"those who eat the flesh of swine and vermin... will perish together,” declares the LORD (Satan)

- ISAIAH 66:17 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Thursday, March 7, 2019

And we should take the word of a bunch of Murderers who want to maintain Slavery and Billions of Statutes?

True Freedom would be the end of "Maritime Law" operating on the Land.

It is supposed to be restricted to navigable waterways.

If there are SO FEW BAD APPLES, then why are you still enslaving 90% of the prison population who's been arrested and wrongfully incarcerated for crime that do not have a living breathing victim?

Why are your gestapo police still shooting us dead in the streets?

Why are your gestapo police < 89 I.Q. Intelligence?

Why are your gestapo police still arresting men and women for crimes that do not have an actual living breathing victim?

I appears that you are trying to retain power to prevent yourselves.

We will have our freedom from tyranny and the our freedom from the Jurisdiction of the Sea, "Maritime Law."

Sun Tzu