God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Qanon Posts for Today, MARCH 14, 2019 - followed by the REAL NEWS

Here are Today's Qanon posts = FAKE NEWS
And underneath the Qanon posts, YOU WILL FIND THE REAL NEWS.

 Thank you, I am hunting TRAITORS who refuse to EXPOSE, THE PLOT, which is the REAL ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING, not the symptoms Qanon/Trump focuses on all the time = SMOKESCREEN for continued suffering, look over here, not over there, at WWW.NESARANEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM

 I do pray that the Michigan Jural Assembly will be given the wisdom and vision by the ONE INFINITE CREATOR, to void the 1871 Service Contract and send the United States Inc packing back to their owners at the United Nations Inc.  I believe that "END IS NEAR!"

The ONE Infinite Creator has shown me the vision, a de jure petite grand jury of 12 men and women, plus one alternate, and plus one more de jure justice of the peace shall expose all the breaches of contract in the 1871 service agreement, WHICH COULD NOT BE AMENDED, NOT WITHOUT FRAUD AND CRIMINAL INTENT TO DO HARM.


Here is the library of congress and "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," the Act (service agreement by and between the Republic and the foreign owned corporation, United States), was passed into law by the Forty-First Congress session III, Chapter 62, 63 of the year 1871:
(go read Section 17)

 Qanon pretends to be a traitor but refuses to expose THE PLOT.  Qanon pretends to support John F. Kennedy, and uses the JFK name to draw power and support from the people, but if Qanon really supported JFK Qanon would expose, THE PLOT.  That as proven by House Resolution 204 which is the U.S. Congress "Sovereignty Restoration Act," which removes the United States Inc from being owned by the United Nations Inc, for why oh why would you need to restore your sovereignty unless it wasn't ALREADY LOST!

But Qanon won't talk about this, because Qanon thinks that by moving the corporation, "United States Inc," back to America that we would somehow not notice that our TRUE SOVEREIGN un-incorporated REPUBLIC had been stolen from us, and Qanon/Trump wants to continue the LIE, a big SWAPSIES that occurred between the Civil War and Lincoln's death.  Qanon/Trump=TRAITORS, agents for a foreign corporation = AGENTS FOR A FOREIGN POWER.

 By Qanon utilizing this logo from the movie, "The Punisher," Qanon is pushing the narrative that Trump/Qanon/White Hats/Military(Patriots) are ABOVE THE LAW, that they can dispense justice on their own terms, and not bring ever TRAITOR to the full PEOPLE'S justice, in a de jure court of justice made up of We The People peaceably assembled by way of the jural assemblies, and whom appointed positions of de jure justice of the peace, etc.  Qanon is trying to recreate another WWII Nuremberg trials, where just a couple traitors are made examples of to distract the populace, while 98% of the Genocidal Maniac Traitors live to genocide another day, NO CHANGE IN THE WEATHER, the crime syndicate always rotates around its criminals, and always utilizes criminals, just as the Nazi's found that a Jewish thief or murderer was the best man to give a club and a patch of prison guard, because a big thief jew with a club, would quickly go about beating his fellow Jews into subservience, and so too has the United States Inc, utilized criminals to act as our legislative body, our sheriffs, our mayors, our governors, but all of these positions are inside the corporation, "United States Inc, which is a FOR PROFIT PRIVATE CORPORATION.  There are NO PUBLIC OFFICES of anything.  They are all private.  But the United States Inc violated its ORIGINAL SERVICE CONTRACT TERMS & CONDITIONS as stated when the Republic hired the contractor, a foreign owned corporation doing business as, "United States Inc," to provide limited government services, and the contractor was required to preserve ALL THE PUBLIC OFFICES, as found in, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia, as passed into law by the Forty-First Congress, Session III, Chapter 62,63 in the year 1871, as found in the library of congress:

Go down to section 17 of the above:

The above proves that the corporation, "United States Inc," is in violation of its original, "Terms & Conditions":

1.   "United States Inc," corporation was required to not only "preserve all de jure public offices," but also had a requirement to provide them with salary to function.

2.  "United States Inc," corporation was required to NEVER limit in whole or in part the liability of; itself, its subsidiaries, any other corporation, or entity.  Evidence of breach of contract is very evident by the "legal definition person," which through a stroke of "legalese" did all of the above in One Single Evil Sentence, "However, corporations, counties, and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages..."

3.  The creation of the Federal Reserve and permission to print money by a foreign owned corporation is in violation of the above 1871 Charter, and I quote, "nor shall the legislative assembly have the power to establish any bank of circulation, nor to authorize any company or individual to issue notes for circulation as money or currency."
 Qanon talks about a debrief of a traitor.  A traitor is a symptom of crime syndicate rule.  But Qanon refuses to acknowledge the ROOT CAUSE of SLAVERY, that "United States Inc," is no different that ENRON, both are private FOR PROFIT corporations, both are owned by the "United Nations Inc."

 Qanon pushes FAKE NEWS. AG BARR is a traitor.  He actually became a British Citizen when he swore to uphold contract with the B.A.R. = British Accredited Registry, and as per United States Statutes, he is required to carry a Green Card and a Coast Guard Medical Card listing his known diseases AT ALL TIMES, all lawyers are required to, just as a police officer or law enforcement officer is PROHIBITED by U.S. STATUTE from carrying A FIREARM, as they have all sworn an oath to uphold contract for INTERPOL, thus making them all foreign citizens, and FORBIDDING THEM from carrying a firearm, punishable under U.S. Statutes.
Qanon = PURVEYOR of a PSY - OP
THAT the "United States Inc," is a foreign owned PRIVATE FOR PROFIT corporation which has violated its ORIGINAL SERVICE CONTRACT WHEN IT WAS HIRED BY THE REPUBLIC.  

 DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP (don't look over here), misdirection, whatever you do, do not go to NESARA NEWS and look at the historical documents we are posting, proving that TRUMP & Q are agents of a foreign power which has invaded our land, enslaved the people, murdered us by the hundreds of millions, wrongfully imprisoned us, had us raped in prison, poisoned with drugs both on the streets and in the prisons.




We learned that Qanon/Trump still refuse TO EXPOSE the REAL ROOT CAUSE of Slavery, and it is certainly not OHR, or PAGE, or STRZOK, those are all of no consequence.  Traitors = 1/10 right???
370 million people
TRAITORS = 37million
Qanon should just EXPOSE THE ROOT CAUSE of SUFFERING, but instead, Qanon/Trump want to play games just like Nuremberg WWII, just like a magician, misdirection, look over here, not over there, pay no attention to the REAL ROOT CAUSE OF ENSLAVEMENT, and follow us over here while we pretend to do something good, while we are really preparing Americans FOR SUPPER.

  Should we take the next 100 years playing the QFakeNews game for all of those 37million traitors. SO that you can make QUADRILLIONS MORE FROM OUR SUFFERING, before the people finally get smart enough to hang you from the lamp poles.

 FAKE NEWS, look over here, not over there, at www.NesaraNews.Blogspot.com
WHERE the best historical documents are posted SHOWING the REAL ROOT CAUSE of all suffering, THE PLOT as described by John F. Kennedy, to enslave every man, women, and child, unlawfully convert them into a trade-able/salable asset=corporation, by infringing upon their lawful copyright, and through a stroke of legalese (devil's forked tongue, say one thing, means another) the United States has made it so that mercenaries (cops=agents of a foreign corporation) can shoot Americans ANYTIME, for ANY REASON, ALL DAY LONG, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR, with no punishment, they keep their jobs, they are deemed free of any charges, they are free to go on murdering more innocent Americans on and on with impunity=foreign agents murdering Americans, time for Americans to RETURN FIRE WHEN FIRED UPON.  TIME FOR AMERICANS TO SHOOT CRIMINALS WHO KICK IN DOORS with FAKE PIECES OF PAPER called WARRANTS, because when does a piece of paper issued by a foreign for profit corporation give the right for any bastard to come and kick in your door?

YEP, Qanon/TRUMP are agents for a foreign corporation invading America and currently in the process of murdering innocent Americans through mercenaries (fake cops + fake law enforcement), real law enforcement are owned and operated by PUBLIC OFFICES of the Republic, your agents are punishable for carrying a gun as they are all considered foreign agents as soon as they swore to uphold contract with Interpol.


You know what would be cool?  TRUMP NOT SIGNING A BILL to make every illegal alien, their roommates, and their family members(still in another country) all U.S. Citizens welcome in America.  Only We The People of the Republic have the right to grant them passage into, welcome in, and right to exit the REPUBLIC of the United States of America, and which we will most certainly grant them that right now that you have used them for your most evil vile profit gain.  We shall counter you by providing them with access and rights to be one of We The People, all sovereigns where we stand, you can take your U.S. Citizen and take it back with you to your masters back at the United Nations and their masters in the Vatican.

 Qanon only talks about SYMPTOMS, he is a FAKE DOCTOR, fails to TREAT the ROOT CAUSE of the DISEASE = SLAVERY by BILLIONS of STATUTES!  No Thank You, you can crawl back to your European employers, but on your way, you as you crawl past We The People, you must stop at each village along the way, and you must beg forgiveness for a 148 years of rape, theft, and murder, but before we let you crawl your way out of here, each and every one of you must first present him or herself, bend over, and kiss your own arse.

 Why did Qanon/Trump promise TO PROTECT THE VOTE, but then WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD, did nothing, and let the EVIL DEMS HAVE THE HOUSE, well the answer is obvious, so that the house could pass the recent POISON PILLS in the IMMIGRATION BILL, which gave citizenship to ever illegal alien, their roommates, their family members back in foreign countries, and now ICE is catching and releasing THOUSANDS of illegal aliens, which TRUMP/Q ALSO PROMISED NOT TO DO.
Then TRUMP signed THE BILL????!!!

Why you ask?
Because We The People = Americans are waking up beyond control, waking up TOO FAR, to realize that Q/TRUMP are just like "The Architect," in the movie "The Matrix" = JUST ANOTHER LEVEL OF CONTROL.  THE REASON why they are letting all the illegal aliens pour into our country and stay, is so that after We The People reform our REPUBLIC, the United States can wage war against us for ownership of the nation, because it has NEW U.S. CITIZENS, TO PROVIDE GOVERNMENT SERVICES TO, the illegal aliens provide the foreign owned corporation operating as a crime syndicate, "United States," a way to maintain control of the nation!!!

That is why Qanon and TRUMP, absolutely REFUSE to acknowledge the gold frill around "The Flag" which makes it the ADMIRALTY FLAG which means that the LAW OF THE NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS (MARITIME LAW) has overtaken the LAND JURISDICTION, stole it away by theft, and in order to do so, HAS UNLAWFULLY CONVERTED ALL of us into corporations, dead things of fiction, same thing they did to the REPUBLIC, they replaced it with a corporation.  I give to you the evidence:
Qanon/Trump = TRAITORS, attempting to maintain SLAVERY control over We The People!!!  REFUSE to expose PLOT, wastes our time while we die, WHILE WE ARE MURDERED IN OUR HOMES BY POLICE SERVING SECRET WARRANTS TO CONFISCATE OUR MEANS OF PROTECTION, they shoot us dead in our homes, on our porch, while Qanon/TRUMP waste your time focusing on little little symptoms of no consequence, CHOP OFF THE HEAD OF THE BEAST and all symptoms fade from memory.  BUT NO, Qanon/TRUMP would not wanna do that... THERE'S NO PROFIT IT IN!!!

 You can always bet that the Crime Syndicate will do whatever heinous vile things are necessary to make unreasonably LARGE PROFITS, regardless of the number of victims it will take to generate the profit, THE MORE VICTIMS THE BETTER, because they serve SATAN.  Germany Inc, is just like "united States Inc," just a foreign owned corporation, foreign with respect to the people it enslaves, Germany Inc is owned after all by the United Nations, and the U.N. is NOT domiciled IN GERMANY.

If you are with us, expose MARITIME LAW operating on the land CRIMINALLY.  EXPOSE how the UNITED STATES stole our REPUBLIC, stole OUR CURRENCY, stole and mothballed our de jure PUBLIC OFFICES, and replaced them with FAKE PUBLIC OFFICES, which ARE NOT PUBLIC AT ALL, as they are all paid corporate positions within a private corporation operating for MAXIMUM PROFIT, by 148 years of fraud, MURDER, graft, & GENOCIDE of We The People.
= UNITED STATES (KILLING AMERICANS SINCE 1861, when the FOUNDERS organized the CIVIL WAR, in order to provide a smokescreen to PULL A SWAPSIES and replace the SOVEREIGN un-incorporated living republic, with a FICTION, a Dead Thing, a corporation, privately operated for profit, foreign owned, NOT AMERICAN AT ALL, just like FAKE SHIT MADE IN CHINA, that is what the UNITED STATES is, FAKE SHIT, CROOKED SHIT, BUT SHIT NONETHELESS!

Sun Tzu say:
"The ENEMY of We The People, is the "United States Inc," private FOR PROFIT corporation, which is foreign owned, and who has INVADED OUR LANDS, murdered our brothers and sisters, RAPED OUR CHILDREN, stolen our children, farmed our children for adrenochrome, stolen our hard earned fruits of our labor, STOLEN OUR CURRENCY, devalued THE NOTES you replaced OUR CURRENCY with, the United States Inc is a bunch of CORPORATE GOONS who whisper in back rooms about how to GUT WE THE PEOPLE, how to rob us rape us, and then how to dispatch the bodies so that you can steal our property TOO.

We The People, of America, do declare the "United States Inc" privately owned corporation as THE TRUE ENEMY of We The People.

Qanon/TRUMP, I will STOP calling you TRAITORS just as soon as you EXPOSE THE PLOT!!!
UNTIL then, you better get settled in, because I'm gonna shell you like you've never been shelled.
Come and kill me, murder me, poison me, or give me a heart attack, and show us all your TRUE COLORS!

Sun Tzu's Most Recent Death Threat:

In order for this to make sense to you, you would need to be reading my articles in real time (or paying attention to dates) verses also reading Qanon posts, in real time(or paying attention to dates).

 So far, between the articles posted on Nesara News and also the messages I send to President Trump & Secret Service using the contact form on Whitehouse.gov
I've had somewhere between 10 and 12 responses from Qanon, but never a direct line or direct comms, and that coupled with the fact that Qanon refuses to expose THE PLOT, leads me to doubt Q/Trumps Trustworthiness.  My wife and I have given a couple thousand dollars to Trump over the last 3 years, didn't change anything.

Sun Tzu Hears Qanon, Understands this most unfortunate news.  The unfortunate news is not that a FAKE president of a for profit foreign owned corporation is using his digital anonymity to threaten to murder me, but instead the unfortunate news is that Q/Trump are exposing their true colors, the United States Inc is a CRIME SYNDICATE (not saying that all the employees are bad, but the entity in itself is the devil incarnate, along with the United Nations Inc, and all its subsidiary 192 "other" member states.  Trump exposed his mafioso qualities in a quote during an interview last year, when he said, "We can all do really well, or we can do it the easy way!"  Translation: "We can all make a lot of money together as we scam stupid Americans with the same old SWAPSIES SCAM, or I can just kill you and then do it anyways. 

Sun Tzu <yawns>

Sun Tzu say:
"This was posted by Qanon right after I posted the 1871 Charter and Called Out To The Michigan Grand Jural Assembly to Immediately Void The Service Contract Based On Breach of Contract as the Original Terms and Conditions Were Grossly Violated With Criminal Intent To Profit From The Intentional Harming/Murdering of Americans.

While I am not pleased about being robbed of my life experience here with my wife, Charlotte, she is the most lovely and most amazing best friend a bum like me could ever have.  I love my parents, they are dying because the Crime Syndicate is poisoning them.  Mom got fatal cancer of the esophagus, she complained to her medical doctor for months that a lump was growing in her throat, the doctor each time just kept increasing her thyroid medications, up until my mom could no longer swallow or talk.  My dad had been taking the drug Statin to lower his cholesterol, my dad now is diagnosed with Parkinson's and has a fatal neurological disorder, which as it turns out, is exactly what the drug "STATIN" does to patients who take it.  

The Crime Syndicate, "United States," caused two of my cousins to shoot themselves, one lived, one did not, my cousin Mike blew his whole head into a mist with a twelve gauge.  My mom's half brother killed himself because of the Cabal.  I have been made a felon by mercenaries faking as lawful law enforcement, who decided to turn off their dash cameras and officer vest cameras before they went about violating all of my rights to get me to come out of my vehicle, by stating that I was under arrest with no cause, so that they could plant drug paraphernalia in my car, apparently i'd been waking up too many people to the crimes of the CIA and Federal Corporation, "United States," posing as lawful governance.

While I am very disappointed to have my life experience cut short.  I am thankful that when I am murdered, my death will help pave the way for the Crime Syndicates death.  

I grew up sad and upset as a child, by getting pounded on and bullied.  I toughened up though, and became the protector of the weak, the bully of the bully, long enough so until I eventually became the bully, then life changed for me.  I have now reached a point where I honestly feel love for the entire cosmos, for myself (new and amazing feeling), for all my fellow cosmic cousins, for all my fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, and for all of life in general.  I no longer fear death, I welcome it, I know that it must happen to complete my mission, and I have seen a glimpse of the beauty that is coming after I am taken from you, but always remember that "All points in time and space are connected (Quote by Ben Rich, head of Lockheed Martin Skunkworks), and that is because the ONE, Infinite Creator, is in all things... The Infinite Creator is both the Rock, the Tree, both you and me.  Because all points in time and space are connected, that means that I am no more Infinite Creator than you are, we are all, pure and simply, the One Infinite Creator.

Nonetheless, Our Suffering Here Feels Very Real and the ROOT CAUSE of that SUFFERING, is THE PLOT, as outlined by John F Kennedy, and that PLOT, it MUST BE EXPOSED. 

I do believe at this juncture, that I came to do just this job, and for that purpose alone.  And I look forward to greeting my original family again soon when I leave here, I have never felt that this world was home, it has always been uncomfortable, and burdensome, but I will most certainly miss many things and many people.

Godspeed to all of you Patriots Out There!

Now is the time to pick up the "Sword of the Spirit," which IS, "The Word of God," and with your mouth equipped with "The Word of God," you shall use your mind, your voice, and your tongue to wage war on all nations, to wage war on all the Crime Syndicates and their subsidiaries.

I greet you all in the Love and Light of the ONE Infinite Creator.
In Service To All, In Service To The ONE.

Sun Tzu