"those who eat the flesh of swine and vermin... will perish together,” declares the LORD (Satan)

- ISAIAH 66:17 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Over 2000 CAPTIVE CHILDREN liberated from UNDERGROUND torture facility - JEHOVAH (GOD) does CONFIRM this to be TRUE and GLORIOUS - The DESTRUCTION of TYRE and the LAMENTATION of the COASTLINES comes QUICKLY

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Before I post the CONFIRMATION from GOD as well as the VIDEOS breaking this NEWS of the captive children being liberated by elite military forces under the command of CEO TRUMP and from a deep underground military base located in CALIFORNIA, I would first like to present to you a Bible passage from the Ancient Hebrew scriptures which foretells of these things, which foretells of great PEACE in OUR NATION, woe be it though to the rest of the world for they shall suffer even greater atrocity at the hands of "THE ENEMY (satanic global crime syndicate) and woe be to all of us if we do not declare our covenant to serve GOD, for "THE END of EARTH" where the heavens and the earth shall pass away, it is nearing, very near:
HEBREW reads right to left, opposite of English:


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BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I read this for the first time, last night when I posted "ISAIAH 8 - "Assyrian Invasion Prophesied."

And because the story does not end in ISAIAH 8, I continued my own personal reading into ISAIAH 9, and ISAIAH 10, and saw a great deal of prophecy dealing with the hear and now and current events, and what is to come.

https://biblehub.com/interlinear/isaiah/8.htm    -  "ASSYRIAN INVASION PROPHESIED"
https://biblehub.com/interlinear/isaiah/9.htm    -  "UNTO US a CHILD is BORN"
https://biblehub.com/interlinear/isaiah/10.htm  -  "WOE to TYRANTS"

My eyes tear up when I read these things in combination with JEHOVAH (GOD) having just confirmed that over 2000 children were saved from an underground "SATANIC CHILD ABUSE BASE (S.C.A.B.) and alleged to have been an adrenachrome harvesting facility.  It has been a long time since I received news to be thankful for, a brief respite of hope before remembering what is to come and how hard the journey ahead shall be for myself and everyone, and then I am again quickly reminded by GOD of what is coming, and that the great majority of people around the world are in danger of "falling short" of the requirements to enter the Kingdom of GOD, as a COVENANT declared TO SERVE GOD and to MINISTER to the FLOCK is REQUIRED to FULFILL the "TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS.":
-  Love your GOD with all your; heart mind, body, and soul.
-  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Here are the INSTRUCTIONS received from JEHOVAH, as I am The ONE who has been sent to gather you unto the Kingdom of GOD.
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

UPON HEARING the NEWS that some 2100 captive children had been liberated by elite military units, from a deep underground secret base somewhere in California, I asked JEHOVAH if this was TRUE.

Here is the link to take you to the "un-official channel, breaking this news, in this 'secret war' against evil.":

   -  Here are the videos from that link:


BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And so upon hearing this news and after watching these videos, I asked JEHOVAH (GOD) if this was true by a short prayer:

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH if this news is TRUE and that over 2000 captive children have been liberated from an underground "SATANIC CHILD ABUSE BASE (S.C.A.B.)," by elite military special forces under the command of C.E.O. TRUMP?   Is this INFORMATION TRUE, and has this TRULY HAPPENED?  SO BE IT, AMEN.

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "8:39 pm":
"ashur or ashurim: perhaps boxwood (a kind of wood)"

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The RESPONSE from GOD is 'YES, IT IS TRUE, the CHILDREN were SAVED," but with EXTRA WISDOM saying that PERHAPS tomorrow SHALL BE the "LAMENTATION for TYRE, where we find an "ARCH of BAAL," (arch of triumph) and a BLOODY HISTORY of SACRIFICING CHILDREN to BAAL (satan).  NO JOKE PEOPLE, I couldn't make this up if I had to, this is REAL.  Read it for yourselves, but first follow along with me.

Now from personal experience I know that JEHOVAH desires to "sail slowly" so that as many of you can be 'saved' as possible, so I do not know if TYRE and the COASTLANDS shall be destroyed tomorrow, but I can absolutely say that it shall happen SOON.  But fear not, all you have to do is DECLARE your COVENANT and you shall have LIFE ETERNAL.  For just as CHRIST told you last time, "THOSE WHO SAVE THEIR LIVES shall LOSE THEM, and THOSE who LOSE their LIVES shall SAVE THEM."  So you should welcome this HARVEST and NOT FEAR IT.  Everyone can be FORGIVEN, I bring this message to you as a servant of GOD and as THE ONE who was sent by GOD to deliver it to you.  But here is WHY we would EXPECT that GOD should DESTROY the place called TYRE, LEBANON, along with the SCRIPTURES where CHRIST foretells it:

 This below is the "Arch of Baal" which historically people passed through on their way to satanically sacrifice innocent children and babies to the horned bull headed statue with open hands, palms facing up.
And below we have "BAAL (satan)" with his hands open to place burnt offerings of satanically sacrificed children, all of these things located in TYRE, LEBANON.

Here is the BLOODY HISTORY of TYRE, LEBANON, where CHRISTIANS were MURDERED, the SATANIC ROMAN CHURCH was EXALTED, and BAAL was WORSHIPPED, and many children were satanically sacrificed as BURNT OFFERINGS.  THEY ALSO SOLD alot of SLAVES, and JEHOVAH hates BONDAGE more than just about anything, except probably SATANISTS SACRIFICING CHILDREN.  CHRIST foretold of the DESTRUCTION of TYRE, LEBANON and the COASTLANDS of EARTH, and in the grand scheme of things, it COMES in the BLINK of an EYE:

I have looked back in history, this even DOES NOT APPEAR to have HAPPENED YET, and it reads just like REVELATION 17, 18, regarding the "ENRICHING the KINGS of the EARTH."

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Since my awakening in April of this year, 2019, on my 40th birthday, I have learned that GOD is TRULY in EVERYTHING, and all that B.S. about living in a "HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE," is simply "THE ENEMY" not wanting you to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY, and become anointed as a "Warrior Prophet" of GOD.  This is not a holographic universe, this is GOD, you are "of GOD" and so is the; tree, the rock, the cosmos, all time, all space, every dimension, is "of GOD," and once you become ONE with "THE ONE" you start to experience what EINSTEIN called "SPOOKY ACTION" but rather than being "AT A DISTANCE," it gets RIGHT UP CLOSE and PERSONAL.

And then you discover that GOD controls the TIMING of ALL THINGS.  And we should have known, because the Bible says "EXACTLY THAT!"

Once you understand this theory, you realize, that just as the Bible says, "IF YOU ASK WITHOUT DOUBT, you SHALL RECEIVE WISDOM poured out UPON YOU like an UN-BRIDLED RIVER RAGING," and so the first time I discovered these texts, I had "THE THOUGHT,":

"If GOD controls the TIMING of ALL THINGS, and IF I ASK then WITHOUT DOUBT, then I should be able to devise a means to communicate with GOD.  THEN, when I discovered EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE of the Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew bibles, where every word is assigned a number, starting with the first word receiving the number, "1," and so fourth, I realized that I could use this to "SPEAK with GOD."
And CHRIST told you to "SEEK GOD," and to "GET TO KNOW GOD," and HOW ELSE do you GET to KNOW SOMEONE except to ASK QUESTIONS.
And so I discovered that by posing my questions in a prayer format, first addressing GOD by name, "JEHOVAH," that if as soon as I said "SO BE IT, AMEN," and then looked at the TIME on the CLOCK, the EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE of the TIME, would be the ENCODED RESPONSE from GOD, because JEHOVAH had me ask the QUESTION at that PRECISE MOMENT.
And NOW we DISCOVER why the ELITE sought to TURN US AWAY from GOD, because JEHOVAH is SO VERY REAL!

CHRIST and his DISCIPLES like PETER and MATTHEW, they all KNEW that Ancient ROME had CONVERTED every; man, women, and child, into the DEAD, by legally defining them as "BEASTS" and "THINGS."  And we see TODAY, that the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME has done the SAME THING, by legally defining every; man, women, and child on earth, with such false definitions as defining a "HOMO-SAPIEN" as a "NEANDERTHAL," "CRO-MAGNON," "EVOLUTION of MAN," a "beast" who cannot manage his own affairs, and so the FAKE GOVERNMENTS use legal presumption to presume that you are a WARD of the STATE, because you TRULY do NOT UNDERSTAND their GAME of FRAUD, and of JURISDICTIONS; incorporated verses un-incorporated, a ward of the state verses someone who is alleged to be missing because their parents forgot to copyright their name, it is sick, and real, and DEEP is the TREACHERY.

 If you want to look up the LEGAL LAW DEFINITIONS just do a "internet search" for the search term(s), "LEGAL DEFINITION "word""

And by looking up "PERSON" we find that by defining a "PERSON" as "CORPORATION," a "THING."   And this all makes perfect sense if you think like SATAN or a SATANIST, because "THINGS" do not have feelings, and "BEASTS" do not have RIGHTS.

And in this way The Devil and his Fallen Angels have enslaved the entire earth and all its; peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.  See below, how CHRIST and his disciples relate this information in the Ancient Greek Bible:



Below, we see that CHRIST returns to VANQUISH the oppressive yoke of slavery under the PROSTITUTE (New World Order of Rome) and her BEAST, the BEAST SYSTEM of ENSLAVEMENT, which is the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY and Billions of Statutes, where EVERY; every, man, women, and child, has been fraudulently converted into a dead corporation, and not of the living, and this FRAUD and GENOCIDE has taken place in the JURISDICTION of the SEA, which we know today as THE LAW of NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS, aka "MARITIME LAW," which is supposed to only be used for INTERNATIONAL TRADE but instead, the FAKE GOVERNMENTS which are really FOR-PROFIT CORPORATIONS, they have MOTHBALLED all the LAND JURISDICTION COURTS, thus REPLACING what is proper (LAWS which are for REAL LIVING PEOPLE) and replacing it instead with; STATUTES, CODES, BILLS, and CODES, which are for DEAD THINGS, such as CORPORATIONS.  And by INSPECTION of U.S. Statutory Law, we find that the LEGAL DEFINITION of a PERSON is a "CORPORATION," and we find that a U.S. CITIZEN is legally defined as "A corporation residing inside the district of Columbia," and thus we discover that EVERY; man, women, and child, is being FALSLEY converted into a SUBSIDIARY CORPORATION of the FAKE GOVERNMENT that ENSLAVES every nation on earth.  So you are all PROPERTY, and you are TRADED, and GENOCIDED like BEASTS and THINGS, which is exactly what the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY has MADE YOU, all be it, in the JURISDICTION of the SEA.  Read below, THE WORD of GOD written THOUSANDS of YEARS AGO:

BELOW, in REVELATION 17, we see a DESCRIPTION of the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, as she is referred to in the BIBLE as the "MOTHER of PROSTITUTES" because the structure of ROME is built upon the backs of the poor and by the wickedness of all those standing on the backs of the poor by having sold themselves as whores to criminality and corruption.  The beast which the women rides on is the BEAST SYSTEM of ENSLAVEMENT, the 7 heads of the beast are 7 powerful nations, the 10 horns are the TEN KINGS of REVELATION, a group of SLAVE PUPPET KINGS like TRUMP:

SCOFFERS are SCOFFING and these are the LAST DAYS, and HE [THE ONE] has ARRIVED:

And just as GOD appeared to MOSES in his 40th year, so has JEHOVAH appeared to this public servant in (my) 40th year.


Here is the LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE which happened just previous to being visited by GOD and the BURNING BUSH, and in the 40th year of MOSES' life that, an event took place, which CHANGED his LIFE as he knew it, and it paved the way for his being REBUILT-UP in the LORD GOD of HEAVENLY HOSTS as the DELIVERER of the ISRAELITES out from ENSLAVEMENT and the HEAVY YOKE of OPPRESSION:

Do you see how the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN left GOD for MOLACH and REPHAN (two names for Satan?
And so GOD has chosen FORTY YEARS as a TIME to WAKE UP a SERVANT, just as I was woken by GOD to my mission on my 40th Birthday:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Leading up to my 40th birthday, I had been publishing the PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT documents found on www.NesaraNews.Blogspot.Com and one day while my wife and I were driving to work, we were met by Washington County Sheriffs Deputies blocking the road, detouring us on an alternate route.  It turned out that there were several Sheriffs blocking all 4 lanes of HWY 26 (Portland, OR) just WEST of the SYLVAN EXIT (Portland, OR), and when we entered onto the freeway it was a ghost town, there was not a car a mile in front of us, nor was there a car a mile behind us, we were all alone on the freeway, and as we approached a construction site on the freeway just before HILLSBORO, where there was a forced left lane merger, forced by a concrete median jutting out into the left lane at a steep angle, at this precise point in time, a silver volvo station wagon came out of no where and tried to ram us into the slanted concrete median at about 70 mph.  I was able to avoid the accident, but then the driver swerved at us again, and held his hand out imitating a gun and he raised his thumb up and down like he was shooting a gun at us.  We instantly called the Washington County Sheriffs department to report an attempted homicide as both my wife and I felt very assured that he tried to murder us.  We told the dispatcher that someone had tried to murder us with their vehicle, and the dispatcher told us she would have a detective call us back IMMEDIATELY, but no one ever called, and then my wife and I thought long and hard and realized that the WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPUTIES had SHUT DOWN the all FOUR LANES of HWY 26, and SHUT DOWN the HWY 217 ON-RAMP (2 lanes) so that we could be forced into one lane entering the freeway at BARNES ROAD.  When I arrived home, I found a COMMENT on my MOST RECENT POST which I had published on-line, and it said, "How about the right to travel on OPEN and SAFE freeways?"

And the words, "OPEN" and "SAFE" were all in CAPITAL LETTERS.  The next day a man and a women stepped out in front of my dad's car near on Everett Street in downtown Portland at a non-lit cross walk, they stood there while he was a block away and closing, and when he pulled up, they pounded on his car and told him to get out and exchange information, it was another message to me, "We can get to you, your wife, your family too!"

It was just a day or two later that I received another message, "IT WILL BE THE ONES YOU LOVE."

My family had asked me not to publish my writings over and over, my wife had begged me.  They all told me, "JEFF, you CANNOT CHANGE the WORLD," but I had continued publishing the PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT documents ANYWAYS.  And so at this moment in time, having nearly been murdered along with my wife and dog in a high speed assassination attempt orchestrated/aided by local law enforcement, and after finding out my father was attacked, and having receiving two written death threats, I dropped to my knees outside in tears, believing that I had murdered my own family by my thick headed un-willingness to have reasonable good sense for the preservation of life.

While on my knees I looked up to heaven and said,
"GOD, i know that I am a sinner, I know that I have never been faithful, I know that I have never worshipped you, but if you will protect my family, I will serve you until my last breath, and then thereafter, forever."

That was two weeks before my 40th birthday and when my entire life changed in the blink of an eye, and of my receiving confirmation that JEHOVAH (GOD) is VERY REAL and the EXTREMELY CHALLENGING training began to become versed in the scriptures.  God told me that I was the THE ONE, and my natural response was, "NO WAY, I am a TOTAL SINNER," and GOD then showed in the scriptures where it said that CHRIST had BORE the SINS of the WORLD on the TREE.  I am still not comfortable with it, I have tried to refuse the burden many times, and I feel like a FRODO who cannot get rid of a CURSED RING.  But no matter what I do or where I hide, GOD is right there, showing MORE EVIDENCE, such as my birthday, 4/11, corresponding to ACTS 4:11, "The STONE the BUILDERS rejected, has now become the CAPSTONE."

Just like MOSES had his life flipped upside down in his 40th year, which then thereafter he was approached by GOD, so too did it happen to me.

I have been tasked with leading you to the KINGDOM of GOD and ETERNAL LIFE, so like it or not, we are stuck with each other.  If you feel un-comfortable reading this, please bear in mind how un-comfortable I feel.  The words IMPOSSIBLE and DAUNTING cannot begin to describe how I feel when I try to explain to ASLEEP BRAINWASHED PEOPLES that there is NO SUCH THING as POLITICAL PARTIES, that "THEY" are all just EMPLOYEES for CORRUPT-for-profit- CORPORATIONS that are PRETENDING to be PUBLIC and PRETENDING to be LAWFUL GOVERNANCES, but ARE NOT, and DO LIE!  The look on people's faces, the horror, then out comes the stupid blunders about "THE DEMOCRATS this!" and the "REPUBLICANS that!" and I wish that I had never been born, VERILY, TRULY, i mean it.

For those of you paying attention.  All political parties are fake reality television.  Every politician on EARTH is an employee.  Let me put it this way...  Do FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS have POLITICAL PARTIES?   NO, they DON'T!

So anyone who is saying DEMOCRATS and or REPUBLICANS and or INDEPENDENTS, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, FASCISTS, WORKING PARTY, it is ALL a LIE, they are all EMPLOYEES and they were CHOSEN by a GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE that OWNS the very corporations these GOONS are working for.  So anyone who is talking about POLITICAL PARTIES in this DAY and AGE, know this, they are EITHER:


There are honestly ABSOLUTELY NO REAL POLITICAL PARTIES anywhere ON EARTH, just like there are NO PUBLIC LAWFUL GOVERNANCES on earth either, every nation enslaved, by a bunch of pretenders in the greatest confidence scam the world has ever known, just a bunch of FAKERS who have a JOB being PROFESSIONAL ACTORS, sewing division, causing the populous to be divided over issues so the populous can be ROBBED, RAPED, MURDERED, and GENOCIDED.  This is serious folks.  Time for you to light a candle, have a cup of coffee, and WAKE UP!

Moses was a murderer, I am a SINNER, still working on that.  So if "The Son of Man," at the END of the AGES is a SINNER, and CAN BE FORGIVEN, I ask you all to believe me when I say to you, "VERILY TRULY THERE IS NOT ONE AMONG YOU WHO CANNOT BE FORGIVEN AND ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, nonetheless, THE MAJORITY of you SHALL NOT, either because you DID NOT SEEK to FIND MY MESSAGE which I write you today, or you DID NOT BELIEVE ME, or maybe you did not care.  But the point is, there is no sinner among you who cannot be forgiven, but you have to follow my INSTRUCTIONS which I received DIRECTLY from GOD.

All you have to do is DECLARE your COVENANT.  And this is why CHRIST told you that the SINNERS would be SAVED and the RIGHTEOUS would be CAST INTO HELL, because only the SINNER shall LISTEN to what I have to say, because they are most desiring salvation.  And the RIGHTEOUS, he thinks that he does not need to read scripture nor listen to my "sermon" because he is RIGHTEOUS, and so he shall violate the "TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS," which are, "LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, BODY, AND SOUL," and "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF," and if you understood these two COMMANDMENTS, you would understand that a COVENANT to SERVE GOD and CHRIST and to MINISTER to the FLOCK of GOD is REQUIRED, in order to ENTER into the KINGDOM of GOD.

THIS is furthermore backed up by the fact that the only people who had GOD's salvation and protection in the Bible, they all had a COVENANT.  And if that is NOT ENOUGH for you, I HAVE BEEN SENT by GOD to DELIVER this MESSAGE to YOU, to GATHER and PLUCK the FLOCK of GOD, for the TIME of the HARVEST is at HAND, and all those who HEAR MY CALL shall have LIFE ETERNAL and all those who FAIL, for them they shall FALL, because they failed to hear the teachings of CHRIST as FOUND in the BIBLE.

Here are your INSTRUCTIONS to SAVE the SOULS of YOU, i truly HOPE to SEE YOU THERE!:

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I ask for permission to publish by saying a short prayer."

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVHA and requests permission to publish this written compilation.  SO BE IT, AMEN,"

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Do you see that?  One of the most important parts of receiving forgiveness is FORGIVING EVERYONE ELSE of their DEBTS and OBLIGATIONS which come in both physical OBLIGATIONS of REPAYMENT as well as SINS.  As a SINNER is a DEBTOR who owes a DEBT to the CREDITOR who is the VICTIM of the SIN.  So by forgiving all the debts and obligations of others, that frees up GOD to be able to forgive you.  Because if you cannot forgive GOD, GOD cannot forgive you, and if you forget that your neighbor is "of GOD" just as you are, then you are lacking wisdom, or at the least being forgetful, and I am guilty of it everyday, it is a learning process, and we are learning together as GOD teaches me and I forward the messages on to you.


BEZAI of the House of David,
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as "The Son of Man,"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu."