God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Qanon Assessment: Conversion of 1 Bad Apple per Barrel - BAD APPLES = 7,014,205 U.S. employees = Pirate's Parrot Squawks, "SATANIC CRIMINALS (DANGER) (RED-ALERT)!!!"

"Every barrel has a bad apple," Qanon says.  

Well, using the data provided below, based on a 521 person same space in which humans were measured for their displacement of water, the average displacement of 521 people, was 66.4 Liters per person.

55 Gallon Drum (Barrel):
55 gal = 208.198 Liter
@ 1 Body = 66.4 Liters

We end up with on average 3.13547 Corporate employees from foreign owned "United States Inc fitting inside your standard 55 gallon drum.

At a rate of "ONE SINGLE BAD APPLE per BARREL, we come to:
 1 bad apple out of 3.13547
Giving us a ratio of .3189 

 BAD APPLES =  31.89%

Total Corporate Employees U.S. Inc + Subsidiary:
Employees = 21,995,000

BAD APPLES =  (31.89%)x(21,995,000)
BAD APPLES =  (.3189)x(21,995,000)

7,014,205 U.S. employees (DANGER)

In 2018 according to Prison Policy.Org:
there were 2.3 million incarcerated Americans throughout all jails (all types).  So you can quickly see that there is not enough room for the "BAD APPLES."

The fact that 80% to 90% of all prisoners in U.S. prisons are wrongfully incarcerated for violations of a statute or code and in which there was no actual living victim harmed, others were wrongfully entrapped by the corporation, "United States Inc," as the corporation willfully partakes in all manner of crimes near and far, such as the transport of illegal drugs into America, thereby to entrap those who would do business with the Crime Syndicate or those who would partake in those illegal drugs sold by the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc."

In all reality, the corporation, "United States Inc," has much more in common with a Crime Syndicate than a Service Provider Contractor.  Most Service Provider Contractors do not seek to profit from murder, theft, rape, genocide, organ harvesting, human/child trafficking, and adrenochrome manufacturing via torture farms, where young children are tortured to death slowly to produce the largest yield of adrenochrome.

Under the circumstances, there is not even enough room for the BAD APPLES with the new three Maximum Security Prisons built with the $500 million dollar upgrade to GITMO.

Which also suggests questionable, "Art of the Deal," and a possible repeat of the post WWII, NAZI Nuremberg NAZI Gestapo RELEASE Party held at Nuremberg, Germany, before sending DEATH and GENOCIDE out to PROSPER among the nations of Earth.
Read the above blue highlighted text... "federal."  There is the poison word, "federal," that lets you know your government was replaced with "foreign corporation, operating for maximum profit," through graft, theft, murder, and worse.

Sun Tzu say:
"We definitely stand together united against Satanists (i hope), but Qanon/Trump still refuse to acknowledge that every man, women, and child, on Earth, has been enslaved by a foreign corporation, all victims of copyright infringement, and unlawful conversion into corporations, a violation of international treaty, and a crime called "personage," whereby a real living native American or other native is unlawfully converted into a corporation in order to attach debt to their good name, and in order to perform all sorts of vile evil crimes against the victim.  

Why is Trump/Qanon not helping all the SLAVES who are rotting in prison, fraudulently.  People are being beaten and murdered, by corporate goons, who fire before being fired upon.  Why should a U.S. military soldier be required to be fired upon before firing, but back home in America, corporate goons for the U.S. corporation, can shoot anyone anytime they want, without having first been fired upon.  These corporate goons are shooting SLAVES and killing them all because the "Black Kid" was holding a cell phone that looked like a gun?!  These corporate goons should receive immediate prosecution & capital punishment for murdering a kid who never fired upon them!!!


Sun Tzu say:
"All of this charade is not even necessary.  Trump/Qanon are just dancing around the symptoms of the disease and failing to recognize to true ROOT CAUSE of all enslavement & slavery committed by, "United Nations Inc," and all its subsidiaries, and owners, at the Vatican.

"They" say, "Enjoy the Show," but I just see SLAVES SUFFERING, corporate mercenaries pretending to be law enforcement running around shooting everyone and getting off SCOTT FREE because the poor bastard's family who got shot does not have enough money to hire a Traitor called a LAWYER (swore allegiance to a foreign entity = B.A.R.) to find the statute allowing for punitive damages, which would be the only time the corporation would get rid of a bad mercenary, is because that mercenary cost the corporation LOST PROFIT.
Read it and weep!  Then get angry and help me do something about it!

Time to Form Up Your Jural Assemblies just as our founding fathers did to kick king george out of America, time for you to kick another foreign entity out of America.

  It is truly an easy process, you just have to do a little bit of reading, "The Handbook," or if you do not like to read, you need to get in touch with your local Patriots busy erecting your Jural Assemblies and then get on "The CALL" every Thursday, IF, you have questions on "How To Set Up Your Jural Assembly!"

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Sun Tzu add:
"For it is truly a godly & most holy endeavor, to free oneself from SLAVERY.
Come and walk with me together on our road to freedom, love, peace, & abundance."

Sun Tzu