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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Super Banned Photo of Sandy Hook Children Murdered, Shows Them All Very Much Alive - Thanks to Jim Stone

Sandy Hook Victims = ALIVE
Quote by Jim Stone below, ALL this material from his site:

If Wolfgang Halbig was wrong about Sandy Hook, why is this image banned wherever it gets posted?

If they had nothing to hide, they'd laugh at this. But, they do have something to hide so they ban it instead. I can't host this from here right now because I can't upload it when in "combat mode" but someone got this posted to a location that is not so closely watched and killed off. I'll get this uploaded later and host it from here.

I was skeptical about this until I discovered it is banned, and the message Twitter sent was way more nasty than the usual message. I have never seen Twitter do that, someone's touchy about this. Anyway, here it is from a different image host:

Jim Stone Web Site at: