Friday, July 31, 2015

Proof Aliens Are Demonic Beings And What Stops Them Dead!


Proof Aliens Are Demonic Beings And What Stops Them Dead!

 Friday, July 31, 2015 12:19
I urge anybody interested in “Aliens” or “UFO’s” to watch both these excellent videos.  In the first one, you’ll learn about the “Collins Elite”, a secret group that had studied these aliens for many years.  They were well aware they were, in fact, demonic beings and used occult techniques to summon them.  They literally made a deal with the Devil to militarize any technology they could glean from these demons.  In the second video, Joe Jordan (MUFON Director) used to be an atheist until he learned the truth that only Jesus Christ stops ALL alien abductions!  Whenever somebody asked Jesus for help, these demons fled!   He soon discovered this was the biggest secret in UFOs and was blackballed from all the UFO conferences!  They would not let Joe Jordan discuss his now over 400 cases where Jesus stopped alien abductions!   He has eight eyewitnesses on the stage with him talking about their experiences.  If you watch this video and still believe the aliens are your buddies, then satan truly has you under his spell.  
I do pray this wakes up many of you.  When you trust in the Lord, you don’t worry about stupid demon aliens because YOU have the power and authority over them in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God! 
I was fooled by the aliens for many decades until I fully came to Christ in my late forties!  Once I knew the truth that aliens were in fact demons, I threw every book and video I had on them in the trash!  I urge all of you to do the same because as long as you have alien/UFO books and videos in your home, you have open doorways to demons!  You should go through all your books and videos and throw anything about UFOs, aliens and anything of the occult in the trash and get it out of your home.  You’ll notice you feel better, too! 
Get the truth out about the power of Jesus over these demons pretending to be aliens by sharing these videos with everybody!   Remember, there is nothing more important than knowing Jesus is real and every word of the Bible is true!  What good is it if you know about Chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines and all the rest if you don’t know the truth about Jesus?  You all have eternal life given to you through Jesus. This is why everything the NWO system does is to tear down Jesus!  If they get you to believe you came from a monkey and that aliens are your friends then they steal your soul!  
The Collins Elite, a secret US agency, was well aware that aliens were, in fact, demonic beings from another dimension.  They still tried to get technology from them!  



Joe Jordan – Former Atheist and now Christian!  He has over 400 documented cases where the name of Jesus caused all alien abductions to stop immediately!   This is the most powerful evidence ever assembled and is NOT going to be shown at the UFO conferences, TV or movies!  Anybody that calls out for help in the name of Jesus will be saved!  God promised you this and God cannot lie!  That’s why the NWO wants to kill all the Christians.  Only those who believe in Jesus have the ability to cause these alien/demons to flee!  Pray against anything evil in the name of Jesus Christ and call upon the blood of Jesus.  There is power in the name of Jesus!   There is a blue moon on July 31st and it’s a big day for the demon worshippers.  Pray against all demonic and satanic forces wanting to do evil on this night!  Pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.  Every prayer you make has power and that’s what THEY don’t want you to know.  They want you watching their demon TV instead of praying!



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