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Sunday, February 10, 2019

X22 Report Interview w/ Robert David Steel - Two Treasonous Traitors Making Blatant Omissions of the Truth Both in Favor of Continued Fake News

Sun Tzu say:
 ”Neither one of them is saying what needs to be said.
1)  Prisons are full of victims, kidnapping and incarceration for crimes in which there is no victim, a violation of the Common Law given to us by our Founding American Forefathers and the Framers.
2)  Neither of these so-called intellectuals discloses the fact that the “United States Inc,” is a foreign owned, for profit, government service provider corporation, owned by the “United Nations Inc,” crime syndicate parent corporation.
3)  Robert David Steel has stated publicly that he opposes full disclosure and he supports secret military tribunals and secret executions.  Dave from the X22 report has not countered this, so he is supporting through a sin of omission.
4)  Robert David Steel says in the above video that he supports a three party system in congress, a green party, etc etc… But he does not tell you that the multiparty system has been used to enslave the population, that all the parties are all different sides to the same evil coin, divide and conquer, and that is why the politicians promise one thing, and never deliver.
Robert David Steel and the X22 report are both FAKE NEWS and also Treasonous Traitors for not delivering the truth when they in fact know it all to well.  Both of these above individuals are continuing a narrative that is false, uninformed, benefits the crime syndicates, and does not benefit the millions of persecuted wrongfully imprisoned peoples and the millions who are suffering under tyranny of a police state that kicks down our doors for warrants and kidnappings for violations of fraudulent statutes which go against the Common Law given to us by our American forefathers, which means “Do No Harm,” which means if there is no victim, there cannot be a crime.  Innocent Americans who have “Done No Harm,” are being shot by police operating criminally in perpetuity.
Neither of these two jackass traitors has the Patriotism to state it.  They are both Traitors, spouting false narrative and neglecting to inform the population of the Truth.
Life in Prison for them both.


  1. When we can see these Rothschild and Rockerfeller Dung Beetle Elite Reptiles being arrested And Exterminated, that is when we as a People Can see that Justice is Being Done, anything else means that they have Made a deal that sets them Free, and that we have all been Betrayed.

  2. Who the hell is Sun Tzu...........

  3. Tony, I certainly agree with you- Personally, I think we have been snookered, and we have been had-