"those who eat the flesh of swine and vermin... will perish together,” declares the LORD (Satan)

- ISAIAH 66:17 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

America/Earth Hidden History - A Lot of Good Information: Trimming Down The Header at Nesara News Blogspot (Converting into Link) - This is the Page for the Re-Location of the Content

America/Earth Hidden History

THE COLONIAL American Forefathers, made a mistake, they were infiltrated by the British Tories already in their midst.  The Jural Assemblies formed by our American forefathers should have grown into forming a National General Jural Assembly, but instead, the British Criminal Infiltrators, convinced the less intelligent colonial subjects, to form a CON-GRESS, which is really a "CON," via diGRESS, or an eGRESS, away from FREEDOM, by consolidating power in the hands of just a few, making it blatantly open to attack; bribes, payoffs, threat to life, murder, and assassination.  If the Jural Assemblies had followed the directions of GOD, they would have continued representing themselves at the National Level with an ever increasing base of General Jural Assembly members, making them beyond reproach, beyond attack, beyond corruption.  Thus, GOD is giving us a second chance to get it right this time, and then some!  This time, we shall not only create the National Level Jural Assembly, called the National General Jural Assembly, but we will also create a Global Level Jural Assembly, which I am recommending calling it, the Global Grand General Jural Assembly.  As all of the Nations of Earth are Freed from Captivity and Slavery, and as they form their own; local; state; and national level Jural Assemblies, We The People of Earth shall collectively form and call to order Earth's very first Lawful International Court of Justice, Called the,
 "Global Grand General Jural Assembly."

RISE UP America , RISE UP Earth, YOUR Sovereignty is renewed!
The Michigan General Jural Assembly was the first Lawful Court of Justice of the Republic and of Earth to come back on-line, now the rest of the Counties, States, & Nations are quickly assembling, falling in line, standing shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Michigan-American-Earth Patriots, don't miss out on this chance to CREATE HISTORY, 
opportunities like this come around once in 10,000 years!
Every Nation on Earth, Every Island, Every Spec of Dirt, Form Your Jural Assemblies NOW!  Don't Wait, Don't Walk, RUN !!!
<Click the little, "Read More," button>

The Solution  =  VOID the SERVICE CONTRACT
A fraudulent service contract executed in secret, just like all service contracts for ALL the Federal Corporations enslaving each of the nations of Earth.  America's enslavement began when a Service Contract was put in place, when Criminal Treasonous Agents for the Republic hired a foreign British owned corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services (international trade only), and then the, foreign-owned, "United States Inc," quietly mothballed the Republic by unprecedented Covert Criminal Means, Much Bloodshed, Theft, Conspiracy, Blackmail, Bribery, Assassination, Suffering, Rape, Murder & Genocide.  Fraud cancels all contracts, even the most Divine & Spiritual of Contracts are voided under conditions of fraud.

The Solution (click link to read "THE SOLUTION = VOID ALL FEDERAL CORPORATIONS):

"The Meek Inherit The Earth" - The Currency Revaluation - Nationalizing of All; Weaponized Corporations, Publicly Traded Corporations (Weaponized), and Assets Belonging To Bad Actors, All Are Hereby Converted Into Public Utilities, For The Republic, The United States of America

1871 Service Contract (Hired a foreign contractor = U.S.)
  We The People, Assembled, Do Hereby Redress Grievances, & Do Declare:
 Gross Breaches of Contract, Renders Contract(s) Null & Void, for all Contracts, known and unknown, which hired the foreign-British-owned corporation, "United States Inc."  You too can void your nation's Federal Corporation, Fraud and Copyright infringement void all contracts, no matter how sacred.
"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," enacted by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, 1871.
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

Please keep in mind, all U.S. government positions, and all government positions for every Federal Corporation for each nation on Earth are PRIVATE, as the corporation(s) are run for max profit.  Sec 17, of the above document says that the "legislative body of the United States shall not pass any laws to affect the Republic's Courts of Justice = TRUE PUBLIC OFFICES, which were stolen from us in the dead of night, replaced with PRIVATE corporate goons to steal, rape and plunder, this was done to every nation on Earth.  The good thing though is, fraud has no laws of limitations, nor statute of limitations.  As well as, "assets purloined by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless of who possesses them."

The One Infinite Creator (God) greets you ALL in LOVE & LIGHT:
God says, "I Will Accept Nothing But Total Surrender, total surrender by every man, woman, & child, on all sides of this Spiritual War."  The ONE (God), declares that prophecy shall be fulfilled, The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth , All Shall Commit To This Mission, or those who deny The ONE (GOD), Shall Fall on Judgement Day, where, "No Flesh Shall Be Saved, No Stone Left In Place, and He shall Tread the Winepress of the Fury of the Wrath of God Almighty."

The ONE (God), says, "You my children are all victims, but you are all, also, GUILTY.  
The least of you being guilty of not doing enough, growing indifferent to sin, failing to live by my commandments, and for failing to give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless, instead you gave your money to organizations like the Catholic Church, and because of your laziness & your indifference, you did not receive good karma points, the Catholic Church and other organizations deliberately increased the suffering of your brothers and sisters while you were busy worrying about yourselves, because you were lazy & indifferent or because you were committed to sin!  

If you all desire my mercy, God's mercy, 
you shall all extend God's mercy to ALL others, but ALL who desire mercy, must commit fully to I, the ONE, Infinite Creator.  Hold nothing back from God Almighty & God's children and those awakened beings of light, referring to themselves as,  "We The People of Earth."  Take advantage of this period of God's Grace, while it lasts, it will be over when Trump leaves office, pray for Trump and his family, pray for the White Hats (that they may choose wisely), and now pray for the Jural Assemblies and the Patriots who Form the Lawful Courts of Justice for the Republic, the United States of America, as well as all other the other patriots who now form the Lawful Courts of Justice for every nation on Earth, soon to collectively be represented by the Global Grand General Jural Assembly, lawful courts of justice.  NEVER STOP PRAYING, & always abide by my commandments, this is my commandment to you."

-  The ONE, Infinite Creator
Greets you ALL in love and light.
In Service to ALL, In Service to the ONE.

Divine Spiritual Law:  Notice of Liability
To All; Listed and Not Listed, Known & Not Known; Agents, Personnel, Contractors, and Conspirators, working directly and indirectly with the Federal Corporations of Earth to commit Crimes Against Humanity, and Crimes Against the Living Natives of Every Nation on Earth, we do hereby provide Notice that We The People of Earth, know who we are, and we are awakened infinite beings of light, the ONE, Infinite Creator resides inside our being and IS our essence, and we hereby provide Notice To All Earth, and Notice To All Intelligent Beings, physical and not physical, that We Awakened Infinite Beings of Light, do hereby seize upon our Divine Spiritual Rights, The Cosmic Law of FREE WILL, to inform all entities and spirits in this dimension and all others, that all future attacks moved against us, will hereby place your souls in immediate jeopardy, and cause yourselves primed for deletion, by our hands, or at the hands of All Benevolent Beings & Spirits that have come to our aid, and whom have been standing by, waiting for our permission, to interfere on our behalf. 

 We The People of Earth, made BY The ONE (GOD), and MADE OF the Infinite Essence THAT IS The ONE (GOD), Do Hereby Give Permission for ALL Benevolent Beings & Benevolent Entities to Immediately Move Against All; Agents, Entities, & Spirits whom violate OUR Divine Spiritual Free Will, both Collectively & Individually, Respectively, and we give permission so these Benevolent Forces Can Provide Assistance To Execute & Complete, The Total Freedom of Earth from Captivity & Slavery, and We Give Full Absolute Permission To Free All Earth's Children from Bondage & Slavery, no matter where they may currently be located, in this galaxy or any other. 

Notice to Agent is Notice To Principal
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.


The Above Notice Is Listed Three Times For The Purpose of Divine Lawful Notice,

Divine Spiritual Law In Effect by Notice of Liability: Notice Provided To All Malevolent and Benevolent Entities & Spirits - Regarding the de facto Federal Corporations' providing Notice of Incoming EMP False Flag Attack

Trump/Q are Handcuffed, they need our help,
God's Grace Ends After Trump leaves office, now is the only chance we will ever get to have freedom!

Repent Now, Commit Fully to Fighting Evil,
4 Years To Put Your Houses In Order (Started when Trump Took office),
Fully Submit to God's Mercy,
(= Full Disclosure)
We The People shall forgive ALL Victims 
Whom Hold Nothing Back & Whom Give Their All to the Republic,
Fulfilling Prophecy,
"The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth"

Why Won't Trump/Qanon Expose "THE PLOT" 

("The Plot" = Nomenclature selected by JFK) = ENSLAVEMENT

Qanon, Trump, cannot yet tell you the truth, but they shall be able to soon, as soon as they are freed from the control of "Babylon the Great, and the beast (Revelations, Bible)."

TRUTH = SLAVERY was ALLOWED in the SOUTH, but OUTLAWED in the NORTH, to CREATE DIVISION (Divide & Conquer), to MANUFACTURE the CIVIL WAR (MASSIVE DEATH), Creating a Smokescreen, STEAL AMERICA, then they killed the guy who helped them do it, Abraham Lincoln, the first lawyer & member of the B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry) to serve as President, which was illegal, and that is why he served "In The Office of the President."  

"Dishonest Abe" took his crimes with him to the grave, until now.  The power of the Internet makes possible the summation of much information previously concealed within the PUBLIC RECORD, readily accessible now from the Public Domain, showing outright that the TREASONOUS TRAITOR CRIMINALS replaced the Republic, "the United States of America," with a foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," and they did it by first contracting a foreign British-owned corporation hired as a contractor, complete with a physical contract, TERMS & CONDITIONS, which were read into the Republic's record by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, while the Republic was still breathing strong!

The reason Qanon is not telling you the truth, is because Qanon, and Trump, are handcuffed, the entire White Hats, and Alliance, they are all handcuffed, by Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employee Contracts, which allow for them to be immediately "Deleted" should they break them.  For now, Qanon/Trump, can only point to SYMPTOMS of SLAVERY, and cannot point to Nesara News, where we have actual proof of enslavement, in the form of historical documents that we've unearthed & compiled here at Nesara News, exhibited for the World as proof of the Great Fraud, and how a Crime Syndicate toppled every nation on Earth, replacing them all with Federal Corporations, to enslave the populace, & ROB THEM BLIND.

 The Bible Tells us that the great Harlot (Babylon the Great, the Mother of Whores) that she rides on a beast with seven heads and ten horns.  The ten horns are ten kings who do not yet have a kingdom, but they are of one mind, they hate "The Harlot (New World Order of ROME, One World Government).  They shall give power to "The Harlot, "Until the Son of Man (Messiah) utters the words (quote not exact)," and then they shall destroy "The Harlot, and the beast."  I believe the "Seven heads of the beast" represent both, the seven seats of power (seven nations whom whip the earth into slavery), as well as the seven pillars of faith, as the Cabal Crime Syndicate has INFILTRATED EVERY MAJOR RELIGION, every group, every agency in the world, every major corporation, ever major everything, ALL INFILTRATED, and weaponized against the people.


Be it known, God, the ONE, Great Infinite Creator, demands full submission to the forces of Light in order to receive God's Mercy.  The only way you get God's mercy is by putting your lives in God's hands.  We The People have put our lives in yours hands for a very long time, we will not take advantage of you, we will repay your service to our freedom with forgiveness for Treason, but you must completely submit, exhaust all resources and energies to freeing Earth from slavery, and hold nothing back.  

We The People know that you were victimized, we all were victimized, those forced to commit evil acts unwillingly, even more so.

 If you join us completely and fight constantly towards the the end goal of the Meek Inheriting the Earth, we will have you stand next to us as equals, forever.  If you fight for our freedom and our inheritance of the Earth you will rise with us.  But, there shall be no exception for those who stand in the way of God's Justice, the winepress of His fury and of the wrath of the Almighty shall leave no flesh survived.

Maritime Law
Is the Jurisdiction of the Sea, known as the statutes of the navigable waterways, and for international trade only.  However, the elite and their crime syndicate used trillions of these statutes to enslave us, they illegally converted us all into corporations so that we became things instead of sovereign life forms created by God.  Essentially the Jurisdiction of the Sea swallowed up and drowned the lawful Land Jurisdiction, but as we re-settle our Jural Assemblies, following in the footsteps of our founding fathers, which is the creating of the Grand Jury, the Petite Grand Jury, the County Level, State Level, National Level, and Soon Global General Jural Assembly, so that the base number of participants is so large at every level, that it becomes impregnable to attack; invincible against bribery, corruption, death threats, there are simply to many participants.  The more participants which exists, the stronger the governance and the more impossible it becomes for Evil to Take Root and FESTER.

= de jure grand jury RISING UP, Rising up the land above the waters, and above the statutes of maritime law (slavery by billions of statutes), as statutes are for navigable waterways only.  LAWS are for men & women, STATUTES are for INTERNATIONAL TRADE ONLY, but are currently being used for SLAVERY instead.

Form Your Jural Assemblies, go to:
(Follow in the footsteps of the American Forefathers, an opportunity to be a hero, to change your future, and the future of every child's tomorrow)
Follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.
(Witness a short business meeting, see how it is done.  Roll call, Old business, New business, voting on issues, then "THE CALL" opens up into an open forum to ask as many questions, "ABOUT HOW TO OPERATE A JURAL ASSEMBLY," ask as many questions about that topic as you have!!!
Follow, "The Handbook," all other handbooks are frauds, designed to do you harm.
Anna Von Reitz = Leading you into Captivity, thus you shall witness her go into captivity, as it is foretold in the Holy Bible.

Who has the 'real control?   

ANSWER = We The People,
We did not rightfully delegate authority to any slave master, foreign owned corporation, and if we did, we were not properly informed, which violates the requirements of fiduciary responsibility.

It appears we also just forgot how to grate the "Hired Help" across the asphalt when they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar; raping, and murdering God's Children, expecting to get off scot free.

The Crime Syndicate attempted to create a one world government, by toppling every nation, replacing each nation with a "Contract Corporation," aka "A Federal Corporation," "One Ring To Rule Them All and In The Darkness Bind Them."  But God, the ONE, Infinite Creator, has usurped this evil plan of Global Slavery, and transformed it through the Pure Love, thus declaring that ALL SHALL BE FREE, with love, peace, abundance, and protection for ALL God's Children, "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth."  But you all must fight for it if it is first withheld.  

You were not made in the image of your creator, you are made by The ONE, of The ONE, and you are part of The ONE, just as Jesus said he was ONE with his father/mother God, you are ONE with the ONE, each of you has the Almighty Creator inside of you, always, and each of you was sovereign in your own Infinite Creator bestowed right, since the moment you were conceived by your parents and by the Creator.  You can free of slavery & suffering, but you must fight for it, how could you truly appreciate it if you did not fight for it.

But that freedom comes at a cost, as the Tree of Freedom must drink from the cup of sacrifice and of the blood of patriots.
 Trump & Qanon are handcuffed by NDA's and Employee Contracts, thus they cannot expose the PLOT to ENSLAVE every man women and child?

Trump is HANDCUFFED and that the ENEMY aims to preserve "United States Inc" to maintain slavery over Americans, and to form a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, a FEDERAL CORPORATION to Enslave All Earth.  WE MUST FREE PRESIDENT TRUMP and THE WHITE HAT PATRIOTS INSIDE "UNITED STATES INC," we must dissolve their corporate Non-Disclosure-Agreements and their corporate employee contracts, thus freeing our allies so that we may join forces.

Three Factions Within Crime Syndicate:
The Satanists desire to genocide the majority of Earth's living population to protect themselves from being brought to justice, known as; God's wrath, the winepress of his fury, the "Great Awakening" & the Second Coming CHRIST of OUR SAVIOR, & millions of awakened & pissed off, much suffered slaves.

White Hats - Elitists
These Elitists, desire to maintain the Federal(Slave Master) Corporation(s), they desire to maintain trillions of statutes to enslave, they desire to maintain power & profit models, to withhold disclosure, to withhold technology, & to protect themselves against prosecution.

White Hats - Agents for God
- These are the men and women of God, some of the many of the Creator's Army of Angels, in the flesh on Earth, repenting for their past sins, knowing that by committing themselves fully GOD, & to exposing the great fraud, they put themselves at the mercy of GOD, & We The People, but they are all reassured in their, hearts and souls, that both the ONE, Infinite Creator (God) and We The People, will grant them mercy, for if it was not for them, We The People of Earth would have been at the mercy of Satan & Satan's minions.

President John F. Kennedy
-  1961 Waldorf Astoria Hotel Speech
President Kennedy called out for; help, support, & assistance from his fellow Americans, but his call fell on Deaf Ears, No One Heard him, No One Answered Kennedy's Call For Help.

Below is JFK's description of how the Crime Syndicate toppled every Nation on Earth, replacing them all with "Contracted Service Provider Corporations," posing as lawful governance, enslaving the native populace by a foreign owned "de facto" corporation &  trillions of statutes to enslave, every man, woman, & child.
Below appears to be a Response from Trump/Qanon.  Once again, it appears that Trump & Q desperately need our help, they are handcuffed, prevented from violating HARSH Non-Disclosure Agreement, where-if violated allows for immediate deletion (assassination).

Form Your Jural Assemblies.  Follow in the footsteps of the American Forefathers.  God the ONE, Infinite Creator, made all life sovereign upon conception, when the sperm or seed, fertilizes the egg, whereupon the mystery of the cosmos creates life for all beings, GOD created all life as sovereign, protected by the Divine Spiritual Law of Free Will.

The more we abide by this law, even with respect to our diets, the higher the vibrational energies our entities achieve, and the more we act as an Agent for the Creator, by defending/enforcing God's; principals, teachings, commandments, and the more we stand up for what is spiritually right, and by defending the weak, the more the Infinite Creator empowers us as agents for benevolent change, gracing us with Powers enabling us to free of all life on Earth from the carnage & suffering under Slavery.  Remember.  Jesus told us, "You shall do all the things I have done and more."  Jesus told us, "You shall become ONE with GOD, just as I am ONE with GOD."

Your Awakened Brothers & Sisters Are Standing Next To You, Shoulder To Shoulder, and Our Cosmic Brothers & Sisters, Our Cosmic Star Cousins, and Beings and Spirits From Other Dimensions, Are Also Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With Us.  This is not just a battle for Earth, this is a battle against PURE MALEVOLENT EVIL that is larger than our own Galaxy. 

The Draconian Lizard race is quite similar to the quintessential typical drawing found in the inside of the back cover of the "Devil's Codex," a drawing of a giant being, bi-pedal, with large horns, sharp teeth, and the genetics of a lizard or snake, the spiritual war against Pure Evil is very large, encompassing many suffered planets, a huge interplanetary intergalactic slave trades of suffering beyond comprehension.  

You all must do your part to ensure that the Light Wins, this is your chance for atonement, REPENT NOW, Serve the ONE (GOD) and fight shoulder to shoulder with the Renegade Warriors of the Family of Light Workers, & The Galactic Federation of Star Fairing Planetary Collectives (You have read about this group in the past, they are the GOD's of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, they were hear before us, and they never truly left.  We have been their petri dish experiment, but now, with your full effort, we shall finally be ready & have learned enough lessons, to join & stand next to them).

I greet you all in the Love & Light of the ONE, Infinite Creator.
In Service To ALL, In Service To The ONE.
Godspeed Patriots!"

Sun Tzu

Form Your Jural Assemblies, go to:
(Follow in the footsteps of the American Forefathers, an opportunity to be a hero, to change your future, and the future of every child's tomorrow)
Follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.
(Witness a short business meeting, see how it is done.  Roll call, Old business, New business, voting on issues, then "THE CALL" opens up into an open forum to ask as many questions, "ABOUT HOW TO OPERATE A JURAL ASSEMBLY," ask as many questions about that topic as you have!!!
Follow, "The Handbook," all other handbooks are frauds, designed to do you harm.

Anna Von Reitz = Leading you into Captivity, thus you shall witness her go into captivity, as it is foretold in the Holy Bible.

So Be It.  Amen.

EVIL is pouring out of the "Bottomless Pit(a human mind with no morals=bottomless pit)." Publicly traded companies and politicians are openly proving their allegiance to the Satan.  See for yourself. Google is openly advertising snuff porn (murder), rape at gun point porn, rubbing feces porn, eating feces porn, child porn, forced beer bonging urine porn. No Joke. The elites are worried about getting arrested by Trump, Putin (and the other Kings who do not yet have kingdoms: Revelations 17:12), and so the elite are pouring out their SICK PORN onto the internet in an attempt to protect themselves for the horrible things they have done with their worship of sex and degradation of the human body, their kidnapping, raping, sacrificing, & murder of children, and the degradation of the human body, mind, & soul. See for yourself.  The links below do not show any images, only Google search hits, so your souls will not be damaged by clicking the below links, but you will be educated, and you will know, that evil IS POURING INTO OUR WORLD. 

Prepare yourselves, GO WITH GOD.
All can be forgiven, but you must fully commit, even murderers, can be forgiven.
This is the WORD of GOD. IT SAYS IT PLAINLY, IN THE BIBLE, "ALL CAN BE FORGIVEN."  BUT YOU MUST COMMIT, TO GOD, bring the masses here, to Nesara News, so that they may hear the Word of God (The Sword of the Spirit) being used to cut down the devil's minions, and machinations, to send them back to the Bottom Less Pit, from whence they came.  
Repent, Commit to God, FIGHT EVIL.  But use the Sword of the Spirit (The Word of God), we shall not resort to guns and violence.  Godspeed brothers and sisters, Godspeed Patriots!


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You will notice that at times, the view of the loaded page is out of whacks, possibly "too zoomed in" or "loaded somewhere other than the top," or "page freezes," these attacks by Google owned Blogger are common.  So please make sure you always scroll to the top, to see if there is something new.

-  When we find a mistake, or change our stance on an issue, Google owned Blogger, may switch out our posts with older drafts.  For Example, we were frustrated that Trump/Qanon refused to expose "THE PLOT" (THE PLOT to enslave every man, women, & child on Earth), as identified by President JFK 7 days before he was assassinated  and we were frustrated that Trump/Qanon refused to expose "THE ROOT CAUSE OF SUFFERING = ENSLAVEMENT, by Federal Corporations."
Now that we have educated ourselves with the Word of God, found in the Holy Bible, we know that Trump/Qanon are not fully in control, but Trump and all the "Ten Kings whom have no kingdom, they are all of one mind, and shall devour "THE EVIL" and "The Beast," as soon as God's Word is full-filled.  So we changed our stance to supporting Trump, Putin, Bashar Al Assad, the presidents of; Italy, and Brazil, where nationalism is taking over, the pride in one's country, heritage, and history.  So we updated our posts here at Nesara News, and then Blogger(Google) swaps them out with old versions, making it appear as though we are working against Trump/Qanon. So please kindly forgive typos or OTHER ANOMALIES.  
No matter, "The time for honoring themselves is at an end."  Read Revelations, Chapter 17 - End (only a few pages), found in the Holy Bible.

The globalist slave masters desired a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Adolf Hitler called IT, THE NEW WORLD ORDER (of ROME). Franklin Delano Roosevelt called it the same name as Hitler, "The New World Order," the bible calls it Babylon the Great, the Harlot, the Mother of Whores."  GHW Bush Senior called it the same thing, so did John McCain, "The New World Order. The only part they left out was, "of ROME, and that it's run by the Vatican, read Revelations, Chapter(s) 16, 17, found in the Holy Bible, then finish reading the Bible 
(few pages).

God Shall Destroy "The New World Order of Rome" with a giant Meteor, which shall smash into the Atlantic Ocean, thus a giant wave shall destroy; Washington DC, the Vatican, and London (The Three Cities of NEW ROME: New World Order of Rome, Revelations 16:19 (below)
There are more of God's Angels than there are humans on Earth, make yourself right with God, and you shall be whisked away to safety, and as describe in the Bible "lest you stub your foot on a rock," meaning, the angels cannot be in your presence if you are holding negative energy.
A giant wave caused by a meteor striking the Atlantic Ocean, the water vapor shot up into the atmosphere, falling back to Earth as 80 to 90 pound chunks of ice.

Revelation Chapter 17 (Describes the New World Order as "The Harlot" dressed in Scarlet & Purple, holding a golden chalice filled with abominations (Cardinals & Bishops wear Scarlet & Purple & hold Golden Chalices :) 
Trump, Putin, and other Kings with No Kingdoms, Described here in detail, "They Hate "The Harlot" and Shall Devour Her." Read about it here in Revelations, Chapter 17:
Revelation Chapter 18:
Revelation Chapter 19:
Revelation Chapter 20:
Revelation Chapter 21:
Revelation Chapter 22:

Form Your Jural Assemblies, go to:
(Follow in the footsteps of the American Forefathers, an opportunity to be a hero, to change your future, and the future of every child's tomorrow)
Follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.
(Witness a short business meeting, see how it is done.  Roll call, Old business, New business, voting on issues, then "THE CALL" opens up into an open forum to ask as many questions, "ABOUT HOW TO OPERATE A JURAL ASSEMBLY," ask as many questions about that topic as you have!!!
Follow, "The Handbook," all other handbooks are frauds, designed to do you harm.