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Friday, March 29, 2019

John McCain & Hillary Clinton Armed Terrorists with Weapons and Cash (ISIS) and then Provided Back Channel U.S. Patrol Coordinates to Terrorists in order to Murder U.S. Soldiers In order to Import/Export Heroin In Chest Cavities Post Autopsy - The Navy Seal Chief Gallagher Atrocity Against the Definition of Valor & Patriotism - Factions of the United States Inc Crime Syndicate Cabal within the Navy Have Criminally Kidnapped A Hero For Seven Months While He Spends All The Time In Solitary Confinement - The man is innocent of all FAKE CHARGES

The Real Traitors Committing Treason:
Hillary & Bill Clinton
John McCain
And the rest of the satanists who love nothing more then to murder innocent folks.
Godspeed Chief Gallagher & Family!

I am praying for you!

Everyone please pray for Chief Gallagher, his family, and all other in the world right now suffering under Crime Syndicate Rule.

Protect yourselves if you must.  Better to kill than be murdered.  Make it hurt, in and out fast!

Sun Tzu