"those who eat the flesh of swine and vermin... will perish together,” declares the LORD (Satan)

- ISAIAH 66:17 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

EARTH ENSLAVED = PHYSICAL PROOF = DOCUMENTS - Theft of Laws, Enslaved by Statutes (LEGALESE = Legal Law Dictionary Exposed) - Is Qanon For Ending Slavery & Ending the Corporations = The Crime Syndicate? - Will Qanon HELP FREE Earth from "Maritime Law" = THE BIBLE SAYS. YES!!! - Read Revelations in your Holy Bible ("The beast sits upon waters, those waters are peoples, nations, multitudes, and tongues." = Enslaved by Maritime Law, converted into corporations, via copyright infringement and fraud against every man woman & child)

The only way forward for the enslaved America & enslaved Earth, is for the dissolving of every "Contract Corporation," you call, "Federal Corporations," these are merely government service provider corporations, in which include every member state of the Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," and possibly more.  By dissolving all these Criminally operating Crime Syndicates, it will automatically dissolve the "Legal Law Dictionary," for every nation, where all men, women, and children, have been criminally defined as property, animals, lesser beings, feudal servants, or worse, CORPORATIONS=dead things of fiction.

REMEMBER, "Assets stolen by pirates belong to the original owners regarding who possesses them," that means your nation's; military, gov buildings, navy, assets, and employees, etc... all belong to We The People of "YOUR NATION."

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Why should we victims be over taxed to create Profit & Power for Criminals?  For that is exactly what the "Government Service Provider Corporations Operating For Profit" do for the rich, = POWER TO ENSLAVE & MANIPULATE.

Why should we enslaved victims pay $500 per toilet plunger?

Why should we enslaved victims pay $1000 per toilet seat?

Why should we Victims be represented by Titles that have legally been converted in the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY to be defined as things of FICTION, having NO LIFE, instead, every man woman on child on Earth has been fraudulently defined as DEAD THINGS = CORPORATIONS, or Lesser Beings = Feudal Surfs = Wards of State =Paupers.

Qanon says:
Qanon is allegedly Military Intelligence liberating America & Earth.  So lets analyze Q's statement for authenticity, or TRICKERY?  Is Qanon deceiving us further with "Legalese," also known as the devil's forked tongue?  

An example of "Legalese" is the differing of definitions between, say for example, the Websters Dictionary verses the Blacks Legal Law Dictionary.  

While in the crime syndicate, "United States Inc's" corporate administrator proceedings (Federal Courts), a small difference in a legal law definition can mean the difference between life and death.

The Legal Law Dictionary definitions ALWAYS trump and overtake the Websters Dictionary definitions.  This is how Lucifer and Satan's minions have enslaved every man, women, and child on Earth.  This is what the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," CEO John F. Kennedy was talking about seven days before his assassination.  Only the Crime Syndicate knows how the words are defined.  How many of the 99% have an opportunity to read billions of lines of statutes & codes, but the rich can high as many lawyers as needed to help them easily navigate the Pitfalls Criminally Dug for Entrapping and Killing both Americans and Earthers every day:

As found in the document below discovered at Harvard Law Review, the definition of "People," is = to ""persons" who are part of a national community who have substantial connections to the United States.":

And as I have shared with you previously, the legal definition of "Person" is = to a, "Corporation.":
And below, we have Black's Legal Law Dictionary defining, "People" as = to, "A state, as the people of the state of New York. A nation in its collective and political capacity... In a more restricted sense, and as generally used in constitution law, the entire body of those "Citizens" of a state or nation"

 Qanon says he is restoring Power to the People.  Strong evidence suggests that Qanon/Trump/White Hats plan to maintain corporate rule, I cannot say I blame their desire to protect "their" interests, but it is the wrong choice, and the restless living natives will not have it.  If Trump truly handed over power to "We the Native Americans born upon the soil(=ALIVE), instead merely returning honest(appearance only) corporate elections in a FAKE NEWS attempt at making the victimized natives feel in control (=ILLUSION), but really "The People=Dead Things," and Property of the Slave Master = Lord's People = Lord's Corporations.
 Is Qanon or Trump or the Military finally coming out of the closet and will they finally tell us how our nation was stolen from us in the dead of the night and replaced with a "Foreign Owned Corporation Operating For Profit At The Expense of Slaves, A Foreign corporation providing government services at SUCH HIGH Premium Prices that they violate their own CORPORATE STATUTES on FELONY OVER BILLING?
Qanon & Trump!  Back the Jural Assemblies or we will know you are a fraud, attempting to maintain Criminal Crime Syndicate Corporate Rule and the Jural Assemblies will be forced to come out of Interim Status to ENSURE THE EVIDENCE IS PRESERVED & that EARTH IS SAFE from FUTURE GENOCIDE by Protected CRIMINALS BEING RELOCATED & SATAN'S CULT OF MURDERERS LIVES ON IN SECRET TO GENOCIDE ANOTHER DAY.  We the Slaves DO NOT TRUST CORPORATE THUGS any more.

(below) Just like the Vatican Owned Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc,", the Holy Roman Catholic Church relocates murderers and criminals, never sacrifices them by arrest/prosecution unless THEY HAVE TO for PERSONAL GAIN, just as Cardinal George Pell was just sacrificed, a protected PEDOPHILE turned pawn on Satan's Chessboard:

 (above) Cardinal Pell exposed himself to two boys, pushed one of the boys close to his penis and then placed his penis in the other boy's mouth.

Similar to another event, when Cardinal Pell pushed a child against a wall and squeezed his genitals:

Even the Crime Syndicate corporate administrative hearings (FAKE COURTS) are trying to cover up the truth about how their OWNERS, the VATICAN, hides and protects murderers, thieves, rapists, and Nazis:

There is evidence to suggest that Jesus was son to a "Mother/Father" Omniscient Everywhere Present Creator:
 As we see (below) there appears to be portions of the text that were not properly translated into worshipping a "Masculine, Wrathful "God.""
Which leads me to believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins on behalf of "The Great Infinite Creator," the pure love of the COSMOS (All Points In Time & Space, Connected), and Jesus therefore did not come on behalf of the masculine "God" that we are taught to worship, which we now know is actually "Lucifer Morning Star."  The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing The Christians To Worship HIM (LUCIFER).

The Legal Law dictionary continues to ENSLAVE all living entities, both natives and animals on Planet Earth:
 (below) "shall include every infant "member" of the species homo sapiens."

(above) "Person"="Human Being"

(below) The Crime Syndicate befouls the title, "Homo Sapiens," by linking "IT" to animals of lesser intellect = "Human," "Neanderthal," "Human Evolution (not yet evolved)," "Cro Magnon," "Evolution of Man," = SLAVES
Just as "Eden"(Garden of Eden) actually translates to "Enclosure for Animals," = SLAVES.  We were made in the image of our Creator = SLAVE to MASTER, upon after which we were immediately converted into his (Lucifer's) property, nothing has changed since The Garden of EDEN (Enclosure for Animals=Property).

Look below the Legal Definition of "Person" again.  Please note that any cops can shoot any victim(s) at will, as many as they like, with no consequences; maiming them or killing them matters not, while the Murderous Mercenaries (Cops) keep on running around FREE to KILL MORE, because "corporations cannot be liable for damages," unless you have enough money to pay the lawyer to "find the statute."  In this method, the Crime Syndicate creates Two FAKE COURT SYSTEMS, One for the POOR (slave) who do not have time to read the Statutes, and a Second FAKE COURT for the rich person(s), who can afford to pay attorneys to find the statutes.  

Public defenders really are PUBLIC PRETENDERS, they work for the Crime Syndicate, their job is to put you in prison so the Crime Syndicate can make $200 a day from you at tax payer expense.  Leaving the Victim robbed of their LIFE & FREEDOM and leaving the Tax Payer mugged and left for dead by highway robbery.

(below) Note the word "MEMBER!"  By this definition, the Crime Syndicate is able to say that the "Afterbirth (Placenta) which has your same DNA, which was discarded and not claimed by your parents, and thus gives the Crime Syndicate rights to your DNA, and further supports their creation of a Corporation in your name, through Probate Court (because you are an abandoned WARD OF THE STATE).

Now take what you just learned about "Member," and apply it to this:

(below) Witness the "Legalese" befouling of the Legal Definition of, "Member," = "Every person who agrees to become a member of a company and whose name is entered on its register of members = Afterbirth(Placenta) is a "Member" of the Company that exits the birth canal or is extracted = The Afterbirth (Placenta) = Abandoned = Ward of the State = The whole "Company" = Ward of the State (You Included, you are part of that "Company."

(below) You will see that the fetus has no rights to life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, because it has not yet been born, in other words, the Crime Syndicate cannot yet create a Corporation for the Fetus because it has not yet been born, therefore to make the LIE COMPLETE, they must PRETEND the FETUS is 

 "Man" is a male of the "human species," "a vassal(SERVANT TO A LORD=WARD OF THE STATE)," "a tenant(LESSER PERSON=SLAVE)" or "a feudatory(SLAVE=CORPORATION)."

 Mr. Ryder, known through his comments on Nesara News, aka "President Ryder," originally informed this author (Sun Tzu) that he had lost everything he owned; shops, houses, assets, and bank accounts, before he discovered that the only title not befouled by "Legalese" was the word, "Native."

 But above we see that, "Native," has also been misconstrued to "Natural-born subject (SLAVE)," and "Citizen (SLAVE=CORPORATION)."

 "Freewill" who owns/operates Nesara News informed me that the Jural Assemblies use the title, "indigenous" in "The Handbook" because it is the only title not befouled by Satan's Legalese in the "Legal Law Dictionary."  I called "Freewill" just now to confirm this again before publishing, and he again says he remembers the Michigan Jural Assembly using the word, "Indigenous," in their NOTICES sent to the de facto foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc."
As we read further into the definition of "Indigenous," we find that the information provided to this author (Sun Tzu) by "Freewill" is incorrect, the title "Indigenous," is also discovered befouled by definition, converted into a fiction or dead thing, "people =corporation=Satan's Legalese

People = Corporation(s)

The only title not corrupted by "Legalese" appears to be "Native American."  The Jural Assemblies should make note of this, and strengthen their resolve to weed out traitors in their midst, they have been with you since day one.  Who told you all that "Indigenous" was a safe word and safe title, representing the living?  Whoever told you did not do their homework (or worse?).  Either that or Freewill told me incorrectly.  

I ask again, Jural Assemblies, which is it?

Again, the only title (words) not corrupted by "Legalese" appears to be "Native American," which makes sense, because the Native American Indians who were here before the European settlers, were the original founders of the principals used by the American forefathers to establish the de jure Republic, "the United States of America."  The Bill of Rights was a collaboration of knowledge received from the Native American Indians.

(below) The three stages of enslavement by the Roman Empire, "The Monarchy, The Republic, and The Empire," which correspond to their final mastery of Lucifer's Little Gem, "THE CORPORATION," and Lucifer's Weapon = LEGALESE (The Devil's forked tongue) = Words do not mean what you think they mean = Enslavement.  

Turn to The Great Infinite Creator, and to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, your body is "The Temple" THE CREATORG is with you always, THE CREATOR is in all things everywhere, THE CREATOR IS WITH YOU, if you are good to your fellow brothers and sisters, if you are not, then LUCIFER is with you instead.  = #WALK-AWAY-FROM-ROMAN-CATHOLIC-CHURCH!

(below)Hitler with Vatican representative, a Roman Catholic Cardinal.  The Crime Syndicate's Owners always keep a close eye on Corporate Crime Syndicate affairs, the network of the church is best for smuggling, spying, raping, murdering, atop with human sacrifice, the perversion of everything sacred, forcing us to drink the blood and eat the body of Christ, who died on the cross for our sins.  The Romans created the origins of corporations for enslavement:
 Of course the Vatican maintained its holy matrimony functions for the Nazis, why wouldn't they do such a thing for good little corporate lackeys who execute fellow; men, women, and children for the Crime Syndicate Corporate Owners in THE BIGGEST HEIST EVER, to steal the wealth of a the JEWS and STEAL THE HOLY LAND AT THE SAME TIME?
 Rome always worshipped the Devil, never stopped.
 By infiltrating Christianity, Christians were enslaved.
 The Vatican yells triumphantly, "HAIL SATAN!"
 Do you think they did not know?
 The Church ordered it, to kill the JEWS, JUST AS ROME KILLED THE JEWS.
 Then the Vatican stole Israel, by putting FAKE JEWS in charge of mind controlled REAL JEWS.  Israel Inc is owned by United Nations Inc, get it yet?  Every war between every nation is a FALSE FLAG, the enemy supports both sides, to make money from the death, bombs, bullets, thefts covered by a smokescreen of chaos, purchases up devalued land, soon after 500 Million genocided since WWII, the Crime Syndicate "United Nations Inc," owns nearly everything, including 193 foreign owned government service provider corporations, at "Your Nation Inc" = Enslavement by Force and Through Genocide, all Criminally Enforced.
 "The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the Christians, that Satan's Elitist Servants Were Holy Christians, from the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.
 The same HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE that MASSACRED CHRISTIANS, fed them TO LIONS, and CRUCIFIED CHRISTIANS BY THE THOUSANDS, all of them crucified on a cross, which represents the spinning arms of the Milky Way galaxy and "The Destroyer" at the center, the Black Hole Sun, a star that burns so brightly that it destroys everything it touches = LUCIFER MORNING STAR = SWASTIKA.
 We have all been deceived.  Repent NOW and RUN AWAY from the Roman Catholic Church.  How could Holy Men of God become purveyors of raping children, and the maintenance of such crimes under impunity by constantly relocating pedophiles to new churches, new parishioners to victimize.
 Hitler was appointed as CEO of "Germany Inc" by the Vatican, supported by Nazi's in America, like Prescott Bush, and the Jesuits and Catholics in America, and abroad.
 The Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc" concealed all evidence of War Crimes, locked it away, and denied the public access to it, it still remains sealed under lock and key.  Only 10 Nazi's were convicted and executed, and one Nazi was given cyanide by allied forces while he was in his prison cell.  The Crime Syndicate "For Profit Government Service Provider Corporations," wholly foreign owned, and wholly owned by the VATICAN, are the perpetrators of GENOCIDE against more than 500 Million victims since WWII.
As Qanon told you, Trump and Qanon feel deception is necessary, following the Rules of the Universe, that the Crime Syndicate cannot harm you without telling you they are going to do it, and, PAYSEUR don't own shit, if there was ever an illusion of such, he was just a shell corporation underneath the VATICAN, and Trump is deceiving you in order to keep the Christians back Trump and backing the system of enslavement known as "The For Profit Government Service Provider Crime Syndicate Corporation, "United States Inc."

THE VATICAN owns it all, NOT PAYSEUR, as Qanon says.  The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, never died, the only convinced the world that they did.  Rome conquered Egypt, then the three Egyptian Obelisks were shipped to Washington DC, the Vatican, and London, symbolic of the Roman Empire in control of the WHOLE EARTH.  The Catholic Church owns it all = CRIME SYNDICATE, "United Nations Inc," and that is why the tens of thousands of murderous genocidal Nazi's were quietly distributed to every nation on Earth.  They moved murderous Nazi's around just like they move rapist priests around. 

Nazi's discovered that the best prison guards/thugs were previously convicted rapists, thieves, and murderers, so the Nazi's made these deplorable into servants, as the best prison guard was a big criminal JEW that the Nazi's gave a club to, so that he could save himself by beating and killing his fellow comrades.  No change in the weather at the Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," they empower all the criminals in every nation, that way the puppets always play by the Crime Syndicate's rules, and the puppets always kill their own comrades as directed by the Vatican owned Foreign Owned For Profit Government Service Provider Corporations.
 Note the symbol of "The Destroyer" on his shoulder, this is the symbol of the "Black Hole Sun."  This symbol of their god, "The Destroyer," is why the Romans nailed Jesus to a Cross.  So they could infiltrate Christianity.  The Cross is a symbol of the arms of the
Milky Way Galaxy," and "The Destroyer" in the middle that destroys everything it touches.

 The true history is in the public domain, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA just never speaks about it, because the VATICAN OWNS THEM TOO.
 The Swastika is the black hole sun, at the center of every galaxy.

 You will find that many of all the intelligence agencies, government corporation entities, and private corporations, many publicly traded, all have these "Starlike," symbols, all representing "The Destroyer," and "The Black Hole Sun at the Center of Every Galaxy and at the center of every Universe. 
 The Crown of Rulership is placed upon the 1% ruling class whom enslaves the lower class (99%) and rest of the pyramid (Its a pyramid scam=Ponzi Scheme), by restricting knowledge, by way of slavery, withholding of nourishment, and a false reality of a world of lacking resources.
 Note that the Nazi Swaztika is inside the symbolic star, this is the destroyer, the black hole at the center of every galaxy, an even more massive black hole at the center of the universe, which all the galaxies revolve around.  The illuminati = Nazis are the center of our universe and they are self proclaimed to be our destroyers = Maniac Genocidal Rapist Pedophiles: 
 The black hole sun.

(above) Another representation of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church's Lucifer Morning Star, The Destroyer, The Black Hole Sun.  But the truth is, that every religion in the entire world has been infiltrated by the Lucifer and his minions whom compose the Crime Syndicate.  Now is the time for the children of Earth to finally realize that the TEMPLE is the body, that The Great Infinite Creator EXISTS IN ALL THINGS.

Found here:
In the words of famous, Director of Lockheed Skunkworks, Ben Rich, "Harzan says Rich stopped and looked at him, then asked Harzan if he knew how ESP worked.  Jan says he was taken aback by the question and responded, "I dont know, all points in time and space are connected?" Rich then replied, "That's how it works!"  

The Great Infinite Creator=The Cosmos = All Time, All Space, All Matter, ALL POINTS IN TIME AND SPACE CONNECTED = THE ONE = AS AFFIRMED by the book, "THE LAW OF ONE."

And no mass or church with others is necessary, no payment to the church are necessary, because all those payments to the churches have been used to spread genocide and suffering, use the money yourselves to lift up your brothers and sisters, to give them drink when they are thirsty, the clothe them when they are naked, to give them food when they are hungry, and shelter when they are without roof over head.  

The Mormons become CIA officers (assets), and keep the best genealogy records for a reason (Crime Syndicate's Tracing of Ancestry to govern who moves up and who stays down.  

Every religion, every learned master/priest, none of them expose the EVIL that is the crime syndicate, and they all operate in the Jurisdiction of the Sea as Non-Profit corporations, all representing their parishioners with things of fiction, with entities of death = Corporations (non-profit corporations)=dead things of fiction, not living like we suffered natives of Earth, not living like we suffered natives of Earth, in us the blood flows and the flesh lives, and no one can say the same for a corporation.

Another Society of Jesus representation of the "Brightest Star," that destroys everything it touches, The Eastern Rising Star, "Lucifer Morning Star."

 Because of the duel meaning of, "IHS," being both, "In His Service (Lucifer's Service)," and also representing the first three letters of Jesus's name in Greek:

Along with the three nails being present along with the Cross on which Jesus was crucified, we translate the total message to:  "In His Service (Lucifer), We Crucified Jesus with Three Nails, On The Cross (that is what the EVIL priest says in his head while he says to you, "In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti."

The black hole sun, "The Destroyer," the brightest star (Lucifer Morning Star).  Surrounded by 12 Fallen Angels, the 13th Fallen angel is at the center, represented by Lucifer and the symbol, "IHS=In His Service" = 13 FALLEN ANGELS=13 stripes on Crime Syndicate "United States Inc," "Old Glory Flag" = 13 Original Colonies, and it has all been guided by the Devil's Design.  

This is the history that JFK Jr and Trump want to protect? Even if it was all lies?
Is this whole Payseur misdirection (disinformation) really necessary Qanon?

Do you have so little faith in your fellow brothers and sisters of Earth that you would lie to us, have us continuing on a GREAT FRAUD?

I GUESS I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY.  I guess you all just feel that if you do not cover it up like you guys did at Nuremberg post WWII, then you guys might spend the rest of your lives in prison?  I can see where you might come to that assessment, but we the living still will not let it happen.

We the good men and women have been trapped inside a system of evil, trying to find the LIGHT OF DAY = The Creator, but the Great Infinite Creator was here all along, we did not have to go to church to commune with the Creator, all you have to do is close your mind, find stillness, have no mind, and practice breathing techniques, burn aloe's wood incense, learn a mantra (Ohm Mani Padme Hum?) and listen to some Tibetan Monks Chant.  There are countless other ways you can actually commune with the Infinite Creator; fasting, drums, sweat lodges, spirit walks, etc..."

I, Sun Tzu was incorrect before when I wrote to you without first researching the legitimacy of the titles, "indigenous" & "native."  I based my writings on statements made to me by other individuals.  A benevolent spiritual entity made in the image of his creator, I Sun Tzu, admit that I was wrong."  There is no physical title that will work for every native on Earth, that has not already been misconstrued for Evil Enslavement Purposes, The Crime Syndicate CORPORATIONS must be dissolved.  Otherwise, we shall be chasing their constant passing of billions of CODES & STATUTES, for EVER & EVER, always worrying whether they changed one or more legal definitions to words, buried in billions of lines of "Legalese," otherwise known as, "The Devils Forked Tongue."

Is Trump using HIS "Art of the Deal" to save "The Vatican & The UNHOLY Roman Catholic Church" in exchange for Ownership of the Corporate Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," or is Trump only gaining ownership of, "United States Inc?"

I, Sun Tzu, personally would not know, because someone named, Q, and someone named Trump, do not like to respond to my posts nor to my messages sent through the form at whitehouse.gov, which leaves me making my own assumptions, since I am being left dangling in the wind like a man having a one sided conversation with a ghost that only steps out to say something cryptic when the ghost is challenged.  I find it hard these days to support ghosts, fantoms, or other dead things = "foreign owned "United States Inc."

Here's to Climbing Out of "The Matrix of Enslavement & Suffering!

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Written by Sun Tzu (Jeff Dougherty)
(This took a long time, by myself, forgive me for typos or simple grammatical mistakes.  Look for updated corrected version at Nesara News)

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