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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Qanon is Posting Blatant Lies

Here is the link in the screen shot above:📁 

Sun Tzu say:
"That whole video of Reagan posted by Q is a lie.  Reagan says that in "We The People, tell the government what to do."  

That was a lie then when Reagan told it then, and it is still a lie now.

Reagan then says mentions our constitution.  But out true constitution was stolen from us almost as soon as we got it.  The lie that we have now:

The Constitution of the United States

Is a total lie.  It is a document from a foreign corporation, "United States Inc," and that document does not represent the foreign corporation because of the word, "of."  If the name was, "The Constitution for the United States," then the document would represent the foreign corporation.

Either way, Qanon is telling lies.

Just in the movie trilogy, "The Matrix," Qanon and Trump are just another level of control in The Matrix of enslavement and suffering.

If Qanon was honest, if Trump was honest, then they would both tell you out loud and clear that the "United States Inc," is a foreign corporation which has enslaved the populace and every populace of every "United Nations Inc," member nations.

But Qanon is not tell you that?
Is Trump telling that?


Just like in the movie trilogy, The Matrix, Qanon and Trump need our help to slay their own beast of a creation, "The Fascist Luciferians," which the interlocking crime syndicates of planet Earth created, and they need our help to get rid of them.  Just like the "Machines" needed "Neo's" help to get rid of its creation, "Agent Smith."

But the Crime Syndicates of Earth are not offering a surrender.

Just like in the movie trilogy, "The Matrix," the Crime Syndicates are only offering a compromise:
1) Continued Crime Syndicate Rule
2) Qanon is offering to show you the door
3) The Matrix of enslavement will live forevert
4) Secret Tribunals
5) Secret Executions
6) Victims Do Not Awaken To Being Victimized
7) Victims Do Not Receive Restitution, Recompense, and Reconciliation for Crimes Against Natives of Earth.

You stuck your foot in your mouth again on this one; Q, Trump = Bullshit
Sun Tzu say:
"Qanon is still using the "Citizen" which is a foreign corporation domiciled underneath the foreign corporation which is enslaving the people, both of which are foreign to the actual native who has been injured by this fraud.

Lies Lies Lies = Qanon = Continue The Lie

 Sun Tzu say:
"You see, Qanon wants to "restore the public faith in our most prestigious law enforcement institutions," but they are all foreign to the natives living on the land, they are subsidiaries to a foreign criminal and corrupt for profit corporation operating in the jurisdiction of the sea under maritime law, named, "United States Inc," a foreign corporation owned by "United Nations Inc."

Qanon and Trump has never told us the truth.  That the "The united States of America" was stolen from us and replaced by "United States Inc," a foreign for profit government service provider corporation which replaced our True Sovereign Republic with a foreign corporation.  Our freedoms, nation, and names, stolen from us via fraud, genocide, and copyright infringement respectively.

Qanon = Half Truths,
Qanon = Continuation of Enslavement
Qanon = Continuation of Foreign Corporation Occuapation

I have tried too many times to count to reach out to President Trump, Qanon, and JFK Jr.  They have refused to respond to each of my attempts.  I wanted to ask questions to understand why they were not yet telling the truth.  Now I know why.

Trump wants to give the Crime Syndicate a new fresh paint of coat.  

Trump wants to execute traitors quietly so that he does not have to wake up victims, so the foreign crime syndicate corporation will maximize profit by paying out the least amount of restitution for injury experienced by natives born upon the land.

I withdraw all support for Trump, Qanon, and the current military op, until they either contact me directly to answer my questions or they publicly admit that the "United States Inc" is a foreign corporation operating on American soil via fraud.  And all tribunals/hearings shall be public so that all the victims shall be able to collect their stolen moneys and recompense for injury.  And all executions must be public so that we have proof of death, instead of just another "rotate the criminals" like pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.

The Cabal has the secret space program.  Our tax dollars have paid for installations and infrastructure on many moons, planets, and astroids in this solar system as well as many others.  If we do not receive proof of death via public trials and public executions then We The People can be assured that the Crime Syndicate is continuing business as normal, shipping the criminals off to genocide, rape, and mutilate some other population


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  1. Sun Tzu, We JUST knew something was wrong-Maybe I'm mistaken, but from what we're reading, along with what is NOT going on, nothing is coming together, or coming to fruition, as to what Trump and his circle are supposed to be doing- Personally, we are now thinking at this point in the game, we have ALL been had- No arrests, no truth from 'Q', or anything relative to everything what was promised to the people-We are beginning to think that all this is bullshit, just to pacify everyone- He {Trump} has one more chance from me to shutdown the GOV, and get the arrests of ALL traitors to this country, and KEEP IT SHUT DOWN until All of this is completed, and proven to the general public, on a live feed from the White Barn, and he'd better do it fast-We've all waited patiently, at least some of us, to see this country start to change for the better, but we're NOT seeing it- OK, now, bash away-Terry and Jody