Why Trump/Q Not Expose THE PLOT? Answer: They Want To Continue Enslavement=Safety from Prosecution

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The Current Civil War within the Crime Syndicate is ONLY THAT, they are still all bad guys, none of them are exposing the actual GREAT FRAUD, = Federal Corporations unlawfully enslaving all of, We The People of Earth.

Trump/Qanon Won't Expose "The Plot" To Enslave Every Man, Women, & Child, because then the "Bad Guys" would lose power/control, they would not be able to RAPE & PILLAGE at will, and would be subject to PROSECUTION for many, many, CAPITAL CRIMES they've ALL COMMITTED.

Trump/Qanon REFUSE to expose how every nation on Earth was toppled by CRIMINAL MEANS in order to Create the NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  JFK describes this process of toppling nations to create a one world government in his "Speech to the Press" at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1961.  

Why Trump/Qanon not expose the SLAVERY?  Because Trump/Qanon still desire to form a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, A FEDERAL CORPORATION, to continue SLAVERY and to perfect the enslavement of Earth.  

Just today, Italy said that it wants to join China's One Belt Road.  The Crime Syndicate is using China and Russia now to propel forward its "One World Government = Slavery of Earth Forever."
Now today, the Cabal just launched a false flag in Gaza against Israel (rockets) at the same time while Netanyahu was here in DC, and Trump played right along, passing an executive order stating that Golan Heights (land stolen from palestinians) belongs to Israel.

Trump is a Deep State Criminal.

Qanon's Qposts are designed using real facts, real pictures, real evidence of corruption and using real evidence of capital crimes, but they are all relating to symptoms of Crime Syndicate rule, NEVER CURES.  
Qanon refuses to expose any evidence that would free humanity from Crime Syndicate rule.  Qanon's puzzles are designed to keep you crawling around in the rabbit hole, so that you won't see the light, and keep you from finding THE SOLUTION, on how to free humanity from slavery and suffering.

Qanon only focuses on SYMPTOMS of Crime Syndicate Rule.

Qanon does not focus on the ROOT CAUSE.

ROOT CAUSE = federal corporations and the things that federal corporations illegally do to enslave, murder, and steal from the populace.

SOLUTION = CANCEL THE CONTRACT(S) & then NOTICE the Criminals via Notice of Liability and Mass Action Liability Notice using the principals and legal language backed by DIVINE SPIRITUAL LAW.  "All Assets Stolen By Pirates Belong To The Original Owner Regardless of Who Possesses Them."

I Sun Tzu am asking for volunteers to report for service for this undertaking, this is not a large undertaking, and we have it mostly completed.  But we do need some help, as we are tired, and need some fresh blood to help us sprint across the finish line, FREEING ALL OF EARTH from Crime Syndicate rule = SLAVERY, SUFFERING, & PERSECUTION.

If you would like to free humanity and actually put your energy in a direction that cures the ROOT CAUSE of suffering & enslavement, as opposed to crawling around in the rabbit hole discovering more & more horrific symptoms.

Email Sun Tzu 
(put "Volunteer" in your email's subject heading)

Email:  QanonChallenge@gmail.com

We are very close, we've found the silver bullet, now we just have to properly load it, properly execute our movement, and we will be free before you know it.  Who wants to help us pull out the keystone and watch the enemy's structure collapse into a pile of rubble?
 Hey Qanon, why are you spreading lies?
Truth = Slavery was allowed in the South but outlawed in the North, to create the division, to create the Civil War, to STEAL AMERICA, by replacing it with a foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc."
Hey Qanon, why are you attempting to re-write our history?

When we posted the ROOT CAUSE of Suffering, and THE SOLUTION, we posted the 1871 Service Contract in which, the Republic (USA) hired the foreign contractor, "United States Inc," to provide limited government services for the District of Columbia ONLY.  41st Congress Session III, Chapter 62, 1871:

"An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia"

Better read the above again.  "Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in congress assembled, That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia..." Now read Section 17 below:

 The U.S. was required by contract to maintain our public offices.  All public offices have gone the way of the DODO BIRD, there are none left.  All offices remaining are PRIVATE CORPORATE GOONS pretending, encroaching on our public offices.  


Use Divine Spiritual Law to hold OFFENDERS Liable.

The below is the death threat received from Qanon the day after I posted the above ROOT CAUSE & SOLUTION = void the contract

"This is not a game," = What you tell people when you want them to "Sit Down & Shut Up."

"ENJOY THE SHOW," = What you tell people when you want them to, "Sit Down & Shut Up."

WWG1WGA = What you say to mind controlled slaves in order to tell them, "You have no choice in the matter!"

Contact Sun Tzu for volunteer positions:
(Subject of Email = "Volunteer")

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Repeat of the Nuremburg Trials - Qanon Now Says, "Only a bad apple in every barrel." - Sun Tzu say: "Lier Lier Pants on Fire, Shooting at These Apples in the Barrel, There is No Way You Don't Hit a Traitor With Every Shot" (very small number of patriots)


OUR TRUSTED United States government led us to believe that only 10 Nazi's deserved execution after WWII atrocities.

We suffered far more than 500 Million lives genocided (half billion murdered) by that mistake of TRUSTING the U.S. government, and tens of thousands of Nazi's were allowed to proliferate out into the world, safe havens made in every nation's government for them to set up shop and begin the construction of the New World Order.  




FORM your Jural Assemblies and we can all have REAL JUSTICE.

The link below, provided by Q, takes you to photos of the Denver Airport, which many have seen, but there is some good text written here too.

So if Qanon/Trump can point to this website and expose these pictures, why can Qanon NOT point to the National Assembly and the need the form the Jural Assemblies to restore LAW = Do No Harm, ONLY ONE LAW NEEDED. (verses billions of Statutes = Slavery)?

Why does Qanon/Trump NOT EXPOSE the slavery?

Why is Trump now calling for more "Legal IMMIGRATION?"

“We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it,” Trump said:

For the fourth time in about a month, Trump suggested increasing legal immigration levels. With Apple CEO Tim Cook sitting next to him at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said he not only wanted more legal immigration but that companies needed an expansion of new arrivals to grow their business.

go to (for full article):

Sun Tzu say:
"Trump exists to make money for "United Nations Inc,"  Trump does not exist to improve the lives of Americans.  Trump exists to confuse the We The People, while the Deep State/Shadow Government (foreign corporation) goes on for another round of confuse and RAPE, We The People.  Just like Obama, if any heads roll, it will only be a magician side show to obfuscate the people and keep them from seeing the truth, "the United States Inc," is a foreign corporation, and it exists for no other purpose then to produce profit for itself.

Wake up folks, Trump/Qanon refuse to liberate you all from slavery.  Trump/Qanon refuse to end, "Maritime Law," on the Land Jurisdiction.

Do you think that it is OKAY for Trump to continue on with all of us having BILLIONS of Statutes, in order to arrest anyone, anywhere, anytime?

Do you think that it is OKAY for Trump to continue on with all those millions of innocent Americans rotting in prison who were kidnapped and wrongfully imprisoned for violations of statutes, but for which there was no ACTUAL LIVING VICTIM HARMED?

Your choice peoples, SLAVERY or Freedom?

Trump refuses to achknowledge the ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING = STATUTES = SLAVERY

You only need THREE LAWS:
1)  Do not counterfeit money.
2)  Do No Harm.
3)  Do Not Commit Treason

THOSE THREE "LAWS" Cover everything and ensure both JUSTICE and FREEDOM.


Lawyer = TRAITOR = British Accredited Registry (BAR).

B.A.R. = Lawyer swears an oath to the B.A.R. which is a foreign entity, which then makes the lawyer a British Citizen, and all lawyers are required to carry their "Green Card," and their "Coast Guard Medical Card (Lists Diseases/Medical Conditions).

No lawyers carry them, but they are required to.  A day of reckoning is fast approaching.

That day of reckoning has now been moved into the near future as we have discovered the silver bullet in order to end THIS GREAT FRAUD.

The People Have The Power = EMPLOYER

However, The People are Missing = ABSENTIA (MISSING)

So the corporation, "United States Inc," is a runaway contractor racking up UNLIMITED invoices against the EMPLOYER, We The People, who's MISSING.

All we have to do is show up though, and tell them who's boss.  How is that done you ask?

The Jural Assemblies are the ANSWER.

There is one more silver bullet, the STAKE THROUGH THE HEART, form your jural assemblies and we WILL TELL YOU!

FORM YOUR JURAL ASSEMBLIES, you have the power to save your life, and the lives of the all Americans, and the lives of the entire Earth.

Want to be A HERO?  

You too can Inscribe Your Name in the Annuls of History, by following in the footsteps of the American Forefathers, and the American Framers, you can be the Hero that you are waiting for.  

Did you know that it only took 2% of the population to overthrow Great Britain and to KICK king george's ASS out the country?

IT WILL TAKE many LESS this time, there are no soldiers to fight.  All we have to do is get 15 people from each state.

15 people x 50 states = 750 people for a total lockdown of America = VICTORY

However, we only need 2/3's = QUORUM.

So we actually only need 500 PATRIOTS in order to end Vatican rule, the de facto United States Inc enslavement over the populace of America will be ended by 500 patriots distributed across 2/3 of the States.

You do not know how close we already are!!!



Follow, "The Handbook" 

Be on THE CALL (every Thursday)

Sun Tzu say:
 "The call is only for if you have questions to ask about how to FORM your Jural Assemblies!"  Questions only!!  This is not a platform for yip and ya and gab.  Provocateurs will be deleted from the call = MUTED.