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Monday, March 4, 2019

Qanon Beats a Dead Horse by Treating Symptoms of Slavery but Fails To Address The DISEASE = THE ROOT CAUSE of the slavery. - Qanon is a Deep State Con - Trump is a Deep State CON = THE LONG CON

Sun Tzu say:
  Spare us with your symptoms...
  You are just like a doctor, treating the symptoms..
You fail to address the ROOT CAUSE!!!

Qanon = LARP, fakery, a mirage, an illusion.

Qanon/Trump = FAKE DOCTOR, treating the symptoms, instead of CURING the DISEASE!

THE DISEASE = THE ROOT CAUSE, is that our sovereign Republic(America) was stolen from us, replaced with a foreign corporation, operating as a CRIME SYNDICATE.

Trump = CEO for a FOREIGN POWER/Foreign Corporation

Trump = Agent for a Foreign Power, committing Treason against Americans by allowing Americans continued suffering, to be arrested/fined/incarcerated for crimes that do not have a victim.  Trump is the CEO for this foreign corporation, "United States Inc," and the corporation he is leading is both STEALING from the American Natives, kidnapping us, murdering us, and Trump/Qanon fails to hear my calls/demands for Trump/Q to expose this "PLOT" (words of JFK).

 Right here, CEO JFK explains to you how every sovereign nation in the world was toppled, and then each nation's lawful governance was quietly replaced with a foreign owned corporation, foreign to the victims it enslaves (native populace), and operating at maximum profit, through every; perverse, vile, & Satanistic Madness Profitable.

Listen to what CEO JFK has to say:

Sun Tzu say:
"The corporation is terrified that we will find out!

Trump/Q/Military are trying to REFORM the corporation to being more peaceful, without soo much graft & murder, they WANT TO RETAIN POWER, but We the Native Americans born upon the land, triumphantly say back to you, FUCK YOU, enough is enough!"

(Please note, I did NOT say Native American Indian, everyone born upon this land, America, is a Native American (Indians included)).