God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Operation Flank Enemy From All Sides & Drive Them Into The Sea From Whence They Came - Sun Tzu say: "Rise Up Children of Earth" = The Peaceful Land Jurisdiction of the LIVING is now rising above the Jurisdiction of the Sea = Dead Things (Corporations)

Qanon Supports the Michigan Jural Assembly by Pointing To It  -  Qanon/Trump Instructs Everyone (We the Indigenous Natives of Earth) To Immediately Form Up Your Jural Assemblies JUST AS THE AMERICAN FOREFATHERS DID = Void the "So Called Service Contract" w/ the Crime Syndicates = Government Service Provider Corporations POSING As Lawful Governance = Operating Under "Maritime Law," in the Jurisdiction of the Sea.  Time for the TRUE Land Jurisdiction to RISE UP, & Send the Jurisdiction of the Sea Back To The Waters From Whence It Came

As many of you know, I have been very critical of Qanon & Trump of late.  I am writing to inform you that I have received back communications from them contained in the screen shots below:

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The first screen shot Qanon response below is in response to my request to have Security Classification Granted for myself +2 to observe the negotiating table to ensure that justice is provided for all the victims (my request was sent directly to CEO Donald Trump via the "Contact Form" on Whitehouse.gov

As you can see, in the Qanon response below, Qanon responded to a request sent to Donald Trump.

I am not surprised by this response.  My argument against any type of security clearance or argument of national security is that, "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiaries, including, "United States Inc," are only corporations, whom happen to be operating criminally via fraud and as crime syndicates, making millions of victims daily.  Would Al Capone be able to argue "National Security?"

It seems to me that "United States Inc," also has whistleblower protection laws which would protect corporate employees, allowing them to speak out (publicly) and "blow the whistle" on crimes committed and crimes ongoing.

(The above is a Qproof = Qanon responded when the initial request was sent to CEO Donald Trump  using the "Contact Form," at Whitehouse.gov)

(below) A couple days ago I pressed Qanon to just come out and say it, bluntly ("Form Your Jural Assemblies") after his post where Qanon instructed the people to "Rise Up" and to "Fight Fight Fight."  Because, while I know what Rise Up means = "The Land Jurisdiction Rising Above The Jurisdiction of the Sea," which represents the "Great Fraud" being exposed, and the "Maritime Law Jurisdiction of the Sea" being pushed back to the Oceans and Waterways where it belongs, for "International Trade," as it has no rightful place upon the land of the living, like it is now (symbolic of the gold frill around the "Old Glory" flag (Stars & Stripes w Gold Frill)=Admiralty Flag of Maritime Law), but I did not feel, that "RISE UP" was blunt enough, so I pressed Qanon to do the right thing and to say it louder and more clearly, and the screen shot below is our much appreciated response from Qanon.

Qanon's response received today loud and clear:

Qanon is referring and pointing to the Michigan Jural Assembly, and Qanon is tipping his hat and once again instructing all the indigenous natives of America & Earth to RISE UP & Form Your Jural Assemblies.

We at Nesara News very much appreciate the communication that Qanon has been providing us with (indirect comms), while we would like a direct line for direct comms, we are still appreciative.

For now, we thank Qanon for the Comms and for pointing to the Michigan Jural Assembly and for Qanon's instructing the Indigenous Natives to "Rise Up" and "Form their Jural Assemblies," just like the natives of Michigan did, as they followed in the footsteps of our original American Forefathers and took back their local county/state through the populating of their local Jural Assemblies, a right guaranteed and protected by the BILL of Rights, and the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, the right to peaceably assemble, to redress grievances, self represent, and self govern, just as our founding fathers did, "So As It Came To Pass, So Shall It Be Done Again!"

Commence Operation Flank Enemy From All Sides & Drive Them Into the Sea From Whence They Came:
Nesara News once again directs our support to Qanon, President Trump, White Hats, Alliance, & Military Operations Underway to Liberate America & Earth from the PURE EVIL control of the Interlocking Crime Syndicates of Planet Earth.

We will continue watching with a sharp eye, the Earth and her Indigenous Natives cannot ever be made to suffer another mistake like the WWII Nuremberg Trials, which provided a smokescreen for the mass migration of tens of thousands of WWII Nazis to every nation on Earth, resulting in the genocide and murder of more than 500,000,000,000 (500B) Souls since WWII.  We the Indigenous Natives Cry Out Defiantly Against Any & All Executions.  The Criminals Must Live Forever.

We the Indigenous Natives, will flank the enemy from one side (Forming the Jural Assemblies = Every Nation on Earth Must Rise Up & Form their Jural Assemblies) while Qanon & Trump Forces flank the enemy from the other side (cleaning out the corporate executives who've violated corporate statutes=swamp), and together we shall meet in the middle as we corral our enemy, "The Interlocking Crime Syndicates of Planet Earth," and drive them in to the sea from whence they came = restoring the True Land Jurisdiction, Sending "Maritime Law" and the "Jurisdiction of the Sea" back to the Waters from Whence it Came.

Thank you Qanon, Thank you Mr. Trump, despite any less than positive comments we've issued of late, I hope you know that we are rooting for you all the way, have been since the beginning, and will continue to do so.  Any reservations we have are simply due to historical violations to treaties and promises made by the foreign corporation, "United States Inc," = Native American Indians, African Americans, etc...

We support you in your endeavor to liberate America and Earth!

Thank you for your sacrifices that we know you continue to make every day.

We continue to pray for you and our mission daily.

Thank you for your comms.

Sun Tzu

PS - Dear Qanon, can you post my initial request for +3 sent to President Donald Trump via the "Contact Form" on Whitehouse.gov? = Qproof (Requested for Public)

Or, if you email me back a copy to my dupe email account:
I will post it here on Nesara News for public viewing (i forgot to take a screen shot before I clicked, "Send.")

I Pray For Your(s) & Our Victory over Pure Evil.

Note to public:
"Indigenous," and "Native," are the only two words in the "Legal Law Dictionary" not poisoned via the Devil's Forked tongue = "legalese," and are the only two words not redefined as corporations or dead things of fiction, and instead are defined, representing, "Real, Living, Breathing, Made in the image of their Creator, in us the blood flows and the flesh lives.  See example (below).

We The People = Corporations
People = Corporations
Man = Corporation
Women = Corporation
Human Being = Corporation

Native = ALIVE
Indigenous = ALIVE

We the Indigenous Natives = ALIVE, and capable of forming their own de jure form of republic governance for each of their respective nations, to void & cancel the "so called service contract," of the "government service provider corporations operating for profit" at the cost of blood spilt and real families destroyed.

Form Your Jural Assemblies, Follow In The Footsteps of the American Forefathers & the American Framers & You Too Can Take Your Nation Back from the Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," and Together, We All Can Liberate The Earth from Pure Evil Enslavement, Restoring the Beautiful Splendor & Abundance The Great Infinite Creator Intended.

go to:
be on THE CALL, every Thursday
(Learn how to conduct a Jural Assembly meeting (Roll Call, Old Business, New Business, Voting on Motions) then after the short "Assembly Meeting," the call turns into an Open Forum, where you can ask as many questions as you have on "How to Form Your Jural Assemblies, Thus Taking Your Nation Back From The Crime Syndicate, "Sending the Jurisdiction of the Sea back to the waters from whence it came.