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Sunday, April 14, 2019

COME ONE, COME ALL ! - www.Nesara.News

This site has become a habitation for every foul spirit and demon.
Google is now blatantly deleting our stuff, swapping out our posts with old versions from when the docs were first being created, so missing all the good stuff.
Google is making dead links, deleting videos on our site.
Google owns Blogger

go to the new site:

This site:
(Will stay as a record of our previous work)

Prayer For God's Vengeance Delivered:
"Infinite Creator, Angels and Arch Angels, Oh how "their" sins have piled up to heaven.  Pour Out For Them Double For That Which They Have Done Unto Others.  Pour Them Double in their Cup, For God Hath Said, They Shall Drink Double To That Which They Poured Out For Others."
So Fill Their Cup Double, and Have Them Drink It, So That Their Sins May Be Forgiven, and So They May Become One With The ONE."
So Be It