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 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
In The Matrix

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hurricane Harvey - FEMA Death Camps - FEMA Coffins - Pre-manufactured FEMA Mass Grave Yards

We have received many warnings that the Foreign Owned Corporation, “United States Inc,” is quietly murdering American natives, the Fake News Media not reporting these deaths, but the evidence for concern is great:
FEMA Graveyards Prepared for mass genocide of population:
FEMA Coffins Piled Up In Mass, Ready To Genocide Population (Important Video/Must Watch):

Made for Genociding of native population, victims buried in mass/disrespect and bodies heaped on top of each other, as many bodies as they can jam into them, then put under pre-cast concrete lids in pre-cast concrete boxes.
Erect your jural assemblies!  Follow in the footsteps of our founding American fathers, and reform your jural assemblies, a right guaranteed by our founding American forefathers in the Bill of Rights, “The Right To Peaceful Assembly,” to redress grievances and to self govern!
My fellow brothers and sisters of Earth.  Every United Nations Inc member nation, the agents of these crime syndicates, work and operate together to cause as much death, suffering, genocide, and destruction as possible to create as much profit for the parent Crime Syndicate as possible, the “United Nations Inc,” “One Ring To Rule Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them.”
Rise Up!  Form Your Jural Assemblies.
Be on the Call, Every Thursday, details found on website or at the top posting found on the homepage of Nesara News:


  1. what kind of a world is this, or is this more Betrayal of the American People, this kind of Truth does not set you free, Because it make you more of a prisoner in the Mind as well as your body, the People in their masses throughout the world want to see Justice Done in Plain Site And not in Secret, and what we want to see is the Reptile Elite top of the pile creature's and not the Tiddler's that we have never Heard of, we do not want to know how many, we all want to know who.

  2. random thoughts dude in a libraryFebruary 13, 2019 at 3:48 PM

    Wouldn't cremation be more effective? All that work just so they can pile up people and place them in numbered cement coffins....?