DESTROY your "LEGAL FICTION" corporation, WRITE your NAMES in the BOOK of the LIVING

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Searching for Morpheus

What is the Matrix?  
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-  Every Nation Toppled, replaced with a Federal Corporation, to ENSLAVE.
-  Instead of One Law, which says, "Do NO HARM," and then beefing up the court systems, the lawmakers instead create trillions of laws, so that they can; detain, destroy, anyone, anywhere, anytime, to hide their graft inside of a three foot tall pile of statutes called a BILL, on any given day. 

-  Up is down, down is up.  =  Things you are told are good for you, kill you.  Things that you are told are bad for you, are good for you.

You are a battery.  Hi COPPER-TOP!  Your existence, exists to provide energy for your slave masters.  Don't worry, I am too.  We are here to end it.  You might mistakenly think that I am talking about the government, and yes, this is true, they are the obvious culprits.  However, your government, same as mine, are all owned by the same corporation, in the words of Gandalf the Grey, "One Ring To Rule Them All, and In The Darkness Bind Them."  But wait, there is more...  Even the most elite owners of the "One World Government, aka... The New World Order of ROME, even they, the guys at the tippy top, they too are slaves.  Slaves to a master, an evil master, who has many names.  The Movie, "The Usual Suspects" said it perfectly, "The best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist."  But alas, our historical records and ancient accounts are packed full of descriptions of this evil master.  His name is Satan.  Satan and his fellow draconian beings are a race of reptiles or serpents depending on who you talk to, they are very intelligent, come from space faring planets in other galaxies who have enslaved many many many planets in many galaxies.  So when you add that extra layer, things get a quite interesting.

Then there is the fact that you and I, all of us, even the draconian lizards known as Satan, we are all part of one force, the logos, the mystery, a universal energy from which all things in the cosmos come in to existence, in this dimension, and all other dimensions.  That could also be called The Matrix, however, I choose to refer to this, "The Matrix," as THE ONE, Infinite Creator, whom you might refer to as GOD, Muslims would call it, Allah.

How is it that the Bible, which was written a couple thousand years ago, how is it that the Holy Bible accurately depicts what is happening right now, with President Trump, Vladimere Putin, and others, that these men, "Kings without Kingdoms, whom hate the Harlot, the Mother of all Whores, aka Babylon the Great (Revelations 17:12).  The bible accurately tells that the Mother of all Harlots (the Vatican, or the New World Order Of ROME), that she sits on a beast, that has seven heads and ten horns, and that she and the beast sit atop waters, those waters, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.  Do you not see how important this is?  Every person=citizen on Earth was illegally converted into a corporation, both by fraud and by copyright infringement, IN THE JURISDICTION OF THE SEA, Maritime Law, which has drowned the True Land Jurisdiction.  Those waters, referred to in Revelations, that which "The Beast," and "The Harlot," ride on top of, are all the enslaved masses of Earth, the people, drowned by Maritime Law.  
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How is it that Jesus and his disciples accurately predicted this TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO.  GO WITH GOD.  NOW.  BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

If you want to know what is coming.  Open the bible.  Start reading Revelations, if you want to know the "Ending," but now that I've been chewing away at my Bible, the whole thing is packed with what I have no words to describe, other than that I find it difficult to read without gasping for air, tears streaming down my face.  And I am the apt pupil of one of the greatest assassins and problem solvers that the CIA ever used to spread evil across the world, it would be fair to say that he killed more people than small pox, and I was the best student he ever had, so I do not cry to much.

 I could spend hours on this, but I have to go read my bible (new thing for me), I suggest you do it to, you will need it.  The world is ending, and Satan and his minions get to be here when it is destroyed.  If you commit to God through your faith, and you perform works (help the people who need it), you can be forgiven for anything, but if you are IN DEEP, first thing to do, is in your own essence, forgive everyone, then forgive yourself, for everything.  Then commit yourself to fighting evil every day, spreading the good word found here, and found in the Holy Bible.  You must commit yourself to God, and to saving as many of his children as you can.  It will be awkward at first, it was for me.  Now i am feeling the ebb and flow, and riding the wave.

I greet you in the Love & Light of the ONE, Infinite Creator.
In Service To The ONE, In Service To All.

Godspeed Patriots,
Sun Tzu