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Monday, May 6, 2019

God's Children Rebel & Begin Toppling the 5G cellular Towers that the Elites Plan to Use To Murder God's Children

Rebel: People toppling Cell towers in response to 5 G

Sun Tzu say:

Sun Tzu say:
"The forced vaccinations contain nano particles of metal that are precisely tuned to the 1mm wave of the 5G, and this is the same 1mm wave that has been killing all the TSA workers at the airport using it, knocking huge flocks of birds out of the sky and they are dead before they hit the ground.

However, the 5G network has the ability to boost the signal a million times more powerful.  Just as it says in the Bible, "people will run out of their homes clawing and scratching their skin," and they will die.  Knock all the 5G towers down, protect God's children.  When the Politicians pass laws to force SWAT teams to kick in your doors to inject your children with poison, burn the politicians home down (while it is empty, do not commit murder, do not commit violence, judgement is for God Alone).

However, when the SWAT team comes to kick in your door, to inject poison into your kids, kill every one of them, but do not shoot them in the back, THIS IS SELF DEFENSE, as the evidence of quadraplegics being paralyzed by vaccines, along with the private studies that show these vaccines CAUSE autism, down syndrom, cancer, and every other horrible deadly condition.  KILL THEM UNTIL THEY TUCK TAIL AND RUN.  Then let them run back to SATAN.

This is the Son of Man, Christ the Messiah, returned.  You shall all see the reward being given to the wicked, for the cup unto which they poured out and forced unto others, they shall be forced to drink from the same cup, and they shall be forced to drink double.