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Monday, July 29, 2019

The ANTI-CHRIST ASCENDING - LORD RAEL aka LORD RAYEL aka RAYMOND LEAR of NEW JERSEY (SATAN & CRIME SYNDICATE backed FAKE MESSIAH now begins being elevated to power. Any who receive his mark, the mark of the beast (616, 666), anyone who receives this mark of the beast, shall burn for all eternity in the LAKE of FIRE and BRIMSTONE, the SECOND DEATH

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BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I was awoken by the spirit of GOD early in the morning, the time on the clock was 5:00am:
NOTE:  GOD sends secret encoded messages through NUMBERS, using the BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE, which is as OLD AS THE BIBLE itself.  Every word of the Bible, is assigned a number, and there are two different Bibles that we will reference:
GOD will answer questions using both GREEK, and HEBREW, typically the answer will appear in one TONGUE and then EXTRA WISDOM will appear in the OTHER TONGUE.
We recommend that you become familiar with BIBLICAL CONCORDANCES as there is a GREAT HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE that GOD has HIDDEN GREAT TREASURES of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM inside, far surpassing your wildest imagination, in respect to the LOVE of GOD.  The world is ENDING, within 7 years, the TORNADOS marked THE BEGINNING of TRIBULATIONS, we advise you pay attention lest you end up in PRISON for your SOUL in THE PIT, HELL.

So we search out the hidden messages inside of NUMBERS by looking up the STRONG'S EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE.  WHY does THE ENEMY use the Bible you might ask?  Well, they take their oath on the Bible, and GOD's law of freewill requires THE ENEMY to post LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE of all HORRORS they are going to inflict on their victims, and since THE ENEMY has EFFECTIVELY DRIVEN A WEDGE between GOD and GOD's FLOCK, through PEDOPHILIA, false teachings, manipulation of scriptures, manipulation of prayers, and theft of scriptures, hence THE ENEMY likes to GLOAT and BOAST in your face."

But this message today came from GOD, not the enemy, and was received at 5:00am.  So we search out the Biblical concordance by performing an internet search for "STRONGS 500":

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"So from the GREEK we see "ANTI-CHRIST" and from the HEBREW we see "GOD doth ascend."  So the message here is that THE ANTI-CHRIST is ascending.

NOW if you've been with us here as a reader for a while, you know that we have already successfully identified who the ANTI-CHRIST is, and his name is LORD RAEL, aka LORD Rayel, aka LORD RA-EL, and his real name is RAYMOND LEAR and he is from NEW JERSEY if memory serves correctly.  His claim to fame is that he once attempted to run for CON-gress of the UNITED STATES fake government (NOT AMERICA, but instead a foreign-owned-for-profit-foreign-controlled-crime-syndicate).

But instead RAYMOND LEAR was arrested and convicted of CONFIDENCE SCAMS and FELONY CRIME and I believe there was some ASSAULT involved as well, possibly kidnapping his girlfriend or threats made to her of some sort in which she testified against him, and it would appear as though the CRIME SYNDICATE, (united states fake government) did offer him a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD if he would pretend to be CHRIST.

How is it that this FAKER and LIER can get all this GOOGLE AIR-TIME & LIME-LIGHT and this author (yours truly) is SCRUBBED nearly COMPLETELY FROM THE INTERNET with exception to this site.

Lord RAEL has been making videos for about 7 or 8 years.  The CRIME SYNDICATE is using the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and WEATHER WEAPONS to perform FAKE MIRACLES for LORD RAEL.

As opposed to GOD who performs NATURAL MIRACLES of MUCH LARGER and more COMPLEX NATURE.

NOW we had exposed this FRAUD before, but now GOD is telling us that the SATAN and the crime syndicate are preparing to elevate LORD RAEL to compete with the MIRACLES of GOD appearing here on www.NesaraNews.Blogspot.Com.  As soon as the Earthquake happens in OHIO, the ENEMY is planning on CUTTING OFF the PUBLIC from RECEIVING the WORD of GOD on this website.  GOD is holding up the earthquake in OHIO to allow the condemned of OHIO to declare their covenant to serve GOD and to minister to GOD's FLOCK, so that they not GO to "THE PIT," when they die, to occur quite possibly very soon.  We will be printing a final warning for OHIO sometime today.

Here is the contact information and general information for LORD RAEL, aka Lord Rayel, aka Lord RA-EL, who's real name is RAYMOND LEAR:

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BEZAI of the House of David say:
"AS any of you paying attention have noticed, THE ENEMY and EVIL are POURING OUT of the BOTTOMLESS PIT (a human mind with no moral grounding).  THINGS are going to get WORSE QUICKLY as all of the PROOF of TREASON, FRAUD, GENOCIDE, and ENSLAVEMENT is FREELY AVAILABLE in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, searchable on the internet, as THE ENEMY (satan & global crime syndicate) did use LEGAL PRESUMPTION to ILLEGALLY CONVERT every; man, women, and child, into "THINGS" and "BEASTS" through the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, where the legal definition of a "HOMO-SAPIEN" is a "NEANDRETHAL (a beast, who cannot manage his own affairs, who is therefore a WARD of the STATE, and a corporation is created in his name, to manage his affairs, (the legal defninition of a US CITIZEN is a "CORPORATION residing inside the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA" and where every; man, women, and child, has also been legally defined as a "THING" which we can confirm by looking up the legal definition of a "PERSON" found in the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY:
Please note the above LEGAL DEFINITION of the word "PERSON," by itself, does allow, for POLICE OFFICERS to GENOCIDE AMERICANS, to shoot UN-ARMED civilians, WITH NO PENALTY, they do not lose their jobs, despite the fact that our SOLDIERS in a FOREIGN LAND cannot fire upon a civilian unless our soldier is first fired upon (RULES of ENGAGEMENT) but here in AMERICA and in every country on earth, the LAW ENFORCEMENT and CORPORATIONS are allowed to GENOCIDE the PEOPLES ALWAYS, and OFTEN, but WITHOUT REPRISAL nor PUNISHMENT.

In the below documents you will find that the FETUS and the PLACENTA have both been defined as MEMBERS of a PARTY and so when the AFTERBIRTH (PLACENTA) is abandoned at the hospital, it makes the whole party "ABANDONED," thus the NEWLY BORN BABY is DEFINED as a WARD of the STATE, and its HOLDING CORPORATION is created in its name, without the parents knowledge, in PROBATE COURT, where names are spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, and thus your name, when you receive mail from the FAKE GOVERNMENT or from the FAKE BANKS, your name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, which is the name of the CORPORATION which was created in your name, since you are a WARD OF THE STATE, and again, that is the legal definition of a US CITIZEN, "a corporation residing inside the district of COLUMBIA.

Every government property, every court house, is an EMBASSY for the FOREIGN NATION and FOREIGN GOVERNMENT being operated from the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS (washington D.C.), and that is why everyone is always complaining about "NOT HAVING ANY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS," because "you are forgetting where you are standing," for you are NOT IN THE UNITED STATES, as the UNITED STATES is ONLY within the metes and bounds of THE DISTRICT of CRIMINALS (washington, D.C.).  See below, "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," - 1871.  The criminals and satan, created a second FOREIGN NATION within EVERY NATION, but the second foreign nation, only occupies the CAPITAL of every nation, SO THAT THE ELITE CRIMINALS can throw away COURT SUMMONS, and NEVER HAVE TO PAY TAXES, because they know they are NOT STANDING INSIDE of the CORPORATE FAKE GOVERNMENT'S JURISDICTION

And the law/statute that was passed which gave our capital (D.C.) of America, gave it away, for free, to a foreign-federal-foreign-owned-foreign-controlled-FOR-PROFIT-corporation operating under the name, "UNITED STATES," and the name of this TREASONOUS ACT, is called, "AN ACT TO PROVIDE A GOVERNMENT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA," 1871, 41st CON-gress, session III, chapter 62.  Read about it here in these written compilations, posted here on this site:

|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
FRAUD of FEDERAL IRS TAX CODE  - never pay taxes again, get last 3 years refund
The Document That Restores YOUR POWER, never hand your I.D. to a FAKE COP AGAIN
Duplicate copy here, since GOOGLE is TREASON:

So, by LEGAL PRESUMPTION, the CRIME SYNDICATE has done these THINGS to EVERY; man, women, and child, IN THE WORLD, and these TOOLS for ENSLAVEMENT and GENOCIDE, have been PURPORTED against EVERY NATION, to ENSLAVE EVERY NATION, to GENOCIDE the EXILES of ISRAEL, to PREVENT our GOD's plan for JUSTICE, the REWARD of the WICKED, brought on by THE SON OF MAN, and so the ENEMY did plot to MURDER all the EXILES of ISRAEL (scattered when BABYLON toppled JERUSALEM and JUDEA) and just as HEROD plotted to murder all the babies to prevent the COMING of CHRIST The MESSIAH, and just as PHARAO did plot to murder all the babies to prevent the BIRTH of MOSES, so has the NEW WORLD ORDER of (ROME, ISRAEL, CHINA) gone and done again, using THE DRAFT, WARS, CIVIL WARS, POLITICAL UPRISINGS, TERRORISM, and ASSASSINATION to WIPE OUT the SEED of ADAM, and to MURDER the BRANCH of KING DAVID.

THE CRIME SYNDICATE has FAILED.  Despite all their efforts to SNUFF OUT the LINE of KING DAVID, and to SNUFF OUT the EXILES of ISRAEL, we are here, IN THE FLESH, despite more than 2 billion being GENOCIDED for that goal of preventing GOD'S WILL.  But all things are possible through GOD, and just as CHRIST did survive KING HEROD's attempt to KILL all the BABIES, and just as MOSES did survive PHARAOH'S attempt to murder all the babies, SO has THE SON of MAN survived in order to TREAD THE WINEPRESS OF THE FURY AND OF THE WRATH of GOD ALMIGHTY.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I have looked around, I have cried out for help, I have physically cried that no one will listen to me, not my parents, not my family, not my neighbors, not the government, not law enforcement, not the newspapers, not the WALLSTREET JOURNAL, not the MIAMI HERALD, and not the NEW YORK TIMES, not the people of America, not the peoples of any nation, I look afar and I see no repeat of the WISDOM and HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE which GOD has given me.  I see NO REPEAT of the ROOT CAUSE of ALL SUFFERING which I have given you, for which the ROOT CAUSE of all SUFFERING, is ENSLAVEMENT by a GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE, by converting us all into THINGS and BEASTS, and by swapping out our OATHS of OFFICE for FAKE ONES, and by GIVING AWAY THE CAPITAL of EVERY NATION to a FOREIGN FEDERAL CORPORATION run FOR PROFIT, so that SATAN could create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, operating in worship to ABADDON (satan).  

TEARS have poured down my face when THE CRIME SYNDICATE tried to MURDER; my PREGNANT WIFE, my DOG, and MYSELF (at least a DOZEN ATTEMPTS NOW, we are ALIVE because GOD WILLS IT.  THOUGH the TEARS do POUR DOWN my FACE, and though my WIFE SCREAMS and LAMENTS, has any other RALLIED to my CALLS for HELP?  

And so yesterday, when I found this passage in scripture, and I saw that it was foretold, it was written ahead of time, that all these things should come to pass, and so it is true, and it is right, OUR failure to stand up, OUR failure to riot, OUR failure to SCREAM REBELLION FROM EVERY ROOFTOP, it is OUR own failure, and you are all guilty for living with INDIFFERENCE TO SIN.  
Though the CRIME SYNDICATE does GENOCIDE SOUTH AFRICAN WHITES, though the CRIME SYNDICATE does INJECT VACCINES intentionally infected with EBOLA into AFRICANS in order to SPREAD PANDEMIC, though the CRIME SYNDICATE does MAKE ENDLESS WAR, though the CRIME SYNDICATE kidnaps children, and sells them, rapes them, and sacrifices them on YAUGHTS and ISLANDS, and though the CRIME SYNDICATE FAKE GOVERNMENTS do WORSHIP SATAN and do PERFORM SATANIC SACRIFICES and then BROADCAST IT ON THE NEWS IN FULFILLMENT of the LAW of FREE WILL, which requires them to give LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE.  Just today, another NEW YORK POLICE OFFICER was satanically sacrificed (PROOF below):

BEZAI of the House of David say:


BEZAI of the House of David say:
Still you people DO NOTHING.  THE PEOPLE of EARTH are LAZY, have been divided into millions of little pieces, fail to work collectively together, fail to heed GOD'S WARNINGS to learn from ANTS, to form AN ASSEMBLY for EVERY NATION whereby THE POWER is NOT CONSOLIDATED in the HANDS of a FEW CORRUPT MEN like in the FAKE SENATE and the FAKE  CON-gress, a CON that does di-GRESS away from FREEDOM, instead the people of earth need to RISE UP and tear down the FAKE CORRUPT CORPORATE CRIME SYNDICATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS, and replace them with LAWFUL GOVERNANCE, an ASSEMBLY for EVERY NATION, where EVERY; MAN, WOMEN, and CHILD does VOTE on EVERY ISSUE, has a RIGHT to BE HEARD, to speak IN FRONT OF THE ASSEMBLY, only then SHALL WE RID OURSELVES of SATAN'S INFLUENCE in FAKE GOVERNMENT, only then SHALL WE LIQUIDATE the FAKE NEWS, and free ourselves of the ENSLAVEMENT by THE DEVIL.

BUT UNTIL THEN, since you will do nothing, I am going to do just as scripture has foretold, and I am going to TREAD THE WINEPRESS OF THE FURY OF THE WRATH OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

DESTRUCTION COMETH QUICKLY, you should all DECLARE YOUR COVENANTS TO SERVE GOD and to MINISTER TO GOD'S FLOCK for if you do not, and the next CALAMITY does take your life, you shall NOT FIND YOURSELVES WANDERING IN GREEN FIELDS WITH THE SUN ON YOUR BACK, and instead you shall find yourselves CHAINED and BOUND in the PITS of HELL, where SATAN shall TORTURE YOU both DAY and NIGHT in EVERY LASTING DARKNESS for a THOUSAND YEARS if you are lucky and get out early for GOOD BEHAVIOR and GOD says it shall be as though a HEAP of BURNING COALS is placed upon your FACE.


BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Here is what is coming."

"JEHOVA (GOD), a public servant asks JEHOVA if this compilation is approved for publishing and public servant also requests additional WISDOM to share with the public and multitudes of earth, "SO BE IT, AMEN."
And then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the time on the clock reads, 1:18pm

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"(above) Normally I do not show these types of messages from GOD, but today for educational purposes, I want to show you how GOD tells a public servant that there is a "NEEDED CHANGES or AMENDMENTS" somewhere in the "COMPILATION" that a public servant is trying to publish.  The above statement from GOD is saying to this public servant, "I contend, wrestle with you over the current content or general appearance."  This usually means there is a statement somewhere that would cause "SECTS to FORM" or might cause "A DIVISION" in GOD's FLOCK and while THE ENEMY does seek to DIVIDE, our GOD on the other hand, does seek to UNITE the PEOPLES, and HEAL THE DIVISION.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Nonetheless, even though we must search out and "ADD," "REMOVE," or "CORRECT" content in this compilation, GOD has given us the ABOVE increased WISDOM, concerning the HISTORY of the Jewish Holiday called, PURIM in the month of ADAR, from the scripture ESTHER 9, where the JEWS killed all their ENEMIES and KING XERXES allowed it, as his wife turned out to be an ISRAELITE, and GOD had placed her in a position where she could SAVE her people from being MURDERED by their ENEMIES in the FOREIGN LAND of the PERSIAN KING.  This author recommends you read the entire compilation of ESTHER as it is REMARKABLE, but here is the attached scripture to the ABOVE WISDOM from GOD.

ANOTHER PRAYER:"JEHOVA (GOD), is there something that needs to be deleted from this COMPILATION before publishing, SO BE IT, AMEN."
And then thereupon saying "SO BE IT, AMEN," the time on the clock read, 1:41pm:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"So now GOD has told us that somewhere in our COMPILATION there is something written which will cause DIVISION amongst GOD's NEWBORNS, or prevent them from turning TO GOD, where it is necessary for ALL to declare their COVENANT to SERVE GOD, and to MINISTER to GOD'S FLOCK, lest they be sentenced to THE PITS of HELL for failing to answer the call of their CREATOR in a time of WAR against THE DEVIL."  So now this author basically goes paragraph to paragraph, prayer by prayer, asking if each individual paragraph has a problem, or if each individual paragraph is approved for publishing.  So now the hunt begins.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The above paragraph is INCREASED WISDOM given as a gift by GOD, and is "SPIRITUAL FOOD, and spiritual NOURISHMENT given by GOD to increase the FAITH and to RAISE the BAR for every follower of CHRIST and of GOD'S FLOCK."

אֲדֹנִירָם proper name, masculine (my Lord is exalted) official of Solomon 1 Kings 4:61 Kings 5:28; so also 2 Samuel 20:241 Kings 12:18 ᵐ5 We DrSm
HEB: עַל־ הַבָּ֑יִת וַאֲדֹנִירָ֥ם בֶּן־ עַבְדָּ֖א
NAS: the household; and Adoniram the son
KJV: [was] over the household: and Adoniram the son
INT: was over the household and Adoniram the son of Abda
1 Kings 5:14 
HEB: חֳדָשִׁ֖ים בְּבֵית֑וֹ וַאֲדֹנִירָ֖ם עַל־ הַמַּֽס׃
NAS: at home. And Adoniram [was] over
KJV: at home: and Adoniram [was] over the levy.
INT: months home and Adoniram over the forced

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Through GOD's help, and by the process of elimination, a problem was discovered in the first couple paragraphs and removed."  Again, this public servant asks GOD for permission to publish, and wisdom.  You too can speak and communicate with GOD in this same way, this is real, GOD is in ALL THINGS, and GOD does control the TIMES, ROTATIONS of HEAVENLY BODIES, the growth of the plants, all things, SO WHEN YOU ASK a question, WITHOUT DOUBT, it is really GOD asking the question, and GOD choosing when to ask it, and so GOD chose when to ask it so that the Biblical Concordance of that number of the TIME would match up with GOD's desired MESSAGE back TO YOU.  I am well aware it is a MIND BENDER, but this is why THE MESSIAH TOLD YOU:

"JEHOVA (GOD), a public servant asks if this compilation is approved for publishing, and a public servant requests additional WISDOM to share with the multitudes, peoples, nations, and tongues of earth.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And so we see that GOD has answered our prayer and given us permission to print.  As the BOX of ALABASTER refers to when "A women came to Christ The MESSIAH with a costly vial of perfume and poured it on his head, anointing him.  The disciples were upset because this vial of perfume could have been sold for much coin, the money given to the poor, but CHRIST did tell them otherwise as he told them to leave her alone, for she had done Him a kindness and anointed him before His death, and told them, 'you will always have the poor, but you will soon not have me.'

You can either click on the above link, or, the story is told by all three, MATTHEW, MARK, and LUKE, this story begins with the Woman anointing THE MESSIAH and ends with his ARREST and the ROOSTER CROWS when PETER denies CHRIST for the third time.
Luke 7:37Matthew 26:7Mark 14:3

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"My wife just sent me a text message of INSPIRATION to PUSH FORWARD:

"IT does not take a majority to PREVAIL, but RATHER an IRATE, TIRELESS, MINORITY, keen on setting BRUSHFIRES of FREEDOM in the MINDS of MEN." 

-  quote by  SAMUEL ADAMS


BEZAI of the House of David,
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as The Son of Man
formerly known as Sun Tzu
= THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME (running its operations out of ROME, ISRAEL, CHINA)

And EVERYONE who's sworn allegiance to these FOR-PROFIT-FAKE-GOVERNMENTS has COMMITTED TREASON, and everyone who's given them AID and SHELTER has committed TREASON, and when this author says TREASON, i speak of TREASON AGAINST EVERY NATION whom they were originally meant to uphold and protect, but did instead SELL THEMSELVES for SILVER, just as JUDAS did, so have they.  And for that, is why GOD calls them BABYLON the GREAT, MOTHER of WHORES, who have SOLD THEMSELVES.