town is struggling already and this adds more hurt,” said Councilwoman Melissa Schuster, who lost her home in the fire and is living with her husband in an RV on their property.
The council reversed itself after a top Federal Emergency Management Agency official warned the city that $1.7 billion in federal cleanup funds could be withheld if it allowed residents to live on burned-out properties before they are cleared of debris and certified safe. Cleanup crews began the gargantuan task of clearing 15,000 destroyed homes last week in a process expected to take a year.
“I’m asking you not to throw the people of this town into the cold in the middle of winter,” Paradise resident Ben Walker told the city council. “If the option is to choose federal money to rebuild the town, or the people to rebuild the town — choose the people.”
Butte County supervisors took the same action later in the day, ordering dozens of residents living in temporary shelters to leave their properties until they’re cleared of fire debris.
Sun Tzu say:
“Until they’re cleared of fire debris,” more like until FEMA can grab all the melted power lines, burned out & fried smart meters, and all other evidence of Genocidal Arson by PG&E.
I should also mention that PG&E is domiciled underneath the parent corporation, “United States Inc,” and protected by it, crimes and evidence, swept under the rug by Federal/State/County/City officials.  All of them being incorporated cities, towns, counties, states, and fed are all domiciled underneath the foreign owned for profit corporation, “United States Inc,” and all of them are therefore foreign to America, invaders on our soil, committing fraud and all types of criminality in perpetuity against, 
We The People of America.


  1. I am wondering if the people of California know who burned them out and killed their family right in their cars and in their houses??? I am wondering why Californians do not take a stand together to at least let FEMA know that they [THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR HOMES] know that FEMA and their insurance companies are in on the conspiracy to steal their property so that RICHARD BLUM can build his high speed railway without paying them for their property; and in the same vein go after the corrupt fire chief who claimed that the areas of where their homes were burned A FIRE ZONE which they cannot build on again. There were also the infiltrators of fake firemen purposely keeping the fire going and DEW ATTACKS. I know that they are devastated! I know that they are distraught as they have lost everything but that is why they need to start standing up and letting people know that they know what happened. They need to get together and start calling DIANE CHINA SPY FRANKENFEINSTEIN. LET THAT EVIL ENTITY KNOW THAT THEY KNOW WHY THEIR HOMES WERE BURNED and THAT IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT HER HUSBAND, RICHARD BLUM HAS A CONTRACT FOR MANY MILLIONS TO BUILD A HIGH SPEED RAILWAY RIGHT IN THE PATH OF THE FIRE...YOU KNOW THE RAILWAY WHICH OCRAZIO CORTEZ IN HER GREEN NEW DEAL ALLOWED HER LACKY TO SPEW CRAP ON FOX NEWS WITH TUCKER CARLSON ABOUT THE RAILWAY WHICH WILL REPLACE ALL PLANES SO THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED IN THEIR MOVEMENT BECAUSE THE TRAIN GOES TO NOWHERE... AND IF IT IS NOT TRUE THEN WHY HASN'T DIANE CHINA SPY FRANKENFEINSTEIN DONE ANYTHING TO HELP THEM?? WHY DIDN'T THE FREAK JERRY BROWN DO ANYTHING TO HELP THEM?? WHY HASN'T PRESIDENT TRUMP EVEN MENTIONED THESE POOR PEOPLE AND WHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP ALOWING FEMA TO THROW THESE PEOPLE OFF OF THEIR LAND??? THERE IS ZERO REASON WHY THESE PEOPLE CANNOT INHABIT THEIR LAND AS THE FIRE IS OUT AND THERE IS NO MORE DANGER UNLESS THE FREAKS WIND UP THEIR DEW WEAPON AGAIN.

    Sun Tzu, I agree with everything that you are saying. I was hoping that president Trump was on our side but I am confused because I read somewhere on here that through the republic which you put at the top of the page that Freewill, when he gets his bearings will then he instruct President Trump via the Michigan Jural Assembly how to proceed.
    I think that you posted the HEADLINES WITH A VOICE which stated, that President Trump had to sign a secret deal with the deep state that if he goes rogue and tries to help and alert the American people of the truth then they will drug him or something worse. If true, and I believe that it is...then WE ARE ON OUR OWN. PERIOD! SO the people of California need to stand and alert the rest of America via the NEW CALIFORNIA STATE that the Californians know who burned them out and they need to legally go after these evil entities.

  2. It doesn't really matter at this point, the dark ones have an agenda, and they are going to carry it out, watch and see- It's NOT gonna be a good thing-They want the 90% dead, and they will reap the harvest of everything that is holy and good, clean air, food, water, and the ground that we walk on- Get ready, it IS coming-I new Trump was only going make things look good, but, I think he is a puppet, just like the rest- He has been neutered, and he let the deep state do it-I hate to say that, but I think it is true-