Military Tribunal Executions Destroy Evidence - WWII Nazis Destroyed America + Earth

 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
In The Matrix

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Trump Has Not Changed Obama's Executive Orders Allowing Guillotines, Bullets, and Gas Chambers to Be Used to Execute Americans, He's Not Even Mentioned It

Sun Tzu say:
“Trump has not changed Obama’s Executive Orders allowing guillotines, bullets, and gas chambers to be used to execute Americans.  In fact, Trump has not even mentioned them.  Must watch above video.  
Obama states (above video) that “It has taken us decades to build our international operation.  Americans and people of the Earth are not intelligent enough to govern their own affairs.  They must sacrifice their will to an all mighty sovereign.”
Rise up Children of Earth!
Cast off your shackles!
Form your Jural Assemblies!
Your are the Heroes You’ve Been Waiting For!
Trump, Qanon, Military, have proven that they are not for the people!  They are for supporting Crime Syndicate continued rule!  No disclosure.  No Aid to suffering victims of unconstitutional incarceration for victimless crimes in which there is no actual living breathing victim, just a foreign corporation, “United States Inc,” stating that they are the victim, by saying, “The People vs “Your Name Here.” 
These above criminals are for the continued theft and genocide of Americans.  They support secrecy, they support NO disclosure, they support covering up the TRUTH that “United States Inc,” is a foreign entity operating on American Soil.
We have seen no evidence of high level arrests.  We have seen no evidence of military tribunals.
Crime Syndicate Cartels often times sacrifice low level criminals like ponds on Satan’s chessboard, thus the low level arrests of pedophiles mean nothing, we still see #DM on Twitter maintaining its operation, we still see the perpetrators like Adam Schiff and Liddle Kids maintain their freedom and child trafficking operations.
Rise Up and form your jural assemblies.  Do it now, you only have a small amount of time left.
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