DESTROY your "LEGAL FICTION" corporation, WRITE your NAMES in the BOOK of the LIVING

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FALSE FLAG OROVILLE DAM IN PROGRESS - thank you for the video (I have not had time to watch this video, so I cannot vouch for it). However, I can say that the crime syndicate subsidiary, "United States," has been intentiontionally making dams fail by regulating the water in such a way by lower dams and upper dams (above the lower dams) in order to max out the dams holding capacity, then using underwater explosives to create a massive dam failure. This is happening across the United States as we speak.
The Son of Man say:
"Nothing is by chance, all is intentional, and Trump has done nothing to stop it, nor has Qanon, they are all false prophets of false hope, giving you just enough hope, right up until the last moment, WHEN THEY WILL SLAUGHTER YOU, once the 'RED LETTER' has been issued, and the 'RED WEDDING' declared."

The end is here.  Repent now.

The Son of Man
formerly Sun Tzu