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Friday, July 26, 2019

GOD say: TO CUT OFF, BREAK OFF, GAINS MADE by VIOLENCE - A PUBLIC ADDRESS: directed to those who seek to attack GOD's public servants (including families, pets, & friends) - GOD's OUTSTRETCHED HAND MOVES AGAINST YOU - VIOLATIONS to result in BLISTERS, SORES, called LEPROSY

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"GOD say:
"It is CLEAR, EVIDENT, that the public servants (author + wife + dog + families) are "in the shadow of EL (under the protection of GOD."
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BEZAI of the House of David say:
The Crime Syndicate's poisons are turned to water just after they our lips, GOD allows us to taste the poison's BITTERNESS, or its SWEETNESS, just before GOD renders the poison null, so that we will know that GOD is upholding GOD's end of our COVENANT with GOD

Your attempts to use curses, bewitchments, and hexes, are destroyed as quickly you lay them, and have no effect on your targets.  Your cursed items left in the yard, are blessed and burnt up.  Your attempts to prevent what is coming shall fail.  Your only hope is to declare a covenant to GOD.  All are welcome in GOD's house, even the worse of the worst, but you must DECLARE your COVENANT to SERVE GOD and to MINISTER to GOD's FLOCK (look after, protect, and educate).

It is CLEAR, EVIDENT, that the public servants (this author, wife, dog, families, are "in the shadow of EL.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
GOD is sending this LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE, through GOD's servant, to NOTIFY all AGENTS of SATAN and of the CRIME SYNDICATE called The NEW WORLD ORDER (of ROME, ISRAEL, CHINA), and of all its PUPPET NATIONS (such as the UNITED STATES), all attempts of GAINS MADE by VIOLENCE, to attack GOD'S SERVANTS shall be CUT OFF, with HARSH RESPONSE in RETURN.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
ATTACKS against this author + wife, dog, and families, they are a violation of the CONTRACT between GOD and satan.  Satan had his 2 thousand years, this FINAL LAST SEVEN years is GOD's JUDICIAL REBUTTAL.  Any attacks made against this author, this author's wife, our unborn child, our dog, or either of our families, or friends, will be BLOCKED, but YOU will THEN be VISITED by a HORRIBLE PLAGUE in RETURN.


BEZAI of the House of David say:
Cease all GAINS made by VIOLENCE, cease all UN-JUST GAINS, cease all UNJUST PROFITS.  Failure to heed this warning, shall result in swelling:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
ALL further attacks against GOD's public servants (ALL), their families (ALL), their pets (ALL), and their friends (ALL), shall be visited by LEPROSY; swelling, blisters, rotting of the flesh, loss of vision, loss of fingers, a PLAGUE that is EXCEEDINGLY GREAT.  This is LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE, cease all attacks against GOD'S public servants.  For this public servant does not wish this to happen to you:

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BEZAI of the House of David say:
The WAR for the SOULS of MANKIND is at END, and JUDGEMENT DAY is just DAYS AWAY, literally not even A BLINK OF AN EYE (considering).  The fallen angels COMPLAINT is that MANKIND is not WORTHY of GOD'S LOVE,

And the way that MANKIND proves that it they are WORTHY of GOD's LOVE is by DECLARING a COVENANT to SERVE GOD and by also DECLARING in that COVENANT to MINISTER to GOD's FLOCK,

ABADDON (satan) and the FALLEN ANGELS have placed their WAGER that MANKIND WILL FAIL.

Whereas GOD wills it that MANKIND will wake up and realize that MANKIND rightfully owes LOVE and ALLEGIANCE to their CREATOR (GOD) for the LOVE which GOD has POURED OUT for MANKIND, and that MANKIND should RETURN that LOVE to GOD, out of RESPECT for being GIVEN the GIFTS of BREATH and LIFE.

The fallen angels believe that MANKIND is NOT WORTHY of GOD's LOVE, this is "THEIR COMPLAINT."

AND so after the GREAT MUTINY (battle), the MUTINY lead by ABADDON (satan), the FALLEN ANGELS were cast down, but at some point in time, there was a JUDICIAL HEARING, where GOD allowed the fallen angels to represent themselves and GIVE SPEECHES in their DEFENSE.  Because there was great SUFFERING, as some of the ANGELS who fought on GOD's side, still did care for the FALLEN ANGELS, and because some of the ANGELS on GOD's side, also did DOUBT MANKIND's ABILITY to be WORTHY of GOD's LOVE, These JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS resulted in ARRANGEMENT which resulted in MANKIND being TESTED to see if MANKIND would have the WORTHINESS of GOD'S LOVE, to see if MANKIND would wake up and realize that A COVENANT to SERVE GOD is and to LOVE GOD is RIGHTFULLY JUST, as GOD did give MANKIND our BREATH, and our LIFE, and ALL GIFTS which MANKIND has RECEIVED.

So now that it is GOD's TURN for REBUTTAL, as Satan had the last couple thousand years, this FINAL SEVEN YEARS before the EARTH MELTS, is GOD'S TURN.  Any attempts at GAINS MADE BY VIOLENCE against GOD's CHOSEN, or against GOD'S SERVANTS, or against their families, pets, and friends, SHALL BE BLOCKED, and the RESPONSE SHALL BE GREAT, blisters and rotting of the flesh, called, LEPROSY.

This is difficult for this public servant to write.  As this public servant's own mother is working for the enemy as it was recently discovered.  The goal of THE ENEMY, is to prevent our child from being born, but GOD shall not allow any of these attacks to succeed, and now that it has been PROVEN to THE ENEMY that "their" attacks are blocked, PROVEN that these public servants are "IN the SHADOW of EL," under the protection of GOD, their attacks shall NOW be COUNTERED with a PLAGUE EXCEEDINGLY GREAT.  JUST as it was WRITTEN, so SHALL it COME to PASS:


BEZAI of the House of David  (God appointed name)
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as "The Son of Man"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu"