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Thursday, April 4, 2019

MURDER - WHICH ONE IS IT? - FALSE FLAG on LYFT IPO... or on... UBER STOCKS .... or BOTH!!! - INSIDE TRADING on NYSE goes into TWILIGHT ZONE, saying RIDE SHARE VICTIM got into UBER, then switches to, she was the driver, and it was a LYFT - Vatican New World Order of ROME says, "WE ARE CONTROLLING THE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL LINES OF YOUR CELL PHONES & TELEVISIONS

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The Vatican owned Crime Syndicate, New World Order of ROME is coming crashing down, GOD shall smite those who profited from the suffering and enslavement of GOD's Children.

The Crime Syndicate's money stream is drying up.

Trump, White Hats, & Alliance members have been routing the enemy from all sides, drying up their profit streams, shutting down their child trafficking seedy underbelly of society whose pride is to profit from the suffering of the masses, the organ harvesting and adrenochrome farms of the SICK and of SATAN'S MINIONS.

The enemy is deeply entrenched, and for quite some time now have been using FALSE FLAGS to increase profit streams in other markets still controlled by the crime syndicate, like the New York Stock Exchange, where they just murdered, one, if not two separate girls, in order to affect large rises and drops in the publicly traded stock prices of UBER and the brand new LYFT IPO, both are Ride Share Services which are now being weaponized by Satan into a vehicle to abduct women and children, FOR PROFIT.

The armies of SATAN are marching hand and hand together towards the destruction of this world.  The high up elites know it is coming.  That is why they have ordered Satan's minions to bring hell on Earth.

Google is now openly advertising all sorts of RAPE, SNUFF, MURDER, DEHUMANIZING, TYPES OF PORN, SICKER THAN SICK, i'm talking about smearing feces all over each other, raping a women with a gun to her head, strangulating and murdering victims before raping them, and even Beastiality porn.

You are seeing in REAL TIME, the RISE of the SEVEN HEADED BEAST, which rises from the BOTTOMLESS PIT, a pit that only exists in the human mind that has no moral grounding, thus the bottomless pit of the Satan Worshippers' Minds shall bring ALL SORTS OF HORRIBLE GHASTLY MONSTROSITIES WROUGHT BY ABOMINATIONS AND MACHINATIONS OF EVIL.