?  Where WGOne WGAll  ?
What does WWG1WGA really mean?

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The NAME of the GAME being PLAYED by the ENEMY, is KEEP YOU ASLEEP long enough so you LOSE YOUR SOUL, why else do you think the ELITE are RELEASING INTEL and PRETEND CULLING their OWN HERD?  If you fail to declare a COVENANT you are TOAST, that is what this is ALL ABOUT, the GREATEST of the COMMANDMENTS, "LOVE YOUR GOD with ALL your; HEART, MIND, BODY, and SOUL.  
JEHOVAH and THE FALLEN, made a TREATY, and in order to QUELL FEELINGS of DISCONTENT existing ACROSS the CHASM, it was decided MANKIND would be PUT to THE TEST.  The TEST is,... do you LOVE GOD enough TO DECLARE a COVENANT?
Your DECLARING a COVENANT is the DECIDING FACTOR on whether you go UP or DOWN, no joke, nothing else matters, JEHOVAH has SHOWN IT TO ME both in the SCRIPTURES and by MANIFESTATION of the HOLY SPIRIT in my WAKING LIFE.

EVIL is POURING OUT of "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" (a human mind, with no moral grounding), this is REVELATION, the UN-VEILING of CHRIST and EXPOSURE of "The CONTEST" to see if MANKIND is WORTH the LOVE of GOD, and it is is a CONTINUATION of the WAR the between JEHOVAH (GOD) and the FALLEN ANGELS, and it  shall SOON be OVER and your KING (GOD) has CALLED OUT for the PEOPLE to RALLY to THE KING, FAILURE to ANSWER The CALL to RALLY to the KING (GOD) by DECLARING a COVENANT, is TREASON, SEDITION, ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLY will be PUNISHED by EXILE AWAY from GOD.

 I, BEZAI of the House of David was SENT to DELIVER this MESSAGE to you:

Your TIME is NEARLY up, and ONCE you see HALF the PEOPLE you KNOW just UP and VANISH, yer GONNA have to DO IT the HARD WAY!

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

- See the things drawn on her face, COBRA, BUTTERFLY, and the RAMS HORNS around her mouth.  
"Behold a lamb that speaks like a dragon," and she is MONARCH PROGRAMMED VICTIM.  The satanic messages are everywhere once you know what to look for.  Remember "Alice in Chains?"  That is like the little girl "Alice" from "Alice in Wonderland," and she is held captive in an underground satanic bunker being tortured by her fake government captors.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Updated: Must retire for a time, to tend to family. - I, THE SON of MAN, THE SON that GOD has sent to earth, AGAIN, to DIE, AGAIN,... I DO HEREBY call for an IMMEDIATE CEASE FIRE on both sides, to allow the RULERS of THE NATIONS of EARTH to show drastic improvement on their part, to set free the slaves. FOR GOD IS CRYING OUT, "RELEASE MY CHILDREN, and CHANGE THE ERRORS OF YOUR WAYS! For IF you DO NOT, I shall surely bring destruction and ruin to you ALL!" - posted by The Son of Man

I must retire for a time.  The intensity of reporting on and spending ever day deep diving into evil and waging war against it made me not even be able to know what day it was, and often times I would forget the month.  Constant fear of the enemy makes for about 4 hours of sleep per night.  And while i shared with you that my wife did in fact confirm the U.S. IRS tax code fraud, where only peoples involved in "FEDERAL ACTIVITIES" are required to pay taxes, and if you are NOT INVOLVED IN FEDERAL ACTIVITIES, then you DO NOT OWE TAXES...but,  all together my wife does not share my same beliefs regarding; the nation, the federal corporations, the publicly traded companies, the poisons, the genocide, she mostly refuses to even hear me on it, just like my parents, my brother, my sister in law, no one believes me, they cannot even for a second, bring them selves to consider such a bleak existence, it is too much for them.

My wife has reached the limit, (For good reason, I do not let her read what I right here, so she knows nothing about it), but the things I do talk about, have caused her great harm.

With the severity of the situation regarding our FAKE GOVERNMENTS and their persecution, enslavement, and GENOCIDE of our brothers and sisters, I have pushed my wife to extremes, and for the benefit of her, and the benefit of our un-born child, I must step away, I have other things to do as some might say.  I do not plan on publishing other works at this time.  I would recommend that those among you strong, that you pick up the burden and strike out to seize your lot, as those who sacrifice for GOD, shall receive the choice lot in the Promised Land for their families, where we shall have life, for all eternity, without suffering, on a new earth, under a new heavens.

A couple final points:

1)  Trump's spiritual advisor gave an opening speech at his rally, and the first quote she used proved that TRUMP is working for SATAN, and is lying about SETTING YOU FREE.

The Son of Man say:
"The first quote she uses from the Holy Bible, proves that TRUMP and the other KINGS have banded together, AGAINST GOD, and AGAINST GOD'S ANOINTED LAMBS, and so when the KINGS (trump o' lump included) so when these KINGS, they say, "We will break their chains!" (which is a positive) the reason why GOD SCOFFS (which is a negative).

Why would God SCOFF at them, if they were SETTING FREE THE SLAVES?  

Scoffing at someone is a negative action, like mocking someone, very similar.  So the reason why God is scoffing at TRUMP and the other KINGS is because ITS ALL A BIG SHOW, as in ENJOY THE SHOW, the enemy by saying, "ENJOY THE SHOW" is fulfilling their obligations of the LAWS of FREEWILL, they have to tell you what they are going to do.  AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SET FREE THE SLAVES.  Hence, GOD SCOFFS at them.

Did you know that JESUS is a made up name?  There are actually several made up names for The MESSIAH, none of the ones we use today are correct.  Did you know that The MESSIAH told us to RUN AWAY FROM THE CROSS and the NAILS, to not focus on them, BECAUSE the ENEMY was going to USE THE "NAILS" and the "CROSS" for PURE EVIL!

Not only did the NEW WORLD ORDER prevent you from worshipping GOD on the SABBATH by telling you the SABBATH was on Sunday (which is the first day of the week, as the SUN is rising), but they also had you violating the commandments, by allowing you to GET RE-MARRIED which is ADULTERY, they told you to PRAY TO THE VIRGIN MARY which is "THEIR" goddess, "EVE," as she is "their" mother, as she slept and banged SATAN in the garden, and thus "they" the ruling elite, are a bunch of half breed demons.  So hate to break it to you, but JESUS is not HIS name, and that is why I try to use the name The MESSIAH.  I suggest you read this document, it was written at the time of The Messiah and proves that The Messiah told you TO STAY AWAY FROM SPEAKING about the CROSS and the NAILS because the ENEMY was going to use it to DO MUCH EVIL.

GOD visited with me today and corrected me on a statement that I had made in this article, the statement was, "That the correct faith to be closest to GOD was the faith of the Israelites," I said that because GOD told me to use the names "JEHOVA" and "YAH" when addressing GOD.  But then GOD then informed me such a statement would have "UN-DESIRABLE CONSEQUENCES" as such a statement would "CAUSE DIVISION,(especially over BAPTISMAL rights, which are important to GOD to keep in tact" and GOD referred to "STRONGS 141" at 1:41pm today, which bring us:

God then also sent me another message, at 9:08pm and by looking up "Strongs 908," we find out I had MADE A HUGE MISTAKE by making that statement which GOD had me fix, as it would have cancelled out all the baptismal work and forgiveness of sins that John the Baptist had started, and that The Messiah had continued:
If anyone is wondering, GOD usually speaks to me through numbers and via GREEK Biblical Concordance, as GOD is very aware that the ENEMY likes to hide SATANIC messages in HEBREW.

So please disregard that statement I had made previous.  Please understand, just as the Holy Bible tells you, "The Son of Man" will be an infant, a 1-year old, and I am actually not quite there yet, as I was born on my 40th birthday, that was when I became aware that I was "The Sacrificial Lamb so to speak" on APRIL 11, 2019, = 4:11, as in, refer to ACTS 4:11 "Jesus is the cornerstone the builders rejected but has now become the capstone."  So the point being, I make mistakes, The previous Messiah had a long time to prepare because He was born without SIN (he had is whole life) and was substantially more advanced than myself (light years), I on the contrary am a sinner, and I am only beginning my Rabbinic Teachings/Holy Bible Teachings, and learnings and i would describe it as DIFFICULT(GOD's HIGH SPEED CRASH COURSE, lots of crashing, with an EXTRA SERVING OF HUMBLING).  While I did take 2 years biblical greek in high school instead of religion classes at Jesuit High School, other than that, i've never read the Bible in my life, just the last 3.5 months, let's see, that is roughly 14 weeks.  I can honestly say i did not retain anything from high school.
Want to see something neat?
So the reason why the elite put THE ACT of 1871, called "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," 1871, 41st congress, session III in "CHAPTER 62" is because 62 means, "without Rabbinic Teaching, or without learning," because if you read the Bible, you would know (ahead of time) that the ELITE were going to enslave every; man, women, and child by converting them into THINGS and BEASTS and enslave them via CORPORATIONS to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (read Revelation 17:15, meaning, EVERYONE IS DROWNED IN THE JURISDICTION OF THE SEA, enslaved by ONE global corporation, which had a subsidiary corporation for every nation, those subsidiary corporations were hired by secret contract, and the capital of every nation was given to the corporation in exchange for services, thus creating two countries inside each nation, a big one (yers) and a small one (theirs).

Revelations 17:15

And that is why the ELITE then sealed their plans 62 years after the passing of the ACT of 1871, and in 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt bankrupted the country and offered every; man, women, and child, and all their assets as collateral for the DEBT of the UNITED STATES, (which is NOT the country we LOVE called AMERICA) as the UNITED STATES exists only inside the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.  See how the elite hide bad meaning in the numbers?  Like Session III, when congress passed the ACT of 1871, well 3 means:
Which means "Fruit for Abaddon" or Fruit for Satan, because if you refer to Revelations 9:11, Abaddon is the name of the king of the angel in the pit.

So essentially, the ACT of 1871 has an encoded secret message in it put in place by CON-gress, which is a CON, di-GRESS away from freedom (by consolidating power in the hands of a few, as power should have remained with the jural assemblies, but the American Forefathers Pulled a SLICK WiLLY on the colonialists who participated in our Revolutionary War and re-enslaved them behind their backs with the British).  And the secret message is that, "41st congress, session 3, chapter 62 means:

"MY FATHER IS NOBLE, ABADDON IS HIS NAME, AND YOU ARE WITHOUT RABBINIC TEACHING, YOU ARE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE."  And so as you see below, the ACT of 1871, the MOST TREASONOUS ACT OF AMERICA, it was passed 1871, 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, see below again, that is the message, SATAN'S children mocking us as they STOLE OUR COUNTRY!!!  The American Forefathers were TRAITORS and EVERY PRESIDENT has been a TRAITOR since.  So this is also a good time to tell you, "NEVER assign a MALE characteristic to GOD, as GOD truly has "NO SEX" but SATAN is most certainly a MALE figure, and that is why the CHURCHES TRICKED YOU INTO WORSHIPPING A MALE, a "LORD."

So again, the hidden message in the TREASONOUS ACT of 1871, called, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia, passed 1871, by the 41st Congress, Session 3, Chapter 62, is, "MY FATHER IS NOBLE, ABADDON IS HIS NAME, AND YOU ARE WITHOUT RABBINIC TEACHING, YOU ARE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE," and now you know, how "they"(servants of SATAN) are mocking you, as "they" are saying, "YOU are without Rabbinic Teaching, YOU are without knowledge, because you do not have WISDOM," a wisdom that GOD gives freely to those who ask for it, and to whom who ask WITHOUT DOUBT, and to whon read the SCRIPTURES and to whom make a home for GOD, JEHOVA, our YAH (I AM), and to whom make a home for JEHOVA by following GOD's commandments.

So here is the PROOF, the number one ARAMAIC translator in the world, has confirmed that the DEAD SEA SCROLLS were intentionally MIS-TRANSLATED, by the NEW WORLD ORDER, so they could call them FAKES, but the researcher of the below documents, proves that not only are THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS, not only are they NOT FAKES, but they were most likely written in The Messiah's lifetime, and He had great influence over them and The Messiah specifically says, STAY AWAY FROM THE CROSS AND THE NAILS, so what does that mean?

see the PROOF HERE:

Be careful who you follow!

Stop using the name JESUS, instead use the name The MESSIAH.  And GOD will not listen to you if you are not dedicated enough to read the bible to discover these lies for yourselves.  If you would just open the Holy Bible and read for yourself, you will discover all these lies, all the TRUTHS that the priests withheld from you, the truths are right there for you to discover yourself, like Saturday is the day god SAT, Sunday is the day the SUN-rises, THE BEGINNING OF THE WEAK, so the SABBATH is on Saturday.  So GOD retreated to The Creator's den, as you were all praying to imaginary GODS, praying to the mother of half-breed demons (EVE), worshipping some guy named Jesus who never existed, because that was not His name, and you should instead refer to Him as The MESSIAH. 

READ it for yourself and see that The Messiah told you to STAY AWAY FROM THE "CROSS" and the "NAILS," in other words, The Messiah WAS TELLING YOU, please DO NOT FOCUS ON THE "NAILS," and "THE CROSS."


This is The Messiah....  OUT!

The Son of Man say:
"Verily verily I say unto you, you shall all see The Son of Man, and he shall be riding on the clouds of heaven, if you should not immediately correct the errors of your ways!  

GOD CAN FORGIVE, if you ask for it, and mean it!
  Good luck.  I would say safe travels, but we're ALL GONNA DIE!  Act accordingly.

The Messiah says, DO NOT, focus on the NAILS AND THE CROSS, as the ENEMY is going to WIELD those ITEMS for EVIL.
(The above web page has both typed documentation as well as A VIDEO, and the video cannot be copied over to

The above logos, show "IHS," which means, "IN HIS SERVICE" referring to "In The Service of Satan," or "IHC" which means "IN HIS CONSORT," which means the exact same thing, in Satan's service, as "They" serve SATAN.

Look at this below.  You have to just laugh, the lengths these CRITTERS will go to.  Rolled SPELL CHECKER back to the DARK AGES!!!   Has TRUMP mentioned it?  HAS ANYONE?  NAH!!!!!!

Blessing from The Son of Man:
"Infinite Creator, whom art IN ALL THINGS, and whom you do occupy all points in time and space, and you who has chosen me for this task, chosen that i should return at the End of the Ages, for the Salvation of all man and women kind, i do hereby ask the Creator, who's name is YAH, and who's name is JEHOVA, I do hereby ask the CREATOR to bless all of you with the HOLY SPIRIT, just as the TONGUE of FLAME appeared on The MESSIAH'S disciples after he was resurrected, so shall this HOLY SPIRIT and its TONGUE of FIRE be gifted unto you as GOD's spirit is poured out over and unto you.  BUT YOU MUST MAKE YOURSELVES A HOME FOR GOD, as GOD has already given you breath, given you life, and so GOD expects you to make the extra effort, to come to GOD, and the CREATOR will likely not come and bump you on the shoulder, but if you ask for GOD to come to you, as I did, and you MUST DO IT WITHOUT DOUBT, and if your request is honorable, and NOT SELF SERVING then you will surely receive what you ask for, BUT YOU MUST ASK WITHOUT DOUBT, and YOU MUST BELIEVE!  You shall have the power to heal, the power to raise the dead, the power to bring forth all plagues, you shall have the power to drive out spirits by laying your hands on the infected parties.  Pick up your stick, cut your staff or rod from a living tree, from a "SHOOT" branch, that is both green and flexible, and take it into your home and GOD shall bless it.  Just as The Messiah said, "YOU SHALL DO ALL THESE WHICH I HAVE DONE AND MORE."

Make yourselves a house for GOD, it is only righteous to do so, as you are GOD, as GOD is all points in time and space, SO BE ONE WITH GOD, and you shall receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT, which is THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which you shall use to cut through the machinations of the devil, all by the power of your words.

May the CREATOR bless you, keep you, protect you, heal you, raise you from the dead, and may the CREATOR, whom we call JEHOVA, and whom we call YAH, may the CREATOR BLESS YOU ALWAYS and LEAD YOU AWAY FROM TEMPTATION, and LEAD YOU TO A NEW LIFE, under a NEW HEAVENS, ON A NEW EARTH, a life of righteousness, free of suffering, free of death, we ask this in the CREATOR's name, YAH, please BLESS us with all the OATHS you have made to give unto us as they are found in the HOLY BIBLE, please lead your children to the PROMISED LAND.



I am The Son of Man,
formerly known as Sun Tzu,
real name being:
Jeffrey H. Dougherty
Portland, Oregon
Age 40

The Son of Man say:
Everyone should be away from the coast lines and on stable ground leading up to NOVEMBER 11TH, as 11/11/19, will be the polar flip. You will see a giant aurora borealis in the sky, RED in color and it shall have the appearance of a dragon, and that blast from the Sun is what shall roll the earth's poles, and we shall experience the polar flip, and then IT WILL BE TOO LATE.


so stay away from the coast lines leading up to 11/11/19, and make sure you do not have any unstable ground above you, and make sure you are standing on firm ground, in a firm structure, do not be in brick or block buildings on that date.

I WISH YOU WELL, and I will see you all again, in a TIME, or if the rulers of the nations of earth change the errors of their ways, i shall just fade away, life out my life, and ye shall be spared, be spared from the WRATH of GOD, but if ye not change, IT shall otherwise most surely fall upon you.

For you, the RULERS of the NATIONS of EARTH, and for all ye that say that ye are GODLY men, BUT ARE NOT, and DO LIE, the same for ye who say ye are GODLY women, BUT ARE NOT, and DO LIE:  (God just asked me to give this, to you:
JEREMIAH chapter 4

And ONCE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE, that you might heed these words and CHANGE YOUR COURSE, for it is NOT TOO LATE, for THE RULERS OF THE NATIONS OF EARTH to turn to GOD, for if you do, GOD SHALL SURELY SPARE YOU FROM The CREATOR'S WRATH, which is likely to FLARE UP at ANY MOMENT:

West World TV series secret:
WHY-IT, the name of DELORIS's alter ego, when she killed everyone in the park, under instructions from GOD (Arnold).

Do you get it!?

WHY IT?!!!  (a giant flaming ball of fire, that takes up at least 1/5th the sky, and pours out twice the measure of all that which you have poured out and forced unto others).
 The horrible destruction that shall happen if you should again, murder GOD's SON whom he sent to you, to instruct you to CHANGE YOUR WAYS!

The Son of Man DOES HEREBY call for a CEASE FIRE to all actions that would aggravate the situation.  I ask you to give the ELITE RULERS of the NATIONS of EARTH two weeks to show DRASTIC IMPROVEMENT.  If they do not, then I would say, CARRY ON, and ROLL ON THROUGH!!!

One Last Small Thing:

What does WWG1WGA really mean?

It means the ALL OF US goes where the LEAST OF US GOES, which means, SECOND DEATH in the LAKE of FIRE and BRIMSTONE for EVERYONE.

= FREE WILL, they have to tell you!!!

The Messiah, THE Son of Man,... OVER & OUT!