"those who eat the flesh of swine and vermin... will perish together,” declares the LORD (Satan)

- ISAIAH 66:17 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The R.V. - The Currency Revaluation - "The Meek Inherit The Earth" - SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW POSTS

1) Evidence of "New Jerusalem."  GOD & Galactic Federation are here to liberate Earth
A giant coronal hole facing Earth was about to hit Earth with a kill shot and our cosmic star cousins saved us:

Extraterrestrials Protect Earth Against Massive Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) - Video (Sun Footage) taken on September 1rst, 2018

Right after the above solar event/alien assistance which prevented Earth from being hit by a solar ejection kill shot, all the solar observatories were shut by the FBI, and at the same time whistleblowers began releasing videos and photos of when the heavenly host's ARMADA entered our solar system and took up position around our sun.
2) New Jerusalem - A giant spaceship (a perfect cube) measuring 1500 miles on each side.
This is straight out of the bible, all of it, this is an excellent account assembled from many passages for your benefit to soak it all in.

https://youtu.be/AETdemdDeos  -  The best shots of the giant sphere ships towards end of video: (the size of planets)

Cube Spaceship - seen around sun, angel in the bible said that "New Jerusalem" was waiting in the sun.
3)  Armada of Spaceships around Sun

Other sitings

Second Sun - Visible in Southern Hemisphere

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So, if someone says Jesus has already come, you will know that it is not true! When Jesus comes back, everyone will see it over the whole earth.

Bible Notes from:
  1. Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen. Revelation 1:7.
Yes, this is a very public event. every eye will see Him, and all the people of the earth will mourn because of Him. All will know that He is coming! In the next Bible text, we find that there is more to happen than just lightning covering the sky. There will also be other kinds of dramatic events when Jesus comes:
  1. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heatthe earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
  2. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,
  3. Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?
  4. Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. 2 Peter 3:10-13.
Paul describes the day of the Lord as a fearful day when the heavens pass away with a great noise, and fire melts the earth. The works of man will be burned up. Paul then adds meaning to these events by asking: What kind of people should we be? Who's side should we be on? So, I am reminded of Psalms 91:7-8. Where it reads "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand: But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked."

A Very Interesting Website, discussing the Second Sun & its approach, and consequences, as found in the scriptures and relating to Crop Circles (I know, i did a double take too, but this is really fascinating in a scary way).

Trump Signs Executive Order - To Prepare for: EMP/NUCLEAR EXPLOSION, IMMINENT, FALSE FLAG

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Introduction To the Republic's Lawful Court of Justice Procedure:
The Michigan Jural Assembly and the other Assemblies, do hereby come together as the Lawful Courts of Justice of the Republic, the United States of America, to present evidence, interview witnesses, deliberate the findings, issue a verdict, and that verdict to be read by the Justice(s) for the Peace.

Introduction Recommendation Domestic:  
Declare each individual breach of contract. While no declaration for breach of contract is necessary for the Sovereign Republic, the United States of America, to void a service contract with a foreign owned corporation, any breach of contract in part or in whole, is a breach for the entire contract, rendering the contract NULL & VOID, thereby dissolving all contracts, known & unknown, which may have been formed at the same time and or since the initial contract was executed, thereby dissolving all; Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employee Contracts, and any other contracts, listed or not listed, known or not known, there is no trespass, as the Republic is Sovereign, and the foreign owned corporation has no say in matters domestic for any Sovereign Republic, let alone, the Republic for the United States of America.

Introduction Recommendation International:
If we want to ensure the least bloodshed and suffering, we must give our enemy no country to call home.  Already out enemy is raiding and confiscating guns in New Zealand after the Christ Church False Flag aimed at both an assault against Christians & Muslims, but a direct attack against Earth, preparing a safe haven for our enemy, in a country who's de facto belongs to the Five Eyes Intelligence Agency, has Nuclear Warheads, manufactures Nuclear Warheads, big and mini-tactical type, which can be shoulder fired as well as tank and mortar fired (Nuclear Warheads).

We must give our enemy no safe haven in order to ensure the safety for the flesh, the safety for life.

We must commit to the obvious, that the ONE, Great Infinite Creator, has usurped the plan for global domination and en-mass slavery, a PLOT for PURE EVIL, but instead, The ONE, has usurped this global plan for the purpose for PURE LOVE, instead.

America was meant to be the ever shining beacon for hope for freedom for the entire Earth.  But early colonial Americans and the Native American Indians, were both tricked and swindled by these British Tory Infiltrators.  The death toll for this mistake was beyond comprehension.  Likely exceeding ONE BILLION-GOD-MADE-SOVEREIGN-LIVES, SUFFERED & LOST, WORLD-WIDE, since the American Revolutionary War.  The American Colonists could have prevented all this madness, suffering, slavery, and PURE EVIL, if they had only just thought bigger, drawn a larger circle around themselves, the breadth for the circle representing for those being inside the circle that which the colonialists declared their love for.

The Early Colonial Americans made this mistake already, the Earth and every Nation suffered beyond comprehension.  The ONE, Infinite Creator, has given us all a second chance, to correct our mistakes.  This time, EVERY ONE of We The People, assembled, in the Lawful Courts of Justice, of the Republic, the United States of America, we must join hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and scream out our blood scream for all our torture, suffering, experimentation, rape, slavery, slave trade, organ harvesting, murder, and genocide, we must scream out our blood scream, so that every nation on Earth MUST HEAR US, as we CRY OUT, and DECLARE, GOD MADE YOU FREE, you ARE, FOREVER FREE, all the Children of Earth ARE FOREVER FREE & SOVEREIGN, but you must fight for it, how oh how could you ever appreciate it, if GOD did not first make you fight for it!

If only the American Colonialists had listened to GOD, and not been swindled by MAN, then they would have known to draw a sphere, and not a circle, and to ensure that the sphere for freedom was large enough to protect as far as they could travel.  Well now my friends, we can travel much further, and you better believe that our brothers and sisters have been slave traded off to far distant moons orbiting gas giants in far off solar systems in other galaxies, to meteoroids as slave labor, for harvesting minerals and metals, and you better get it right this time, and draw that sphere for protection, big enough to swallow up as far out as we Earthlings can travel, and as far out as our declaration for freedom can travel, so that we can go and save our brothers and sisters, free them from hard labor, they rot abroad suffered under slavery, for that, we better not think small this time or risk a fall.

We better wise up and think big, for the Cabal Crime Syndicate did not just persecute humans, but many intelligent life forms, many of them much more advanced than Earthlings, the Cabal killed these beings too and for; tools, technology, and power, to distribute death, suffering and slavery, for not just humans, but every intelligent life form too.  So we Americans better wise up this time, for if you do not, your Golden Age will only last a thousand years, and we Americans & Earthlings will end up being cosmically karmaticly entwined with all those who we failed, and did not protect, when we had a chance, to declare GOD LOVES for ALL and declare they are thereby SET FREE by GOD's Divine Laws for the Universe, THE LAW for FREEWILL.

We the Sovereigns of America SHALL NOT make the SAME MISTAKE we made LAST TIME , and as, we the Sovereigns were created Sovereign by the ONE Infinite Creator, just as the ONE Infinite Creator made all life sovereign. The more each sovereign protects the weak and wields The Sword for the Spirit (The Word of God), the more that sovereign is empowered as an agent for The ONE, Infinite Creator.

Let all those hear, who have ears to hear, and let all those see, who have eyes to see, from this day forward, to all the children of Earth, no matter where they are, you are all free sovereigns, created so at the moment of your conception, brought into being in the womb of thy mother, created by the ONE, Infinite Creator.  But this glorious righteous freedom comes at a cost, and can only sail as far as the Tree of Freedom must drink from the cup of sacrifice, and shall forever soak up and survive, from the blood of Patriots and for as long as the history of their memory lasts.

Let us declare that all intelligent life forms every where, are all sovereign in their own right, as the ONE Infinite Creator intended it to be fulfilled.  Think big, not small.  Get it right this time.  There is no penalty for LOVING TOO MUCH, only advantage.

Let our declaration for freedom ring the FREEDOM BELL for all life in the cosmos in every dimension, that PURE LOVE is the RULE for the MULTIVERSE, do this, and accept our prize, the welcoming celebration for entering the Galactic Federation of the Star Fairing Planetary Collective of Light Workers.

Do this and we will all be accepted; to travel, vacation, and study wherever life finds itself, in every Universe, and in every Multiverse Dimension.  Fail... and maybe we can try again in another TEN THOUSAND YEARS.

Sun Tzu
-For those not understanding that we are all infinite beings of light, please click below link, and see now Abrahams Lincoln's unfortunate trust of Criminals cost him not only his life, but the karmatic price he paid was substantial.  For when he came back as John F. Kennedy, he got it right the second time around, but he still had to pay the price due, it cost him his life, again, but his valor and sacrifice the second go round was instrumental in GOD'S plan for PURE LOVE to CONQUER, PURE EVIL.
At the very least, GOD works in mysterious ways.

(The Republic Hires Foreign British Contractor!)

The below the official entering of the Terms & Conditions into the Republic's Official Record. It took many more years until the Foreign Owned Contractor had totally mothballed and usurped the Republic's Lawful & Constitutional Courts of Justice & the Republic's "Public Offices."

Declare the Breaches of Contract.  Preponderance of the evidence shall do just fine, 2/3 voting majority necessary for issues such as administrative matters, such as firing an employee or a hired contractor gone ROGUE:

Section 17:

- Encroached on the de jure public offices by calling de facto corporate offices “PUBLIC OFFICES,” when they are in fact “PRIVATE” positions within the private and foreign owned corporation, “United States Inc,” which operates for maximum profit, thus it is a direct attack against the Republic to operate under the lie of being “PUBLIC.”

(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)
(Anyone who questions whether “United States Inc” is private or public, should refer to every example where tax dollars pay for a service, but then that service is AGAIN sold back to the people, a few examples being; water/water projects, sewers/roof taxes(runoff), medical research, research in general, courts/court fees/document fees, document fees in general, property taxes n& income taxes, which are both double dippers because the original service agreement entitled the corporation, “United States” to taxes made from international business only.)

- Breached Service Contract Terms & Conditions by failing to preserve the TRUE de jure public offices, examples being constable and justice for the peace, and by failing to preserve the de jure Republic’s courts of justice.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

- Breached "No Taxation Without Representation, by failing to preserve the Public Offices and the Common Law Republic's Courts of Justice, the foreign British-owned corporation, "United States Inc," criminally created a system where no de jure (Of One's Right) Public Offices existed.  Thus every Bill of Congress, ever Senate decision, ever Presidential Executive Order, were all performed, WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.  We were invaded, genocided, and enslaved.

(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

- Breached Service Contract Terms & Conditions by limiting the liability of United States Inc, its subsidiaries, and by limiting the liability of corporations both publicly traded, private, and non-profit corporations.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

Then refer to the Legal Law Dictionary, and the "Legal Definition," of the word, "PERSON," which is proof that we were all unlawfully converted into corporations, then by the stroke of a pen, and and the creation of ONE EVIL SENTENCE, the British-owned corporation, "United States Inc," limited the liability IN WHOLE & IN PART, by stating, "...corporations, counties, and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages..."
Thus creating a two tiered justice system, where mercenaries (Law Enforcement) can shoot as many Americans as they like, with no reprisals or consequences, the murderers keep their jobs, the families get nothing.  Unless a rich man's child is shot, that rich man can afford to hire dozens of lawyers to scour the TRILLIONS OF STATUTES buried inside millions of FAKE BILLS, and if that rich man is fortunate enough to find the correct statute, then the rich man can SEEK PUNITIVE DAMAGES, but NEVER any RIGHTFUL JUSTICE, because in the British-owned, "United States Inc," there is NO JUSTICE, just "JUST-US."

Which leads us to the next Breach of Contract.

Breached Service Contract Terms & Conditions by creating a FAKE "JUST-US," two-tiered Justice System, to ENSLAVE the POOR, and ELEVATE the ELITE.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

- Breached Service Contract Terms & Conditions by creating a bank of circulation, or a company to print notes or currency for circulation. (Please note that the corporation, United States Inc, tried to perform a “work around” by creating another shell company as a parent corporation to the “United States Inc,” which they named the “Federal Reserve Inc.” Please also note that this is still a breach of contract as only the Republic was allowed to print currency (or notes), and then the corporation, United States Inc, passed off this Federal Reserve Inc as a “bank,” so I feel this is Two Separate breaches of contract.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

Breached Service Terms & Conditions by Failing to Preserve the Republic's Public Offices & Lawful Courts of Justice, the foreign owned, "United States Inc," then Stole the Lawful Money of the Republic, the United States of America.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

The Lawful Money of the Republic, the United States of America.  Is the American Silver Dollar, and the American Gold Dollar, actual fine metal coins, NOT PAPER.  There is more than enough metal, the foreign owned, "United States Inc," used the draft and multiple "World Wars" to murder all of the gold & silver miners, then stole their mining claims and stole the public rights to mine the public owned lands, by criminally subverting the Republic, by transferring ownership of all perpetual rights to the public lands from We The People, to the foreign owned, "United States Inc."

Which leads us to our next two Breaches.

-  Breached Service Terms & Conditions by Failing to Preserve the Republic's Public Offices & Lawful Courts of Justice, then used THE DRAFT, to selectively murder Americans & Miners, then outlawing crushing rock for gold/silver mining, resulting in the theft of our lawful money.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

WORLD WAR I & WORLD WAR II, each killed a 1/3 of the American gold & silver miners.  Then the government outlawed the crushing of rock containing gold & silver from 1941-1949, causing 98% of the gold & silver mines to close down & never reopen.  Which then provided a "CAUSE," for the foreign owned, "United States Inc," to declare "A SOLUTION," which was the theft of our lawful money and replacement by FAKE MONEY, called federal notes, which resulted in ENORMOUS THEFTS against We The People, at the beck and call of the criminals, stealing We The People's fruits of our labor, at both 2% per year, and anytime they felt like a major BANK HEIST, printing billions of NOTES (for currency) to use for their own gain, while We The People saw the value of the fruits of our labor drop by double to tripple digits percentages, each occurrence, over many occurrences.

Example:  Here are the historical gold prices per troy ounce:
PLEASE NOTE: The value of the Republic's currency was stable until the criminals inside the Republic, the United States of America, created, the foreign owned "United States Inc," in 1861.  At that point in time, the criminals began to put their plot in motion.  By having President Lincoln, a lawyer and member of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) serve as President, which was illegal as historical founding documents forbid any British Agent from holding Public Office, all members of the BAR are British Agents.  That is why Lincoln served in the "Office of the President," instead of the elected position, "President," for the Republic.

-  Breached Service Terms & Conditions by Failing to Preserve the Republic's Public Offices & Lawful Courts of Justice
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

The Republic had no delegated authority to transfer the ownership of perpetual land/mineral rights to the foreign owned, "United States Inc," who then began selling off public lands, and land locking the most valuable economic resources, using; National Parks, National Monuments, & Protected Wilderness Forests, which are unconstitutional and constitutionally not lawful, those lands are forever owned by We The People, assets stolen by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless of who possesses them, and those lands were to ALWAYS REMAIN OPEN to MULTIPLE USE PERMIT.

-  Breached Service Terms & Conditions by Failing to Preserve the Republic's Public Offices & Lawful Courts of Justice, which allowed the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc,"to declare all natural cures for ailments & disease, ILLEGAL.  The foreign owned, "United States Inc," declared that only it could provide cures for diseases, and called them pharmaceuticals, which as it turns out, these false cures are most often infused with poison or that the base ingredients were poison to begin with  This is the second case of intentional murder as the first case of intentional murder was the stealing of our natural GOD GIVEN CURES found in nature to begin with.  We The People of America and of Earth, hereby declare this is a breach of contract for all Federal Corporations, and We The People declare the aforementioned crimes, be declared as both against humanity, and as GENOCIDE.
(See “An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (library of congress) enacted by the 41st Congress Session: III Chapter 62, Section 17)

The Republic had no delegated authority to mothball the Public Offices for allowing Enslavement Without Representation, which resulted in the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," being able to purport the above Crimes Against Humanity with the assistance of rogue agents inside the Republic.

Instructions Issued to the Military of the Republic, 
the United States of America, 
Force Multiplier Platform

Introduction (Analysis):
Because the U.S. Military is owned by the corporation, "United States Inc," and because it was created using tax dollars taken by force from We The People, voiding the contract returns the Military to the rightful owners, We The People, of the Republic for the United States of America.

Force Multiplier Platform:



Allegiances, Contracts, Assets, Compliance - The Flag Signals for Compliance:
 Instruct the Military to Instruct ALL peoples both inside the metes and bounds of the Republic, "the United States of America," and peoples outside it, that they are now free of their allegiances to the corporation, "United States Inc," and from all her parent corporations, all of those allegiances having been dissolved by the "Contract Being Declared Null & Void." All properties, assets, monies, commodities and personnel previously belonging to the corporation, "United States Inc," now rightfully is restored to the proper owners, "We The People "for" the United States of America."

- The Military & All Government Buildings are hereby ordered to immediately replace all "Old Glory Flags" with the rightful "Historic American Peacetime Flag" to show compliance. Until the Peacetime Flags are obtained, compliance will be hereby demonstrated by raising the "Old Glory Flag," upside down.

- Instruct the Military to Protect; The People, All Commerce, and all national interests of the Republic, "the United States of America."

Assets Purloined by Pirates:
 Instruct the Military that "All Assets Purloined by Pirates Belong To The Original Owner Regardless who possesses them now," and thus we hereby instruct the military to set in motion and execute the return of assets to We The People, individually and collectively, respectively as items are either returned to an individual, individuals, or to the Republic, those assets including, but not limited to; properties, rights, copyrights, trademarks, commodities, buildings, infrastructure, records, land titles, all titles in general rightfully owed, all bank accounts known and unknown, stocks, bonds, securities, legal instruments, all interests everywhere, international trade deals, foreign assets, domestic assets, real property domestic and foreign, all agents for the corporation, United States Inc, and its subsidiaries, are hereby returned to the ownership of We The People, both individually and collectively, respectively, which ever "Does No Harm," "Prevents All Harm," and rightfully returns property and value to the CORRECT OWNER(S).   

United States Inc Employees, Agents, Personnel, Assets, Records:
 Instruct the Military to Instruct the following:

All former corporate employees for "United States Inc," to continue performing their duties, but under the new directives for, "DO NO HARM, PREVENT ALL HARM, & to Create Freedom & Abundance in every and all aspects for life, inside the Republic, "the United States of America.

All expenditures, transactions, tangibles, assets (real & not real), must be logged, recorded, & preserved by every former United States Inc; branch, subsidiary, agency, division, entity & employee, for both above ground & below ground assets.  All forms for documents hard copy and digital must be preserved, digital copies must be made for all records and lists of all assets compiled, both uploaded to the web and publicly available to the general public and to the Jural Assemblies on demand.  Punishment for disobeying this order shall be strictly determined by the Jural Assemblies.

As income taxes will be abolished, proficient accountants will be hired to track down every cent missing, every asset missing, accounting for all assets, all monies.

The penalty for causing harm is termination and prosecution to the full extent determined by the Republic's lawful Courts of Justice.

Do No Harm, Prevent All Harm, Undo All Harm:
 Instruct the Military to Instruct all courts & law enforcement to cease and desist all; fines, arrests, warrants, search & seizure, prosecutions, and all other acts, that either did not arise from a living victim being harmed or that may harm a living victim who has not first been found guilty for a crime by the lawful courts of justice of the Republic, the United States of America.

Instruct the Military to Instruct all courts & law enforcement to diligently begin the process for preparing wrongfully incarcerated prisoners for their release, and then release them as expeditiously as humanly possible, while maintaining public safety.

Bad Actors:
Instruct the Military to remove all known & unknown bad actors from public circulation to "protect The People.

Lawful Money - Lawful Governance - Patents - Pharma - Hidden & Withheld Libraries, Collections of Knowledge
Return the lawful money of the Republic, the American Silver Dollar and American Gold Dollar, physical metal, not paper.  After being deceived on every possible level, and after having every; agency, corporation, entity and individual weaponized against We The People, we hereby declare that the Republic will utilize; methods, principals, and full disclosure to create a "Seeing is Believing" atmosphere.  In other words, we will have physical Gold, Silver, (Platinum?) metal coins at our disposal for use.

The Renewed Lawful Governance of the Republic, shall ONCE AGAIN be the Jural Assemblies, just as our American forefathers did it, we do it now, just like the same.  The Jural Assemblies at the county level, state level, national national level, including the Earth Global Jural Assembly, and all the; Petite Grand Juries, Grand Juries, Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry, as well as any other function of the assemblies, and any other boards of inquiry, whether it be Military Tribunals, or any Courts of Justice, all of the aforementioned must support FULL DISCLOSURE and BE AVAILABLE FOR PARTICIPATION FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS INTERESTED, until that right is lost, by acts of Treason, Sedition, or other crimes, including contact not becoming of a representative of lawful governance, as determined by the verdict of the Courts of Justice for the Republic, the United States of America.

All patents kept secret from humanity must now be legally viewable and immediately used for the betterment and abundance of We The People.  Any patents used as weapons against humanity and the patents owned by corporations who've committed crimes directly or indirectly, there patents are to become to property of We The People, converted into assets for the Republic, all patents made viewable online, must be used for the betterment of humanity, and for full-disclosure.  All patents owned by publicly traded companies are returned to their rightful owners, the Republic, and must be made publicly viewable.

The military is to ensure that all hidden patents not already in the public domain must be brought fourth and released within 30 days to the public domain (not private corporate U.S. domain), for the betterment of humanity.  To satisfy this requirement; full patent information, drawings, all paperwork, and records, must all be uploaded to the internet, notice sent to the Jural Assemblies.  All these patents and withheld technologies must be consolidated by the Military onto a single platform, open to the public, via the internet.

Any; pharmaceuticals, pharma products, pharmaceutical corporations, or pharmaceutical agents or owners, who embarked on and participated in crimes against humanity, treason, sedition, or other capital crimes, willfully lost the rights to all their assets, which are absorbed by the Republic to use as a public utility for the betterment of life, or for liquidation to pay for; damages, reparations, recompense, and suffering for victims and families of victims for drugs being used as poisons and for the intentional drugging by way of entrapment addition, through nefarious means, including but not limited to, prescribing terminating prescriptions for opiates in such a way that injures an individual for profit for malicious intent, or for any other reason, is found to be unsatisfactory to the Lawful Courts of Justice of the Republic, the United States of America.

All Including, but not limited to; Medical Professionals, Hospitals, and pharmaceuticals must cure disease (Root Cause), not treat symptoms, and treatments cannot cause harm.  The full disclosure of the benefits of Eastern Medicine and Alternative Treatments must be permitted and flourish with the science to back it up, the Military is charged with overseeing the collecting of this information, and making it available through total release.

All pharmaceutical companies & all companies in general, must immediately cease using coal tar and oil to make products for human use and consumption.  These products all contain harmful chemicals and trace elements such as mercury.  All companies who intentionally poisoned the populace will be nationalized by the Republic to counter & undo evils performed.

Pharma must also go completely & totally organic when it comes to the sourcing of their raw materials and sailable products.

If the Pharma and Medical Industries continue to sell pills for profit, those pills must cure immediately and not injure.

The Military is to immediately see that both Pharma and Medical Industries shall immediately release the healing technologies that have been withheld, including but not limited to; sound healing; light healing; AI healing; healing chambers, cures for; cancer, aids, all other known & unknown diseases.

Top Secret Classification - Hidden & Withheld Libraries, Collections of Knowledge
All Collections & Volumes of all Top Secret Classifications, owned by; the United States Inc, owned by Publicly Traded Companies, Government Contractors, as well as ALL MATERIALS/COLLECTIONS owned by Secret Societies Shall be collected by the Military, as well as historical antiquities squandered, antiques, equipment etc, whereby the military will make digital copies/records of all collections, all materials contained in those collections, and place that information online, accessible to all the living public.  If there is sensitive materials, the military can choose to mark it "Sensitive," but that information will still be made available immediately to the Jural Assemblies who will determine whether or not it is "Sensitive."

7)  Weaponized Assets Become Public Utilities, Rightful Ownership Compensated, Not Infringed upon:
Publicly traded entities & private entities were weaponized against, We The People.  Instruct the Military to freeze all markets, and begin the nationalization for all publicly traded entities and all private entities, which were weaponized against the people, by the Republic, the United States of America. 

The aforementioned applies to everything weaponized against We The People, including but not limited to; private companies, publicly traded entities, corporations, or the assets for private individuals, which or who, were weaponized against or attacked, We The People.  

The aforementioned assets shall become Public Utilities," necessary for preserving Life, Freedom, Abundance & Happiness, for all of We The People, as all publicly traded corporations were already owned by the parent corporation, "United States Inc," they now become the property of We The People for the United States of America as purloined assets stolen by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless.  These properties and assets shall be owned or liquidated as per the lawful courts of justice of the Republic and as necessary to pay debts and balance a budget, and to act as one with spiritual divine law.

However, at all times the mandate of "Do No Harm," and "Prevent All Harm" must be ensured.  So, if a private individual or a company, whom did no harm, owns a share(s) or a certain value of an asset that is to be liquidated, those rights should never be infringed upon, their interests in the holdings paid out, based on the frozen prices at the time of freeze.  All markets were a scam to steal from, We The People, the Lawful Courts of Justice of the Republic, the United States of America, do ask of all parties that patience be extended, "I Owe You's Issued As Necessary, redeemable in reasonable time frame.   In the end, all dues must be settled, to the best of the ability of the Republic for the, and for Earth, and all nations on her, who've all suffered greatly.

The aforementioned Public Utilities, are necessary for preserving Life, Freedom, & Happiness, for all of We The People, as all of these corporations were already owned by the parent corporation, "United States Inc," they now become the property of We The People of the United States of America as purloined assets stolen by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless.

Treason, 2nd Amendment Rights
Instruct the Military to instruct all former corporation, "United States Inc," employees and all private Native Americans, on all platforms, that they should from hence forth cease and desist any and all Acts of; Treason, Sedition, as well as all other forms of Crime against the Republic, "The United States of America," and against living peoples who stand within her metes and bounds.

Second Amendment Rights - The Right To Bear Arms
Our Founding American forefathers intended that We The People and the general public be prepared to defend ourselves from any invader or enslaver, be it a foreign nation or our own government.  The only way that is possible is to have the same tools and equipment.

Be it enforced by the Military of the Republic, the United States of America, that all tools & equipment be immediately made available to the entire public.  (Note:  We mean everything.  We are not using the word, "Weapons" because that word was wrongfully construed in the legal law dictionary as "an item being used in the commencement of a crime," but that is exactly what we are referring to.  We The People shall have our destructive devices, our howitzers, our tanks, our flamethrowers, our explosive ordinance and ever other tool and piece of equipment held by the military, short of nuclear weapons.  We shall have our helicopter gun ships, our destroyer naval vessels.

The Militia of We The People shall go everywhere the military goes, from the deepest seas, to the tallest mountains, to the edge of the atmosphere, and far beyond out across the Universe Divide.

Chemical weapons are forever banned.  The use of nuclear weapons is also forever banned by the Seals of GOD and of We The People, until such time that We The People change our mind and our under attack.

Maintain Government Services.  Intentional Dereliction of Duty Results in Arrest/Detainment/Prosecution:
 Instruct the Military to Instruct all former corporation, "United States Inc," employees to continue their work in maintaining government services to the public, all employees holding elected offices or appointed offices should hence forth expect new interim replacements and or new elections, but these individuals should be instructed to hold all employee positions in honor and in service to the public without incident until that time.

Power of the Purse is strictly regulated to essential transactions only.  All frauds and fouls will be discovered and dealt with accordingly.

In order to prevent shock to older encumbered Americans, general appearances shall be allowed to be maintained.  But behind the scenes, the military will be answering to the Jural Assemblies

Redemption Through Valor - Treason & Sedition Charges Waived If Deserving By Patriots Who Fought For Freedom, in the "Great Awakening."
 Instruct the Military to declare to ALL, through private and public communications, and on all available platforms, that henceforth, that We The People are willing to overlook and grant forgiveness, and immunity for the majority against criminal prosecutions, but that in order for that forgiveness to be received, everyone should be on their best behavior moving forward. We The People do declare that victims shall always be entitled with a means to seek justice, regardless (criminally?  civilly?  Common Law Remedy?  Survey of Historians says?).

The aforementioned should not apply to heinous capital crimes, especially not for those masterminds & top level orchestrators. Cases of blackmailed & threatened, victimized peoples, forced to perform criminal acts should be weighed and measured by We The People, weighing whether they attempted to amend unfortunate circumstances by bringing about Freedom from Slavery through their own person acts during "The Great Awakening."

Truth Reconciliation & Forgiveness - Military Tribunals:
Instructs the Military to prepare all things necessary; witnesses, evidence, infrastructure, & personnel for Military Tribunals overseen by a Tribunal of We The People, a Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry, facilitated by the Military, at the instructions & behest of We The People of America.

Legal Law Dictionary:
 Instruct the Military to ensure that the all versions of the Legal Law Dictionary are hereby struck down and banished from the lawful land jurisdiction preventing them from ever again being used  to create slavery & suffering.  

Henceforth all applicable and necessary definitions when it comes to a lawful court of justice will be determined by choosing the most truly accurate definition from all the legitimate dictionaries available settling on particular definitions that are accurate, true to form, cause no harm, and prevent harm.

The Legal Law Dictionaries are henceforth abolished as works of Satan's forked tongue, called "Legalese" and shall be kept as memories for future generations, but shall never again be allowed inside the Republic of "the United States of America," nor anywhere else where Freedom Reigns.

 Illegal Conversion:
 Instruct the Military to make it known through all means and by use of all platforms that all Americans were illegally converted into corporate fictions called, U.S. Citizens, by way of copyright infringement, and now that the corporation, "United States Inc," and all its subsidiaries are dissolved, all U.S. Citizens return to being Native Americans.

Michigan General Jural Assembly Edits to Address:
Note:  These are the notes I received from Brian, if they were in-correct, please email, Jeff (Sun Tzu) at QanonChallenge@gmail.com

Note:  "Freewill" is going to send you all a word document, of this document, so that we can record your participation.  Please make no changes to the physical document, instead please right your comments in the column.  Thank you.

All Jural Assemblies, All forms of Governance, All Agencies, must be totally open and free from secrecy, no more secret societies making decisions that affect the rest of the world's 99%.  

All patents withheld by the Crime Syndicate must be brought forward within 30 days, to be declassified and applied for the benefit of humanity, thats only for the hidden ones . 

Pharmaceutical Companies need to do an about face and stop using coal tar and oil to make their products and go completely organic and make pills that cure people instead of treating symptoms.  Medicals, Hospital, and pharmaceuticals must cure disease, not treat symptoms, and treatments cannot cause harm.  The full disclosure of the benefits of Eastern Medicine and Alternative Treatments must be permitted and flourish with the science to back it up.

Michigan General Jural Assembly . (done)

Which Websters dictionary were you referring to, they want clarification.  (done)

They want to keep it American for now, too global.  (Note: Provide them evidence = PROOF)
Global vs Galactic (Provide Reasoning & Grounds)
Please allow me to finish it all, along with providing grounds & evidence, joined with reasoning, i strongly feel this would be a reappearance of the initial mistake, which cost 1billion lives since the Revolutionary War.  Imagine if the Americans had declared the whole world free, instead of just themselves.  They could have, they were the only God Empowered Sovereigns, everyone else in the world was slaves or slave masters.  So please bear with me, it will be your decision, when the time comes.   The sections will be made removable, where removing one section does not affect the others.  Thank you,
Jeff (Sun Tzu)

Guns & Self Defence Equipment/Tools was a huge thing and executions.
- Basically everybody should be armed.

Executions ..... Controversy
- Labor
- Rehabilitation
(great idea!!!  will be picking back up here, tomorrow, Sunday March 30)

Proof of the Galactic Beings

Civil vs Criminal vs Common Law?  Did Common Law have two types of justice, Criminal & Civil, 
with intent verses, accidental?

Deceiver and Satan?

Lawful money

Declaration of Freedom for All Sovereigns of Earth

We The People, of America, peaceably assembled, call upon the MGJA to free Americans and all natives living on the land inside the metes & bounds of every nation to be hereinafter notified of their complete freedom from slavery and persecution. There is no statute of limitations on fraud, or for Crimes Against Humanity, nor for War Crimes, or the types of crimes used to topple sovereign nations and to enslave We The People of Earth with Billions of statutes and for profit, foreign owned corporations, foreign with respect to the slaves they enslave.

The globalist criminals sought to create a one world government. Even now, the Chinese corrupt corporation, China.Inc, is working with Russia.Inc in the Bricks Alliance to further create the one world government.

We The People of the United States of America, do declare that the Globalist Plot has now been usurped by The ONE, Infinite Creator, the greatest period of suffering the Earth has ever known is now and forever transformed by God into pure Love and Freedom for every man, woman, and child on Earth.

As we stand here on dry land in the great state, Michigan, we the people of America reassembled do declare that by our being the last remaining Sovereign nation left standing in Power, and in the face of most grievous vile &heinous crimes we the sovereigns of America do declare from this day forward, the following:

Let every man, women, and child of every Nation on Earth forever know that they were free beings created by The ONE Infinite Creator since the day they were conceived by their mother & father and by God The Creator (this includes all forms of genetic procedures including corporate government run experiments). Let all free beings know always of their freedom as declared and preserved by the ONE Infinite Creator's, "Spiritual Law, where the Laws of; Freewill, Do No Harm, Prevent All Harm, Protection & defense provided for the weak, preservation of all life, increasing the quality of life for all, and the Law of Unconditional Love. May the Infinite Creator's Spiritual Law Always Reign Supreme Everywhere on Earth.

We the Sovereigns of America were also created Sovereign by the ONE Infinite Creator, just as the ONE Infinite Creator made all life sovereign. The more each sovereign protects the weak and wields The Sword of the Spirit (The Word of God), the more that sovereign is empowered as an agent of The ONE, Infinite Creator.

Let all those hear, who have ears to hear, and let all those see, who have eyes to see, that from this day forward, let all the children of Earth knoweth that ye are from divine light, and not from natural light, and that ye all are all free sovereign beings, and ye are protected day and night, by the Divine Spiritual Law of FREE WILL, but the ONE, Infinite Creator, does not reward those who do not help themselves, nor does the CREATOR protect those who do not help others.

So let every brother and sister tell every other, from nation to nation, across shining seas and mountain tops divide, that the FREEDOM BELL RINGS FOR EVERY living creator, when the Cabal Crime Syndicate New World Order is TOTALLY DESTROYED, and so let every Earthly born NATIVE know, that ye was created SOVEREIGN forever so, at the moment of your conception, brought into being in the whom of thy mother by the CREATOR.

But this glorious righteous freedom comes at a cost, as the Tree of Freedom must drink from the cup of sacrifice, and shall forever soak up and survive, from the blood of ye fallen Patriots.  Fear not, for ye are immortal, charge into the fray, depose your slave masters, free yourselves once and for all Earth, let us not keep reincarnating this suffering for the next 10,000 years.

Know this. Any man or woman who brings guns or weapons to injure their brothers and sisters of Earth is forever a Traitor and must immediately be subdued by all means necessary to preserve life, all life, executions are forever outlawed and deemed punishable for hereon after under Crimes Against Humanity. All Traitors will live comfortably for as long as they live and granted small pleasures in exchange for "Good Behavior," and Cooperation, aiding the forces of the light, during and after this period of change.

We The People of America as the only Sovereigns standing on the land Jurisdiction do declare ourselves sovereigns over the entire Earth, we steak claim over the entire Earth as being sovereign, and we declare the entire Earth and all her population free, forever free, and sovereign in their own God bestowed right.

Maritime Law of Statutes used for slavery is forever banished to the navigable waterways of Earth and for travel in outer space between; planets, moons, suns, and other physical bodies inside the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe in whole or in part. All Earth statutes for navigable pathways between lands shall be amended as necessary to promote ONENESS, Love, Peace, and Freedom. And we recommend replacing the entire Maritime Law as quickly as Spiritual Law and Common Law can be understood to replace it.

Fight for what the ONE Infinite Creator has blessed all living sovereigns of Earth with (you, me, everyone on Earth). The Creator's Agents and our cosmic star cousins and fellow peaceful beings of the Galactic Federation of here to support your freedom and provide everyone with spiritual support and direct assistance. But how could anyone appreciate freedom if they did not first collectively work together and fight to achieve that freedom.

At this time, we highly recommend patriots in every nation prepare. Arm yourselves, prepare to defend yourselves, and immediately form your own jural assemblies, supported and enforced by God's Spiritual Laws, this is exactly how the founding American forefather sovereigns took their God given Freedoms and now it is how every living man and women on Earth must take their freedom.

go to:

Follow THE HANDBOOK as a road map to your freedom. You will only find THE HANDBOOK at the above website, it is free, and all other Handbooks are a fraud meant to lead everyone astray.

WE THE SOVEREIGNS of Earth do highly recommend in order to preserve the majority of life, and to ensure a speedy victory for the sovereigns of Earth, that all sovereigns aiding the forces of light during this transition be given immunity against criminal prosecution for crimes of Treason, but that civil rights for cases and future judgements based on harm for victims and their families, that should never be denied, but that most heinous vile crimes should be prevented from recurrence by strict criminal prosecution against those who masterminded them and willfully participated, but let us consider special circumstances and treatment of cases where criminal force was used to force individuals against there will as they too are victims.

The entire world and all of its sovereigns are victim to this most evil creation, THE PLOT as named by John F. Kennedy, enslaved the entire Earths Native population, the origins of this plot beginning long before our births. Let God's forgiveness be the ruling Law of the Land while ensuring the population of Earth is at all times protected and safe against recurrences of Evil.

Fight for your freedom, it is righteously yours. but all must reach out and forcefully take it, if it is first willfully withheld.

The above Declaration of Freedom for All Sovereigns of Earth shall be amended as inspired by the ONE Infinite Creator through the writings and dreams of the God inspired and God empowered Global Grand General Jural Assembly.

(The above was downloaded from and inspired by God, The ONE Infinite Creator. This document is presented to represent all Earth and her inhabitants. Let the light of God the Creator shine on this document from all who feel inspired by God to improve the betterment of life on planet Earth for all her inhabitants.)

Thank you to the Michigan General Jural Assembly in advance for your sincere and kindly consideration for making the above your own personal "Sword of the Spirit (Word of God)" for the purpose of striking down satan and his minions, and for sending his administration back to where it came from. Kindly feel free to amend the above content to meet the needs of We The People of America and Earth, and then righteously deliver us from evil and on into a golden age of peace that will by your strength last a thousand years.

So Be It. Amen.