TRUMP/Qanon=EVIL, ICE transporting ILLEGALS Countrywide, Prepare for SLAUGHTER of LAMB of GOD

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Trump, Satan's Slave (better not miss this):
Donald Trump Salutes Satan by saying, "666" at banquet speech -  (go to 3 minutes 50 seconds) before elected to FAKE PRESIDENT of Crime Syndicate subsidiary, "United States," owned by foreign United Nations, owned by the New World Order of Rome, slaves to Satan by choice. Watch how the timers both say 911, and the telephone poles/wires are on fire (Paradise CA fire), as well as the two flaming tire tracks (911 towers), did you know that Paradise CA fire was on 911?  (go to 30 minutes, 00, and WATCH TO THE END)
PROOF TRUMP is a Manchurian Candidate = Trump/Qanon=Tricking us, LEADING us to SLAUGHTER, but God has different plans, SO DOES TRUMP, as GOD and TRUMP ARE OF ONE MIND, archive now(short on time go to @ 30 minutes, 00 seconds):
If video goes to wrong place, paste the link into your browser, Google attacking daily.

America hired a British Corporation to provide limited services, "Hired Help = "United States Inc," whom then breached contract = Gross Breach of Service Terms & Conditions. Criminally sought total power, mothballed the Republic, "the United States of America," and mothballed the Public Offices, and "Common Law" Courts of Justice, replacing LAWS with STATUTES & SLAVES, this happened to every nation, ALL are SLAVES.  IT IS TIME FOR REBELLION, GOD'S REBELLION.

PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America's Oath's Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation
Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
"The Devil's forked tongue," called = LEGALESE (short version):
Proof of Treason, PROOF that "United States" is owned by foreign, "United Nations Inc," exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

The "United States" is the ENEMY of AMERICA; invaded, occupied, enslaved and murdered more than 500,000,000 Americans since their occupation which CAUSED the CIVIL WAR.
above video at:
TREASON = GIVING CAPITAL (Washington DC) TO A BRITISH-OWNED, "United States Inc," 
A fraudulent service contract executed in secret, just like all service contracts for ALL the Federal Corporations enslaving the nations of Earth.  America's enslavement by traitors giving the capital to a British corporation, and they called "their" new capital, the District of Criminals, (D.C.)

1871 Service Contract (Hired a foreign contractor = U.S.)
  We The People, Assembled, Do Hereby Redress Grievances, & Do Declare; Gross Breaches of Contract, Renders Contract(s) Null & Void, for all Contracts, known and unknown, which hired the foreign-British-owned corporation, "United States Inc."  You too can void your nation's Federal Corporation, Fraud and Copyright infringement void all contracts, no matter how sacred.
"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," enacted by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, 1871.
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

Obama's "Red Wedding" Speech: "WINTER IS COMING,"-"THEY(seed of Satan & Eve) are going to murder us, as the devil, in his human form, tricked eve into having carnal relations, begetting CAIN:
MURDER OF BABIES, WATCH slight of hand magician holding up towel to block the camera view, while the doctor drops the baby on its head, he tried to drop it to the floor, but baby stayed on table:

link for video:
Below, is a full article, EXPOSING how the 'Seed of Cain(begat by Satan & Eve)' is attempting to SLAUGHTER the 'Seed of Abel (begat by Adom & Eve)' after you click the link, YOU MUST SCROLL DOWN TO the ARTICLE:
Fake disease outbreaks to poison/genocide God's children=Injecting nano metal particles to kill when they flip the SWITCH on 5G Wireless Death Ray.  Archive video, Google will delete again, Fake measles outbreak by fake news by Jerusalem Satanists To Allow Swat Teams To Kick In Your Door And Stab You With Poison
When the SWAT TEAM comes to inject your children with poison, PUT THEIR HEADS ON PIKES. Protect God's Children. Set example=God's wrath.

Sell Your Belongings, Give Your Money To The Poor, SAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN.
I am no longer noticing red dust on surfaces inside my home, it was only the couple days following easter when Nibiru was seen shining brightly at night adjacent the moon.  The link above is that crossing of Nibiru that happened just before Easter.

PROOF (short version):
PROOF (Longer version with more info):


The Son of Man goes to Elections Office to Run for Public Office, as there Are No "Public Officials" Holding Office IN ANY NATION ON EARTH, they are all PRIVATE, private corporate goons that replaced your PUBLIC OFFICES with private corporate thieves who rape and murder, Taxation without representation, everything, with no representation. I went with a copy of the 1871 contract in hand, and I was offered a bribe by the head official, to cease my efforts, i was offered a full time JUDGESHIP to stop.  The second trip, the second in command agreed with me (on secret recording) that enslavement by billions of statutes and falsely incarcerating innocent people, is not; peace, love, and freedom.
Written account:
Secret Recording of meeting at Elections Office:
The crossing of Nibiru takes up 1/5 of sky, rains fire, brimstone:
Shhh...  = DECODED = Their SECRET is OUT! = What does it mean when they hold their finger up to their lips and say, "Shhh..." 
THE HOLY HOST IS HERE, to liberate Earth from Slavery, They Protect Us Until God's Word is Fulfilled:
New Jerusalem resides in the SUN, The Destruction of Earth is Here, Nibiru Shall Sear Us Free of Our Sins:
You will know when you see the Second Sun, that the Son of Man, the Messiah is Here:
Proof of multiple suns visible on the horizon:
5G Cell Phone Towers Being Toppled by God's Children:
God Says, "Since they (Satan's spawn) want a fight, it shall be a fair fight."

Friday, May 3, 2019

A TRAITOR EXPOSED - THE SEED OF EVE & SATAN=KAIN, is everywhere around you, they are with you at the checkout isle, they pick up your garbage, they fix your plumbing, they collect your taxes, they persecute and murder you, because you are GOD'S CHILDREN - Thus you must Judge those around you by their actions. - As civil matters are judged by preponderance of evidence, it does not require absolute guilt beyond reasonable doubt

*To Those Who Were On Brian B's Private 'Study Group Call,' on April 17, 2019, at 9pm EST, the subject of the call was to, 'Set Up Avatars,' and 'To allow Brian (MGJA) to Operate within the de facto corporation, please contact me immediately (I am looking for all three of you if possible, if at least one or two of you, to coo-berate my story, as Brian with the MGJA is denying the below events took place, he is A TRAITOR, and a liar, and I need your help, your country, America needs you, he will call you and ask you not to say anything, but Brian has exposed others inside the MGJA as also being TRAITORS as he is still in their presence and being protected by them, thus I need you to come straight to me.)*

Jeff Dougherty
971 400 0548

On April 30th, 2019.
This evening I was guest to a special Michigan General Jural Assembly call.  Just before roll call, i heard a voice speak up, I recognized the voice, and I asked,
"Who was that whom just spoke."

The voice replied, "This is Brian."

I responded, "I'm surprised you're invited onto this call after what you did."

Brian responded, "I don't know what you are talking about."

I responded, "Several weeks ago you invited me into a private study group, where you started educating us on how you wanted us all to start setting up 'avatars' to allow us to operate within the federal corporation,'

*Background Info*
(This was as Brian described it to me in advance, a special Conference Call,'" there were 3 other people (from Myron's Call) on the conference call, plus Brian and myself, making 5 total.

Brian immediately responded on tonights call, "Thats not true, I don't know what you're talking about."

I responded, "You are a liar."  But what I should of said is, "YOU ARE A TRAITOR."

SO PLEASE ALLOW ME TO REMIND BRIAN, and ROBERT, and PAUL, as Robert and Paul were privy to the aftermath of Brian's TRAITOR BETRAYAL of our trust.

*On April 17 @ 9pm EST  @  9pm EST*
As Brian began this so-called private study group conference call, after reading the Bibbins Decision (x3), then prayer, after he said his introduction regarding the content of the call for the study group, I spoke up and said, "What you are referring to is hardly different than the Anna Von Reitz lies, we are focusing on voiding the contract to free every nation on earth from corporate enslavement, why would we want to operate in their system?"

Brian instantly put me on mute, (the conference call said, "YOU'VE BEEN MUTED,") then I heard

Brian say on the call, "Sorry Jeff, you broke up, I can't hear you."

So I instantly hung up, dialed back in the conference call, and I interjected by informing everyone on the call, "This is an un-authorized call, you are all being led astray, i urge you to disband, goodbye," and I hung up.

I immediately phoned Freewill to inform him, only to find out that he was already on a conference call with Robert and Paul.  So I immediately informed all three of them of what had just happened.

Robert's immediate response was, "I never trusted that guy, always knew there was something wrong with him."

Paul, then spoke up, I didn't know he was on the phone, he didn't say much, so they basically told me they would take care of it, obviously that did not happen.
*End of Event on April 17, 2019*

Well low and behold to my surprise tonight that Brian, was on the call the other night, an important call, to decide the fate of our world and its inhabitants.

Here is Brian's Text Messages (3) to my phone right after I called him out as a liar:

So what I am suggesting, is that just WHAT the CABAL always does, they infiltrated, and so we must learn to judge those around us by their actions.  The seed of satan is here, we have discovered that Eve was tricked by Satan in his human form, she then gave birth to Kain, and thus the seed of Kain is controlled via like remote control from the angels in the pit, because the governments/corporations are putting human flesh and human blood in all our food, (sacrificed flesh/blood via abortions=murdered=sacrificed) and so when the elite joke about "Winter is Coming," they are serious, for you will see an army of demon controlled "Seed of Kain" zombies charging at you, but they will not be like zombies, they will be like foot soldiers of Satan.

Prepare, Repent, Forgive All Transgressions by you and against you, and PREPARE.  Follow the words of Jesus, lift up your brothers and sisters, so that you might be lifted up, spared, and protected from what is to come, it is GOING TO BE HORRIBLE.


To those who were on the call that evening, BRIAN'S AVATAR SET UP STUDY GROUP, please contact me immediately to COO-BERATE my story so the TRAITORS CAN BE EXPOSED & can be removed from their positions of authority as they are ROADBLOCKING our future freedom while we ARE MURDERED EVERYDAY.

Jeff Dougherty
971 400 0548

For those of you who've been trying to reach me, I believe I am being full court pressed, for my phone does not ring, I do not receive emails, and so I will be changing a great many things.