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Amazing Nano Copper Cure Drives Government Nuts! Hear the Story and Share!

Amazing Nano Copper Cure Drives Government Nuts! Hear the Story and Share!

Friday, December 19, 2014 16:42

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Glenn Canady
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I have a very important story to tell you.  David Hinkson was a patriot that had a big radio show about 12 years ago where he was spreading the truth about everything.  He also is a genius inventor that created the world’s only safe nano copper that rids of the body of all parasites!   The government sent in dozens of operatives into his business and life and eventually framed him for murder to shut him up and steal his business!  You’ve got to hear this story!   David’s father still runs his businesss while David sits in a Federal prison on a bogus murder charge.  He was put in prison by corrupt FBI and a corrupt judge.   The whole story is told in the radio show program below.  In the first video you’ll hear a call to Stew Webb from Dave Hinkson from prison where he discusses the amazing nano copper product that is superior to nano silver when it comes to getting rid of all parasites.  It’s cured so many of so many conditions!  David also has some new inventions that he is supervising from inside prison that are VERY exciting.  I can’t tell you what they are for security reasons at this time but I will announce them through my member list at as soon as I’m given the word that we have it protected from the bad guys.  It will change the world!
Listen to David’s call to Stew first and then listen to the show.  I’m asking patriots around the world to spread the story of his nano copper so others may be cured!  Spread the story about David Hinkson so we may eventually get him out of jail too!  Thank you for sharing this article and videos to your Facebook walls, groups and all other social networks!
David Hinkson Calls from Federal Prison To Talk About His Amazing Nano Copper Product!

Full Interview with David Hinkson starts at the 59:00 Mark!

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Let Justice be served though the heavens may fall
Fiat justitia ruat c??lum

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DAVID ROLAND HINKSON on 3/7/2018 2:07:53 PM wrote
Anyway there are some GALT picks now on the Y-Tube that you can go and look at. Go to Y-Tube and type in "GALTgenerator" and then the fourth pick down is the newest video. We hope to have a Y-Tube Video of the Hinkson Coil done soon for you to see also.
I think what you can see in these pictures is that they first show a drill spinning, and how much amperage is being used by the drill, and then they show that when the drill spins the GALT armature the GALT actually drives the drill and this proves that the GALT is violating Lenz Law. In the past as we did the testing the more energy that we took from the GALT the easier it rotated and when a large load is place on it or you just short out the coils it creates horse power. All of this proves that we are violating Lenz Law. Lenz law states that the more energy you create the harder it is to spin the Rotor Shaft.
With Respect. David Hinkson.
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