God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Is The Dalai Lama Bought & Paid For? - Why doesn't the Dalai Lama speak of the REAL ROOT CAUSE of SUFFERING? - Every Nation on Earth, Toppled By The Crime Syndicate, Every Nation's Government, Then Replaced With A Corporation

I would like to give his Holiness the benefit of the doubt, but in all his years speaking about the root cause of suffering, he has not once mentioned the CRIME SYNDICATES as being the ROOT CAUSE of suffering.  WHY NOT?

As we climb out of the Matrix to see the forest from the trees, we realize that every Talking Face on every platform is hiding the root cause of all suffering from the people of Earth.

ROOT CAUSE of SUFFERING = Crime Syndicate Rule.

Every nation on Earth was toppled by; force, coercion, bribes, assassination, political uprise, all designed by the Crime Syndicate.  Every nation that was toppled, then had its government replaced by a "foreign owned corporation," that corporation being foreign with respect to the victims being enslaved by it.  That corporation, posing as lawful governance, then began operating at maximum profit, felony overcharging for every service, selling the same goods to the victims multiple times, all while that corporation posing as lawful governance, works hand in hand with the lowest low lives on Earth to spread suffering to every corner of the world, through drugs, sex, child trafficking, guns, bombs, WARS, and endless suffering.


I would love to speak with his Holiness about this.  I would love to have a recorded interview with him.  I give him the benefit of the doubt until that time, or until he refuses to brief the world, on THE REAL ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING.

Sun Tzu