God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Message to MGJA - The website looks like crap - Like a failed Tourism website - With Text laid over top of Text

Please replace the web designer with a Patriot.  There is no good reason for this failure (except that someone is aiding the dark side).

Please get it done.  Otherwise, I will have to go back through my previous articles and pull out references, I do not want to send traffic to something that looks like that.

I would prefer that you handle this before I start writing hard on the need for MGJA coming out of interim status.

It is time to purge your ranks of "ROAD BLOCKS," and "False BUREAUCRATS," the road ahead is only for "Patriots Wearing Blinders, and for not getting distracted by peripheral nonsense, the road ahead, directly in front of us, is all that matters."
 It is time to sprint across the finish line.
Catch all these Corporate Goons with their pants down, and send the military in to scoop them all up.


Sun Tzu