"and to the blind, recovery of sight, to send forth the oppressed in deliverance"

- Luke 4:18 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by a "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, all STOLEN VALOR.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.  They are currently "fleecing you," and "shearing the sheep" with this FAKE PANDEMIC, as they steal everything you own, to destroy your jobs, to make you homeless, to make you dependent on the fake governments.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL FIRE --- HIDDEN LAWFUL NOTICE the CHRIST the MESSIAH has ARRIVED ---- Intentionally Burned Down To Announce A Warning To All of Satan's Minions, That The Messiah, Son of Man, yours truly, has returned - Sun Tzu (now known as BEZAI)

BEZAI say:
"I have slightly updated this article.  For those of you who do not know, I originally went by the online name, "Sun Tzu," before GOD awoke me that I was The Messiah, which I then changed my name to "The Son of Man," which was short lived before GOD gave me the nam BEZAI, which means "Conqueror," and is also the name of one of the chiefs of the Jewish people who returned from Babylon to Jerusalem with 323 sons.

This article proves that NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL was burned down because I announced myself as CHRIST returned.

This I PET GOAT II video was made years before the NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL burned, and also years before the announcement of my arrival:


You need to check this out, Notre Dame was burned down because of the arrival of the MESSIAH, yours truly.  I came out on the 11th of APRIL that I was the Messiah, and the bad guys then sacrificed a girl that went to my high school, "Sydney Monfries," by pushing her off a church steeple at a college in New York, and then set fire to the Notre Dame Cathedral to let everyone know, a "A SIGNAL FIRE," encoded with a "cypher" cryptically coded in "exhaustive biblical concordance," which is the alphabetized ancient Greek and Hebrew bibles, converts the words of the bible into numbers, the ELITE use these to pass hidden messages in every day news feeds and even packaging on your groceries (which ones to buy, which ones not to).

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FOX NEWS says, "THE ICONIC SPIRE collapses" during the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is the ‘iconic spire’ which depicts a cross, collapses right before our very eyes.  But the word "ICONIC" has a secret hidden message in it:

ICON: = A sign, pertaining to Christ, a painting of Christ.

Now let’s get into the real meaning of the devastating fire that broke out in the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Fox News reported “NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL IS OVER 800 YEARS OLD” (see above banner)
Why wouldn’t FOX NEWS just say exactly how old NOTERDAME CATHEDRAL is?  Because, they are using the numbers to convey a message!
The number 800 in the Bible means: a fire!  

Again, the numerically equivalent word from the Strong’s Concordance in the Bible is Hebrew word H800 אֶשָּׁה ‘eshshâh which means: a fire.
Then they ran another news banner:
Fox News reported “NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL BEGAN IN 1163 AND FINISHED IN 1345″, (see above banner)
Let’s just see if these numbers are somehow relevant. The number 1163 in the Bible means: its is necessary, there is need of, it behooves, is right and proper!
The numerically equivalent word from the Strong’s Concordance in the Bible is Greek word G1163 δεῖ dei which can further be define as: necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end. 
Wow!  So, was this fire a necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end?  What end?  The end of the cross that collapsed in the fire?
Once again, Fox News reported the collapse of “the iconic spire” which is in the shape of a cross. Let’s just be clear as to what the definition of the word ‘iconic’ is and where it originates from.
iconic (adj.) – relating to or of the nature of an icon.
Okay, so what is an icon?
icon (n.) -
1. a picture, image, or other representation.
2. Eastern Church . a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel, painted usually on a wood surface and venerated itself as sacred.
A big cross spire falling down is iconic of Christ.  So if a cross is falling down into a fire that is iconic of Christ burning down to nothing!  That is the meaning of it by definition!
What we are witnessing is monumental Biblical revelation! They are using the Bible as a playbook!

Okay, let’s summarize the numbers telegraphed by Fox News:
800 = a fire.
1163 = necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end.
The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was a necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end (the end of theiconic cross aka. all Christians)!  

The roof is also in a shape of a cross! Here is an aerial view:
After listening to several reports, it’s concluded that the roof (which is a cross) and the iconic spire (which is a cross) –COLLAPSED AND BURNED!
Looking at the aerial image we can see that it literally depicts a burning cross!
The number 7 in the Bible means: to perish.
Another thing noticed is they keep reporting ‘the fire was put out after raging for more than 9 hours.’
The number 9 in the Bible means: "A LOST THING (GOD)
There you go, the plans for "A LOST THING (GOD) is "TO PERISH." 
Now let’s move to the cathedral itself.
Is this a face of the devil with fangs and a tongue sticking out cleverly disguised at the entrance of the cathedral?
Do you see it?  What do you think?  Well, do see all the idols surrounding this image? 
Let’s see what Isaiah spoke about:

In summary, what does this all mean?  The symbolic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral is letting you know the "FAKE church age" is coming to an end and what comes next is, the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is HERE, NOW!

Sun Tzu say:
The reason they burned the church is because I, Jeffrey Dougherty, (Sun Tzu), the Messiah, Son of Man, returned, announced my presence to the world on April 11th, 2019 (my 40th birthday), and just as MOSES was approached by GOD in the burning bush on his 40th year, so was it too the same for me:

4:11 = inexpressible,

only attached scripture:

ACTS 4:11